10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Atheists

Celebrities who are atheist

Love 'em or hate them, atheists are out there and they are in full force. These folks lack any beliefs about the existence of a god or gods and prefer to take what they see as a "no-nonsense" approach to life and death. People all over the world have different views on atheism and various reasons for becoming an atheist. The underlying motives span philosophical, social, and historical aspects, and help atheists make their arguments. That is not to say that all atheists will fight for hours with you about whether or not a god exists. Some atheists are quite vocal about their beliefs, while others are more low-key.

Among those people who practice atheism are celebrities. You may know of some celeb atheists, but this list of 10 current celebrities you didn't know are atheists may surprise you. As of 2015, about 11% of the American population identifies as atheist, and there is a fine line between being complacent with no religion and firmly avowing that there is no god. So while you try to figure that one out, take a look at the rich and famous on this list who identify as atheists. You may notice the subtle distinctions between the varying levels of atheism or just find it intriguing.

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10 Lance Armstrong

9 Brad Pitt

8 Emma Thompson

While some celebs are more hush-hush about their religious beliefs, others are more rampant and vocal about it. Cue Emma Thompson, a celebrity who is not afraid to tell the world what she thinks. She has stated that she is definitely an atheist, maybe even “a sort of libertarian anarchist.” Not only does she not believe in God; she finds the entire organized religion thing to be quite frightening and a huge stress inducer. She said that some of the things written in religious scriptures greatly offended her, and she fights back against them. Wow, talk about fierce audacity!

7 Jodie Foster

6 Julianne Moore

5 Morgan Freeman

Wait a minute, how can the guy who played God in the movies not believe in a higher power? Sounds a bit weird to us. Well, Morgan Freeman opened up about his beliefs and stated that all human beings have God and Satan inside of them. For Freeman, God is not the divine, Supreme bring; the human mind is. However, he also says that the universe has its own intelligence, one that transcends human smarts. Whoa, talk about a whirlwind adventure! Freeman is full of juicy tidbits such as this. Eventually, in Freeman's words, nature will be the only thing left of the universe.

4 Hugh Hefner

It does not surprise us that a guy who hangs out in the Playboy mansion has atheist views on religion. Hugh Hefner grew up as a Methodist but paints the religion of his upbringing as being plagued with guilt feelings and stress. Upon reaching adulthood, he did away with the label of being a Methodist and decided to dive head-first into the whole sexualization movement. He thinks that religion is a ridiculous idea and that it is absurd that anyone tries to come to a conclusion about the answers to the universe. He has even stated that religion is a “myth.”

3 Keira Knightley

2 Javier Bardem

1 Daniel Radcliffe

What happens when you mix the Jewish and Protestant faiths? Apparently you get Daniel Radcliffe, a self-proclaimed “militant atheist.” While Daniel was growing up, there was pretty much no references to religious beliefs, so he grew up forming his own conclusions. Yet, Daniel says he is proud of his Jewish heritage and that it helped him develop a strong work ethic. He is also quite contemplative about society's issues, saying that he has a lot of faith in his peers and that they need to make their own moral code. Not very surprising coming from a guy who spent the majority of his life as a wizard.

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