10 Celebrities You May Have Forgotten Killed Someone

Killing someone must suck if you didn't do it on purpose (well, it sucks regardless, but bare with us). You're just kind of driving along one day and BAM, you crash into a car or run someone over and kill them. It really happens just like that, even though we would all like to think otherwise: death happens.

When it comes to celebrities, however, it's a completely different game than just death. The fact of the matter is, if any of us had done the following, we would be in jail. Luckily, most of the celebrities involved with the following murders and manslaughter charges were let go because they either had money or social pull.

Don't believe it? Go run someone over tomorrow and watch how fast they lock you up - unless, of course, your last name just so happens to be part of presidential history. Then, it's okay. Or if you have a reality show. Honestly, that will up ratings, actually.

Even if you are famous and rich and kill someone and get away with it, don't think anyone will just let that slide in the Internet era. Oh, hell no. You might be able to kill someone and have no ramifications legally, but it is our job as a society to make sure you remember these things. Death is not just some slap on the wrist. It is a life sentence.

10 Brandy

You have to be paying attention when you drive, people. Seriously. Human beings now need to understand that even looking down for a second can seriously change the outcome of their own life (and potentially take someone else's). Brandy is a perfect example of this. A sad case, but one where it only took the R&B princess from the 90s one second to look down and her life was forever changed.

While driving in 2006, the singer claims she got distracted for a second and that was all it took for her to smash in to the cars that came to a stop in front of her. In one of those cars was mother of two, Awatef Aboudiha, who was only 38 years old when she died as a result of the accident.

The singer did no time for the accident and it was chalked up to a mistake. She has claimed she talked to the family on a few occasions, but this cannot be confirmed nor denied.

9 Sid Vicious

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While this one is still shrouded in mystery, it really shouldn't be. Punk rocker Sid Vicious is doing insane amounts of heroin with his lady love, Nancy, and next thing you know, he wakes up and she is stabbed to death, laying next to him.

Now Vicious himself claimed the building they were shooting up in was notorious for shady happenins and he thinks someone came in and stabbed her to death while he was sleeping. But many say his true admission of guilt came from his self-inflicted overdose just a few days later. Guilt can do terrible things to people.

8 Robert Blake

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For those who have forgotten, Blake shot his wife outside of a restaurant. The story is so ridicullus, he supposedly left his gun at the table and had to go back in to get it and come out and shoot her. But hey, in Hollywood, they let bygones be bygones.

7 Charles S. Dutton

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Though many may not know the name right away, Charles Dutton has starred in a few movies such as Rudy. He was actually involved in a fist fight when he was a teenager that resulted in the other man dying.

So it could be said he beat a man to death. Unlike many more famous or well known celebs, Dutton actually ended up serving some time, even though he was still legally considered a minor at the time. But he shook that life and turned it around, so good for him.

6 Vince Neil

Vince Neil is the lead singer of the 80s hair band Motley Crue. One night, while driving wasted beyond all human comprehension, he crashed his car, killing Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas Dingley and causing brain damage in two people in the other car. Though he tested well over the legal limit and took a life, he served 20 days in jail.

20 Days. But if that was you, you'd be dying in there for that. So next time you hear Motley Crue's "Take A Ride on the Wild Side", realize the repercussions for that wild side would be very different for us.

5 Michael Jace

You might not know the name first hand, but Michael Jace only got slipped into the list recently when he murdered his wife last year by shooting her, than calmly calling 9-1-1 to report the crime himself.

It gets darker. His two young boys were home at the time, both under the age of ten. Thankfully, neither were harmed.

The actor from The Shield shot his wife multiple times in the upper chest area. The strangest part? No one really has any idea of his motives for the murder. Some say financial problems, but would that lead you to kill the mother of your kids while they are still home? That is some evil stuff right there.

Not quite famous enough to get away with this, O.J. junior.

4 Ted Kennedy

Listen, that whole Chappaquiddick incident was weird as hell and was handled in a very shady manner. Ted Kennedy is leaving some weird party with some girl he probably shouldn't be with. They have been drinking (and doing God knows what else) and he loses control of his car on Martha's Vineyard and the car careens off a bridge and into the water. Kennedy, being the absolute gentleman he was, swims to the surface, claiming he swam back to save her but there is no proof regarding this incident at all, and then, well, this is when it really gets weird.

He goes back to the party to talk to his "friends", with the body of the woman still in the car in the water. He then goes home and goes to bed. He talks to his lawyer the next morning, and THEN calls the police. Yeah, nothing shady there at all. Did he get in trouble? Legally, no, but if you want to talk about that curse, now we can.

3 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

This TLC band member - what is up with 90s acts killing people, by the way? - was driving with her assistant when they struck and killed a young boy who had wandered into the road one night. Though the assistant was driving and not held with any charges, Lopes met with the family, paid all expenses, and even went as far as to say she felt like the spirit of the boy was following her after the death. And that, perhaps, it was her who was supposed to die. Did I mention the boy she hit and killed had her same last name? Wait, it gets more insane.

Did we mention how, two weeks later, she would flip her SUV avoiding another car and be the only person in the accident who died, even though her car was full of passengers?

Funny how fate works sometimes, huh? Not funny "haha", but goosebumps on the back of your neck kind of funny.

2 Caitlyn Jenner

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Truth be told, Caitlyn Jenner was still named Bruce when this instance happened. We are simply referring to her as Caitlyn as that is what she has requested. So what do we know? Well, she will dodge manslaughter charges, most likely, even though a woman died.

Allegedly, Jenner was behind the wheel in February in Malibu when his Escalade hit another car, killing the woman driving. The thing is, it is said she will most likely dodge manslaughter charges because they cannot connect the death to anything she was doing (even though they say she was speeding and tailgating, which seems like two things, but okay).

Regardless, a woman died, and there should be consequences for it.

1 Laura Bush

If you go back through the most rich and wealthy last names in this country, do you know what you would find? Blood, and many skeletons in their closets. One does not acquire great wealth in most instances without having to step on the backs of the weak to get there. And while many could chalk up this car accident with future First Lady as teenage shenanigans gone wrong, it could also be said that the First Lady got away with murder, intentional or otherwise.

The long story shortened is 17-year-old Laura Bush ran a stop sign, causing an impact which led to the death of a fellow student. Odd thing is, no sobriety tests were run at the scene. It cannot be stressed how uncommon that is.

Screw it, though, right? Her recklessness only led to the death of another human being. No biggie, right?


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