10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Scientologists

Scientologists hold the belief that past, present, and future experiences are stored in the brain as “engrams,” which are brought back into the consciousness when a similar experience or event occurs to a person. Scientologists believe that these engrams lead to actions and thoughts that fight against the self, so Scientologists aim to clear these engrams so that they do not control the Scientologists.

Pretty deep stuff, right? Well, there is more. The concept of god or a god is totally a personal thing and therefore no specific rule or teaching about god's existence. Scientologists have the life desire of achieving their inner theta, or the supreme divine self. This is the ideal god-like state that Scientology can help follows get to.

All of that is great...for them. While we may not be crazy about Scientology, there are plenty of celebs who are! Take a look at our list of 10 celebrities you didn't know are Scientologists and see who's getting their inner theta on. They believe that all matter on earth is just the universal spirit; the manifestation of everything. If you would like more information about Scientology and its practices, beliefs, and followers, please read Jaden Smith quotes.


10 John Travolta

John Travolta has stood tall and proud against those who try to call out Scientology and its followers. Claiming that those who are skeptical should just “read a book,” Travolta says that the religion is just misunderstood and people do not give it a chance. Travolta has been a Scientologist for four decades, which is long enough to know a thing or two about it, right? If there is anything to know about it. Travolta even once called out the haters and stated that people are bashing it and its celebrity followers simply because the religion is becoming so popular. OK then.

9 Kirstie Alley


Kirstie Alley is so adamant about her religion that she gets up in anyone's face if they try to diss it. That includes fellow celebs. Kirstie had it out with Leah Remini, who was once a follower of Scientology but recently pulled away from it. That was a shame, because Leah and Kirstie used to be friends. Kirstie claims that the religion helped her overcome her addiction to drugs. She joined the religion in 1979 after being a Methodist since birth. 2007 was a big year for her; she achieved a new level in her Theta attainment, reaching Operating Thetan Level 7. Cool, it is like a video game!

8 Doug E. Fresh

Breaking the mold is Doug E. Fresh. It is not so often that you find a black Scientologist, for some odd reason. Yet, Doug E. Fresh is a too-cool-for-school hip hopper who has embraced the religion and claims it does not discriminate against race. Unlike Kirstie, Doug E. Fresh is more cool, calm, and collected about Scientology, claiming that it is not for everyone, but some folks may be surprised at what they find when they take a look at the religion. He even wrote a hip hop song about it long ago that is called “The Joy of Creating.”

7 Beck


Beck was born into a family of Scientologists, and the religion permeated much of his childhood. Therefore, the singer used his Scientology-ridden education and upbringing to become a full-fledged follower of the religion during his adulthood. In 2007, Beck achieved the level of “Clear,” which means that his mind no longer reacts the same way to life circumstances and he is no longer susceptible to psychosomatic disorders. Despite his super-awesome achievement, Beck is really low-key about his religion, and focuses his public image on his music instead. However, if you ask him about being a Scientologist, he will have only good things to say, of course!

6 Sonny Bono


As a child, Sonny was raised in a Catholic household, although once he reached adulthood, he began taking classes in Scientology. His wife also became involved in the religion. Throughout the years, we watched Sonny sing along with Cher, get interested in politics, and grow older. According to his wife, Sonny tried to break away from the religion, but his fellow Scientologists would not let him leave. Sonny claims that Cher wanted him to get away from the religion, but later Sonny tried to entice his own mother to become a Scientologist. She refused. As for Sonny's wife, she is less than enthusiastic about it.

5 Priscilla Presley


Scientology and Priscilla Presley are on great terms. She is a devoted Scientologist but had some issues with the religion and its followers coming to terms with her love life. It turns out that Priscilla had a little affair with one of the Church of Scientology's leaders, who was supposed to be serving as her confidant as she performed some sort of confession – Scientology style. Before you know it, they are in an affair which ended up with her guy getting reprimanded by the Church. Due to his status, there were some big problems. He was sent to Rehabilitation Project Force, and we don't even want to know what that's all about.

4 Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson claims that Scientology is the “religious philosophy” that makes the most sense to him. He thanks the religion for helping him be more centered as a teenager while all the other kids were out boozing and cruising, lying and cheating. He credits his superb communication skills with the religion and related Scientology to “college of the mind.” That is deep! He likens it to breaking the mind into analyzing and reacting to experiences, and getting past all that junk. Looks like Danny takes a no-nonsense approach. He also says that people of other religions could still be Scientologists...okay...


3 Laura Prepon


Laura Prepon plays Alex Vause on the hit show Orange is the New Black. Yet did you know that she is a Scientologist? It may explain why she had a lesser role in the show's second season, especially as lesbian relationships and actions began surfacing between the characters. She has been a Scientologist since 1999, but claims that she has never witnessed or read anything that states she should hate homosexuals. Yet time will tell whether Prepon's religious beliefs will further hinder her acting career. It may not do much, considering that Tom Cruise and John Travolta are rampant Scientologists.

2 Elizabeth Moss

Elizabeth Moss starred in Mad Men, but she may also be a “mad woman.” The Scientologist-actress has not experienced a lot of backlash as a result of her in-the-spotlight religious beliefs. Yet. She states (much like the others) that her religion is deeply misunderstood by the media and the public. However, just like the other Scientologists, Moss is really good at saying that her religion is not what people think it is, but she never really tells us what it is. Hmm...we are noticing a pattern. As long as celebs and other Scientologists keep us out of the loop, we will continue thinking they are all insane.

1 Greta Van Susteren


How does it work when a Scientologist has a relative who is a “mind doctor”? Well, just ask ex-Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, who has a sister who is a psychiatrist. So basically, she is an enemy to the Church of Scientology. After all, Scientology aims to obliterate psychiatry and break the “dark spell cast across the earth.” Wow, we wonder what Greta's sister really thinks of her religious views. Both parties say that they will not discuss the matter with the public. That is so Scientologist! Looks like we will just have to keep on assuming things about this religion.



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