10 Celebs Who Are Suspiciously No Longer Bald(ing)

It must be stressful to be a celebrity. Never can you be photo unprepared since there are always paparazzi waiting around the corner for you to strike an unflattering pose. Let us not forget about Jonah Hill who uttered an anti-gay epithet at a paparazzo that had been haranguing him for blocks and the next morning awoke to “Jonah Hill is a fat disgusting homophobe!” headlines plastered all over the internet. (At least he didn’t go full Azealia who earlier this year called a Delta flight attendant a “f******g f****t” when he attempted to break up a fight that she had picked.)

And what makes a person more photo unprepared than hair loss? There’s a good reason that before going into a photo shoot, a model must sit through hair & makeup. There’s nothing like an unseemly bald spot to catch that camera’s eye, and not in the exciting way that rhinestones do. We don’t mean to say that bald is necessarily bad, but it is pretty indisputable that thick luscious hair photogrpahs a lot better than a bald spot. Cameras are, for all intents and purposes, notoriously unforgiving.

Certain celebrities disregard this, choosing gravitas over unbridled sex appeal. We’re referring to your Jason Stathams and your Bruce Willises. But there are some celebrities who fear they wouldn’t own in it in the same way (and, truth be told, who are probably right) and who consult the most competent experts in the Hollywood Hills to spur growth in the calcareous tundra atop their heads.

Curious as to who they are? Stay tuned for the ten celebrities who are suspiciously no longer bald(ing.)

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10 Jon Cryer (2012 vs 2013)

via pinterest.com

For a decade on Two And A Half Men, Jon Cryer played second fiddle to a more sexually appealing leading man. At first, it was Charlie Sheen. Then, it was Ashton Kutcher. That he was losing his hair should have been of no concern. If anything, it would have just made his unprepossessing character more believable. But he hated that he was balding, even if it wasn’t premature (he’s actually 50, so he and his hair had a pretty good run together before it started to run away.) Cryer has been upfront about his procedure, mistaking that for aging gracefully. He said on Conan, “This is the work of several talented professionals making the most of, like, four hairs. It’s amazing, actually, what they can do. I’m not wearing a piece or anything like that, but it’s a long, involved process that starts with stuff like shoe polish.”

9 A.J. McLean (2012 vs 2013)

via dailymail.co.uk

Although all the Backstreet Boys were more or less good-looking, they weren’t all knockouts. That role was fulfilled for some by Nick Carter and for others by Brian Littrell. That’s why it probably didn’t spell the end of AJ McLean’s career when he started to lose his hair. His hair wasn’t, in other words, as dearly precious as Nick Carter’s. Still, perhaps for the sake of his personal life, he wanted to salvage what was left of his boyish locks. Not wanting anyone to quip that he should belong to “The Backstreet Grown-Ass Men”, he got a hair transplant. About it on Instagram he said: “Some girls get there boobs done some guys get abb [sic] implants all to make them happy! This was the one thing I did and I couldn’t be happier.” He wanted it that way♪

8 Jamie Foxx (2013 vs 2014)

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Even though there’s an unspoken consensus that black guys look okay bald (Michael Jordan is always offered as an example of why you shouldn’t worry about losing your hair), Jamie Foxx apparently still felt like his looks were leaving him when he started losing his hair. That’s why, between 2013 and 2014, Foxx’s hairline surged forward towards his eyebrows several inches. Even though he now has that small forehead of youth, his hair has gone from looking like actual human hair to looking like a textile blend of felt and AstroTurf applied to his head with the unnatural straightness of a spirit level. In our opinion, he should have just let nature do its thing.

7 Ariana Grande (2012 vs 2014)

via twistmagazine.com/ via latinopost.com

With no photographic evidence (the diva has been very, very careful), all we have about the condition of Ariana Grande’s hair is hearsay. But the hearsay should be enough: it comes from both a trusted stylist and the diva herself. The stylist told OK Magazine that Ariana Grande always has the same hairdo because her hair is falling out – the result of it being overly processed on the set of Victorious. Quote: “Her hair is a mess — what’s left of it, anyway. It’s destroyed at the ends, and the reason she scrapes it back into a high ponytail all the time is because it’s kind of patchy on top.” Ariana has even chimed in on the state of aff-hairs, saying she has to wear more fake hair than every drag queen on earth combined.

6 Matthew McConaughey (1999 vs 2005)

via menshairforum.com

Remember Sahara, that 2005 movie about the desert that was really just a showpiece for Matthew McConaughey’s tan, oiled, gleaming body? Well that masterpiece of modern cinema (kidding) would never have existed without the marvels of modern hair replacement. That’s right just a few years after he had rocketed to superstardom in 1993 with Dazed & Confused, Matthew McConaughey started to lose his iconic chestnut brown curls. Unwilling to surrender to the immense discomfort of aging in Hollywood, the “all right, all right, all right” hunk consulted his options. It seems as though whatever he chose really worked out for him, because today no one would guess that he was once on the fast track to No-Hairizona.

5 Naomi Campbell (2012 vs. 2014)

via dailymail.co.uk

4 Elton John (1972 vs. 2005)

via dailymail.co.uk/ via rp-online.de

By the time he was 25, in 1972, Elton John was already losing his hair. This would have been pretty unacceptable for a man who, already by then, was being heralded as one of the greatest rock stars of all time. Even though musicians are supposed to survive solely on the force of their talent, there’s no denying that there’s an important aspect of sex appeal, as well (we’re looking at you, Adam Levine.) So Elton John put on a wig, and then later he got a hair transplant. Although at his age and with his wilted success, it would be okay to just let it all go, but the knighted Brit has remained vain into advanced age, however undignified that may be.

3 Jude Law (2013 vs 2014)

via buzzfeed.com

For a hot moment back in 2004, Jude Law was the leader of the leading men. It’s the year he did Alfie, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, I Heart Huckabees, Closer, and The Aviator, which, thinking back, make up like half of his filmography. Even then, his hairline was a little wonky. But with some sleight-of-head, his locks sprung bounteous. But quickly, Jude Law went from modelesque to carnivalesque. His hairline receded like a cowardly army, and he fell out of vogue. But then, one day, Jude Law emerged with a much fuller head of hair, almost as though his genetics had taken pity on him. Realistically, he probably used one of his enormous paychecks to get a hair transplant.

2 Steve Carell (2007 vs 2014)

via buzzfeed.com/ via en.wikipedia.org

Does anyone remember at the start of The Office, Steve Carell was losing his hair? It even looked like, from time to time, he used soot to reduce the contrast between his milky white scalp and what remained of his jet hair? Fast forward (or binge watch) a few seasons, and all of a sudden Carell’s hair was mysteriously of return. Unlike a few other people on this list, Carell never fessed up to the procedure, preferring to let his new, silken locks speak for themselves. It’s probably for the best, because had he not, Buzzfeed would never have famously called him a silver fox and would be calling him a naked mole rat or a hypoallergenic cat.

1 Fergie (2009 vs. 2011)

via dailymail.co.uk

In 2009, DailyMail reported that “Fergie’s centre-parting is one great divide.” They weren’t totally off base, the thin white line that’s “supposed” to split a woman’s hair was turning into quite the New Mexico chasm atop the Black Eye Peas singer’s head. Rumors started circulating that all the processes through which Fergie had put her hair were starting to take their tolls, weakening it and making it fall out. Cut to two years later, when Fergie appeared in a Cherry Dr. Pepper commercial with a thick, luscious mane (remarkable because of its dark color, as opposed to her typical blondeness.) Maybe she was photographed on a bad day, but chances are her hair really was falling out and she made swift moves renewing it with the help of some cosmetic surgeons.


Sources: Buzzfeed, DailyMail

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