10 Celebrities With The Most Outrageous Backstage Demands

When you're a world famous superstar there'll always be people falling over themselves to try and please you. Travelling the globe and performing to millions of fans is a gruelling job, so behind the

When you're a world famous superstar there'll always be people falling over themselves to try and please you. Travelling the globe and performing to millions of fans is a gruelling job, so behind the scenes a star's management team will try and make the experience as comfortable and as gratifying as they can. When a big star enters a room they make sure you know about it, and if it's not up to their standard then venue managers could be feeling the wrath of a disappointed diva.

There have been some true horror stories when it comes to diva attitude. Rumour has it that Mariah Carey demands a red carpet arrival at every hotel and that Van Halen once asked an aide to remove all the brown M&M's from a large bowl. When respected source The Smoking Gun leaked celebrity backstage demands a few years ago, even those who claimed that fame had not changed them a bit were left red-faced when their over-the-top demands were on display for the world to see.

There are the standard performer essentials such as still water, fresh fruit and fresh towels. Then there are other stars who require extravagant added extras. We can't help but feel sorry for the poor backstage assistant who has to keep up with these following big star demands.

10 Béyonce

As Béyonce has a mega contract with Pepsi she will not allow anybody around her to be seen with Coca-Cola products. If you approached Béyonce backstage at one of her gigs with a Coke in your hand then you would be instantly removed from her presence as she cannot be photographed anywhere near the fizzy favourite.

9 Rihanna

If Rihanna is coming to stay at your venue then you had better have a fabric shop close by, because this star is specific when it comes to drapes. The Diamonds superstar requests that the drapes in her room are black or blue but with "icy-blue chiffon" layering. There must also be an animal throw in the room - either cheetah or leopard.

8 Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is an animal rights supporter and he takes this role very seriously. He demands that absolutely no animal products be anywhere near him when he's backstage. There is a strict ban on leather, fur and meat products. All his room furnishings must be made from wood, cotton, denim or velour. There are no loop-holes either, as even faux animal products are strictly forbidden.

7 Jay-Z

Jay-Z only plays the biggest venues and stadiums but this might be because he needs the extra space his huge entourage. He demands not just one dressing room but seventeen. All rooms must be kept at 72 degrees, which is 6 degrees lower than his wife, Béyonce's, desired temperature - so they might dress separately to avoid arguments. But the 99 Problems rapper does request a loveseat, so the pair have a cosy way to diffuse their pre-show differences.

6 Madonna

When Madonna began her MDNA World Tour in 2012 she shocked venue promoters with her list of very specific demands. Madonna has an entourage of 200, which includes over 20 bodyguards, personal chefs, a yoga instructor, an acupuncturist and someone who's only job role is to pick up her dirty clothes. The Queen of Pop also requires twenty international phone lines.

5 Adele

In her dressing room, Adele requests chicken salad sandwiches, "best quality" red wine and 20 Marlboro lights. Shockingly enough, the Rolling In The Deep singer is in fact a heavy smoker and that's her chosen brand. She also requests a packet of chewing gum, which is probably to hide her vocal-damaging habit from those not in the know.

4 Prince

If you're left in charge of preparing Prince's backstage area for him then you're likely to have a lot on your plate. The Raspberry Beret singer demands that every item - furniture, plates, cutlery, mirrors and wardrobes - must be covered in plastic shrink wrap until he uncovers it himself. It is even written on his rider in bold letters, "This is absolutely necessary".

3 Marilyn Manson

You would expect Marilyn Manson to request some really creepy backstage oddities. However the Beautiful People singer's most wanted item behind the scenes is nothing more than Haribo gummy bears. This can not be negotiated they absolutely must be the Haribo brand or Manson will throw an epic diva strop.

2 Mötley Crue

It won't be a surprise to anyone that Tommy Lee's band Mötley Crue had backstage requests that were outrageous. The rock band, who became world famous after trashing hotel rooms and throwing television sets out of windows, requested: a sub-machine gun, a list of local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and a 12-foot long boa constrictor.

1 Will Ferrell 


We know Will Ferrell is one of the world's funniest men but even this is pushing the comedy a bit. During his time spent travelling on a promotional tour for the movie Semi-Pro (2008) he sent a rider which beats all others when it comes to being outrageous.

The Ron Burgundy actor demanded an electric three wheel mobility scooter, a headset microphone in the style of Janet Jackson, a flight of stairs on wheels, a fake tree on wheels and finally a rainbow painted on a canvas on wheels. Although this surely must have been an elaborate prank from the comedian, we can still imagine backstage assistants running around at the last minute. Top marks to Ferrell who isn't afraid to ask for what he really wants in life.

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10 Celebrities With The Most Outrageous Backstage Demands