10 Celebs Who Made Shocking Unexpected Suicide Headlines

Just like it would with anybody and everybody, a story about a celebrity suicide always come out as a shocking piece of news that rocks the world of fans and colleagues. For us normal folks, the shock is coupled with unadulterated dismay, for it is almost inconceivable that our favorite celebrities might be going through something so dark that it could result in a suicide! These suicides bring to limelight the sheer volume of pressure and frustration that usually accompanies their life of glamor.

Very recently, the shockingly unexpected suicide of Robin Williams, someone who was loved and revered world over, made headlines across the globe. Unfortunately, there are many such celebrity suicides that became unexpected news events around the world. With that being said, here is a look at a few of the most shocking and unexpected suicide headlines to ever surface.

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10 Robin Williams


9 L’Wren Scott


Designer L’Wren Scott, the beautiful and successful star of the fashion industry, was found dead in her apartment in the most mysterious of ways. While there was no suicide note, the fact that L’Wren had texted her assistant to come over to her place at 8:30 in the morning, and was found dead by her when she came over at 10 am, pointed at a pre-contemplated suicide. L’Wren was fully clothed and was found slumped on the floor after having hanged herself with a black silk scarf. A lot of parameters regarding this scene do not match up, as most family and friends cannot believe that not only would she ever contemplate suicide, but also that she would call an unsuspecting PA to find the body later. L’Wren’s boyfriend Mick Jagger, who was in Australia, was shocked and incredibly saddened by this shocking and unexpected news.

8 Jiah Khan


British American actress, model and singer Jiah Khan, best known for her work in the Indian film industry, was found dead in her Mumbai apartment in what appeared to be a suicide by hanging. After dishing out several high grossing films and also getting rave critical reviews, Jiah was experiencing a career dip. However, her bouts of depression did not stem from these career issues that she was facing, and it seems the root cause behind her death was her tumultuous relationship with her then boyfriend, Sooraj Pancholi. Jiah’s mother’s constant appeals and protests that her death could not have been a suicide and was in fact a murder, have been heard and the case is now being investigated by India’s premier investigation agency, the CBI. Several critical information snippets have since been released in the press, namely a letter (which can be construed as a suicide letter), some eye witness accounts of the public spat between Jiah and Sooraj and Sooraj’s questionable social activities. It remains to be seen whether the verdict rules it as a suicide or something much more sinister.

7 Tony Scott

Now what could drive a super successful film director like Tony Scott, whose films had grossed over 2 billion dollars and who had a beautiful, young and loving family to suicide is simply an unanswerable question. When Tony Scott met his death after jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles, there were several initial reports that came out. The first report to be confirmed was that the director had plied himself with anti-depressants and sleeping pills, though the levels were in line with their therapeutic uses. A second report negated a rumor that he was terminally ill and a brain tumor that could not be surgically removed had driven him to his suicide. An autopsy laid this rumor to rest. While no motive has since been established for the suicide, the suicide itself was confirmed by numerous bystanders and witnesses, not to mention that several letters (which appeared to be loving messages to his family and friends) were found in his parked car, as well as in his office.

6 Paul Bhattacharjee


Casino Royale actor, Paul Bhattacharjee also made suicide headlines last year when his body was found two days after he was reported missing at Splash Point Cliffs in the UK. It would seem that the proud 53 year old could no longer fight to stay afloat and had declared bankruptcy just a day before his suicide. Paul’s partner, Emma McKie told The Telegraph that Paul would never have wanted his financial situation becoming common knowledge. His partner believed him capable of ending his own life out of the thought that he would feel that he had let his loved ones down. An autopsy confirmed that there were no drugs in Paul’s body and it seems that Paul really did commit suicide as a way out of his troubles.

5 Lee Thompson Young

The worst thing about any suicide is the possibility of never quite finding out why the person was driven to end his or her own life. Tragically, this is the case with young actor Lee Thompson Young. At just 29, actor Lee Thompson, of the Rizzoli and Isles fame, committed suicide with a self inflicted gunshot to his head. No suicide note was ever found and while the specific motive behind the suicide is still quite a mystery, it seems the star did suffer from depression and bipolar disorder. Traces of medications were found in his body at the time of the autopsy. No specific troubles such as financial problems or relationship or career issues have come forth in the months after the suicide.

4 Lucy Gordon

Remember Lucy Gordon, the British starlet that played the journalist in Spider-Man 3? Well, that Lucy stunned the world and indeed her unsuspecting friends and family too, when she chose to hang herself to death in the Paris apartment that she shared with her cinematographer boyfriend, Jerome Alveras. Though initially, foul play was expected in this apparent suicide, the two suicide notes that Lucy left behind (one detailing out the last wishes regarding her estate and one personal letter to her parents) confirmed that Lacy did indeed intend to die the way she did. The port mortem examination also did not indicate any foul play and its clear report of ‘death by hanging’ has ended all other speculation.

3 Lee McQueen



Lee McQueen, the man behind the big brand Alexander McQueen, committed suicide using the dual methods of clashing his wrists and hanging himself from he ceiling. Already shattered by the tragic suicide of Isabella Guru, the style icon who lifted him from obscurity to gave him his fame; the death of his mother just days before his own suicide seemed to have broken Lee completely. Lee’s body was found in his luxury apartment in Mayfair, Central London. Post mortem reports suggest that 2.8mg cocaine per litre of blood was found in his body, whereas just 0.7mg is enough to be fatal. The computer in his apartment also showed a search history of ‘suicide tips’ and a search regarding ‘how long it takes to die after one’s wrists are slashed’. All of these facts point to a person who was so depressed that he had been contemplating suicide for a while.

2 Kurt Cobain

Undoubtedly one of the most tragic of all suicide news cases was the one of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. Millions of fans worldwide were dead shocked when reports of his suicide hit the headlines and many absolutely refused to accept it. Just days after running away from his rehab center, where he was being treated for drug addiction, Kurt was found dead in his Lake Washington Boulevard apartment in Seattle. There was one (or as later revealed, two) suicide note(s) involved, which many have difficulty deciphering as a suicide note. Many other discrepancies in the case facts have also lead to several conspiracy theories that claim that Kurt was actually murdered. The case has been declared a suicide by a self-inflicted shotgun wound, despite having been reopened and investigated in line with some glaring discrepancies.

1 Marilyn Monroe

Another suicide case that shocked the world and also left it with a whole flurry of unanswered questions was the “probable suicide” of Marilyn Monroe. Though multiple failed marriages, multiple miscarriages and steep career lows are sometimes enough to put anyone into a suicidal state of depression, Marilyn seemed to be doing pretty well at the time of her death. Her death at 36 came from an overdose of barbiturate drugs, though there appears to be a lot of controversy surrounding this as the cause of her death. While her empty Nembutal prescription bottle seemed to indicate that she overdosed on it, toxicologist reports did not find the typical discoloration of organs that such a medicinal abuse indicates. Additionally, Monroe who had always had trouble swallowing pills, seemed to have taken them without washing them down with water as no glass or water bottle were found next to her by the police (though one mysteriously appeared under her bed later). Her body was discovered naked in bed, with a telephone in her hand. Thus, with many unanswered questions and amidst several conspiracy theories, the world lost the Marilyn Monroe sensation.

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