10 Celebrity Yoga Pants Fails

Let’s talk yoga pants! The yoga pants craze continues strong as women attempt to wear the tightest black elastic pants on the face of the Earth while at the same time letting us know exactly what kind

Let’s talk yoga pants! The yoga pants craze continues strong as women attempt to wear the tightest black elastic pants on the face of the Earth while at the same time letting us know exactly what kind of underwear they are poorly concealing. These black pants showcase a woman’s undergarments every time they bend over. It is a show within a show. The pants are worn by women of all ages at all times, despite clearly being designed exclusively for exercise. Yoga pants are now a fashion trend that has far surpassed their usage. Although women of all sizes are getting into the act, the pants are normally worn by those who are proud of their figure.

This is where celebrities come into play. Celebrities, as a whole, are known for having trainers and remaining extremely fit. So when we see a celebrity wearing little to no clothing, we aren’t surprised. It is almost accepted that celebrity women are going to showcase their bodies proudly. This only adds to their public persona and exposure through online applications such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But when a celebrity isn’t quite as fit and goes out in super tight yoga pants, what is the result? Well, they are definitely talked about on social media, but it isn’t exactly positive. When celebrity women wear nearly see-through yoga pants but don’t have the figure for it, it can be a rough serving of humble pie. It can be a lot to take in (no pun intended). These are 10 Celebrity Yoga Pants Fails.

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10 Lil Kim – Camel Toe Performer


Lil Kim goes big with everything she does. The rapper loves to put herself on display and be the center of attention for any and all reasons. Here, Kim opted to do a performance in what can only be described as an awful, purple yoga pants. Normally, performers have wardrobe people that make sure this kind of disaster is averted. However, for Kim, it is clear that she was driving the ship on this decision.

First off, the pants are too tight and look awful. Second, as she performs, her vagina is literally staring at the audience the entire time. Her camel toe is so bad, one wonders if people in the front row were taking notes on if she was completely shaved. Lil Kim gets a very big fail for looking like a side show as opposed to the main act. Even if you like Kim’s music, everyone must admit she could have at least done a little better with the outfit. This isn’t “shock-worthy” by any means; it’s just bad.

9 Kris Jenner – Camel Toe and Tummy


Here, the matriarch, Kris, appears on our radar. There are so many reasons why this outfit fails. But let’s start with Jenner. She is the founding mother of the Kardashian family and all the evils that have come along with them. She has helped steer and guide Kim’s career which has trickled down to the family fortune. Kris probably even negotiated the sale of the sex tape which got it all started. Either way, Jenner likes to promote herself as a fashion guru. However, on this day, when the wind blew, the fashion guru turned into a big fashion no-no.

First off, why the hell are her yoga pants riding up high like an old man’s pair of jeans being pulled up by suspenders? Is this a yoga/girdle combo? Secondly, this grandma should not be throwing camel toe to the wind. The combination is just a fashion disaster. Our guess is, after these shots were taken, Jenner burned the outfit and it will never make an appearance ever again. Either way…ouch.

8 Iggy Azelea – Just Eesh


Iggy Azalea is an Australian-born rapper/songwriter who also likes to call herself a model. She has a face that kills but a rear end that could kill you if you get to close. We understand that Azalea is trying to appeal to hip hop fans with her rapping ways and gigantic booty. But in this selfie of her rear end, we are wondering what the heck is going on. It looks like her rear end should read: Objects Appear Larger In The Mirror. She is twisted in such a way that the yoga pants look like they are about to explode like a bursting piñata. Not only that, the grey yoga pants look like they were just picked up off the clearance rack at Walmart. Why Azalea is focusing so much on her rear and abnormally wide hips is a complete unknown to us. But this is not at all sexy and we really hope the rather attractive singer makes better choices in the future.

7 Blac Chyna – Rear Bumper Warning


Some may look at this photo and immediately think, “This looks like a pregnant Kim Kardashian.” But no, in fact, it’s Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna is pretty much well known for having a huge caboose and being sought after by numerous rap artists. She was lucky enough to get pregnant by rapper Tyga. He tried to put a ring on it and follow through with starting a family, but alas, things didn’t work out. Tyga has moved on to one of the Kardashian clan and Chyna enjoys the child support and owns a salon. Tyga did hook his baby mama up with a big mansion, so the former star of numerous rap videos and many greasy stripper poles can bask in her glory in Calabasas, California as a wealthy mommy with little to no responsibilities in life. But for this list, she gets a big fail for these yoga pants.

6 Jessica Simpson – Tad Snug


Okay, we want to take it easy on Jessica Simpson. She hasn’t done anything to us and we know that she has spoken about her issues regarding weight. Back in the day, the blonde bombshell burst onto the singing scene with an amazing voice and an hourglass full figure to kill. She seemed like the second coming of Marilyn Monroe. But then came the weight fluctuations. Things got even crazier when Simpson went away from performing and into motherhood. She ballooned during her pregnancies; her weight getting to an unhealthy point. Despite gaining so much weight while having children and having difficulty losing it, Simpson still likes to go comfy and wear yoga pants. All is good unless you start wearing short shirts that showcase your bursting rear end out of those pants and the underwear you may or may not be wearing. Epic fail, Jess.

5 Khloe Kardashian – Kardashian Down


Well, it was only a matter of time before a Kardashian landed on this list. The clan has been seen out in public on more than one occasion showcasing a few fashion no-nos. And let’s be honest, the Kardashians are ALWAYS on camera so they are bound to have a few embarrassing snap shots taken here and there. But Khloe makes a very poor choice strutting the streets in this ensemble.

There are so many things to say about this terrible outfit. First off, what the heck is she wearing underneath the pants? That alone is cause to shake your head. If she was wearing a long shirt and wanted to be comfortable, we’d let it go. But this is showing off your rear end for the sake of it so the shots are deserved. F for Fail.

4 Kelly Brook – Hot Camel Toe


We finally arrive at someone hot! Kelly Brook is beautiful. And it’s not that she can’t pull off yoga pants. We are pretty sure many men would want to be Kelly’s yoga pants. But the fact of the matter is that the pants are so ill-advised. This famous British model and actress is a big fan of yoga and kickboxing. Finally…someone who SHOULD be wearing these pants! But, if you’re going to go commando in yoga pants, you can’t go big on the camel toe. Here, Brook is just so obvious in displaying her front privates that it takes away from the amazing esthetic of the pants themselves. And the pattern on these yoga pants are so distracting she’s nearly giving people seizures. Let’s do better next time, Kelly!

3 Rachel Uchitel – The Affair Queen


We cringe at adding Rachel Uchitel to this list. She is one of the odder pseudo celebrities to come about in a long time. First, she is listed as an American nightclub manager, hostess and TV correspondent via public record. The TV part came more recently. She first came into public existence over the tragedy of 9/11 when she held up a picture of her fiancé who tragically died in the WTC. Her photo was featured in the New York Post. Then came her affair with Tiger Woods. Then came her affair with David Boreanaz. Then came an appearance on season four of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

The gist is, Uchitel basically sleeps around with married celebs and that has kept her relevant. End of story. So, we want to further immortalize the money and attention-seeking Uchitel with an unflattering look at how not to wear yoga pants. We know she has the goods to nab the big fish, but there is a time and a place. This was neither of those for these yoga pants.

2 Paris Hilton – Shocking


Say it isn’t so! What has the world come to? Paris Hilton is making a “not hot” list? Yes, as Paris has gotten a bit older, she is doing a little less modeling. So it makes sense that Paris isn’t quite as svelte as she once was. With age, we all succumb to time in a variety of ways. However, Hilton will not be denied wearing her super-tight yoga pants in public even if it is a whole other side of her (pun intended). The unflattering photo catches Hilton bending over, so clearly not the best of pictures. It’s certainly not that Hilton is heavy either. She still looks very good. But when you wear yoga pants that are too tight to begin with and then bend over, it looks as though every fiber of the pants is about to burst. And yes, Hilton appears to be going commando. We’d expect nothing less from the heiress. She wears high heels to unexplainably make the outfit even worse. Fail!

1 Shia Labeouf – Hot Pink Crazy


Okay, let’s talk crazy. The only man to make the list is yoga violator Shia Labeouf. Certainly, Labeouf is still in the middle of the “LOOK AT ME” part of his life as he clearly chose the red pill and went down the rabbit hole. Combined with possible alcohol and substance abuse, Labeouf has consistently appeared off his rocker with his series of antics. These hot pink yoga pants only add to his growing legend of crazy. In this case, Labeouf was on his way to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. We’re not sure why the star of such hit movies as Transformers has completely lost his mind and become a caricature of his human self, but we are more than happy to throw him under the yoga bus for standing out like a ridiculous sore thumb. This is a fashion no-no to the highest level. One thing is for certain, Labeouf definitely does not pull off the look and probably made men everywhere cringe in the process.


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10 Celebrity Yoga Pants Fails