10 Celebrities Who Were Accused Of Sexual Assault

Let’s be honest: There are many people out there who worship celebs. While I personally am not a huge fan of any celeb in particular these days, there is no denying that celebrities have a marked influence on the lives of the masses, with the ability to inspire others but also trigger utter disdain from the populace when they perform heinous acts; including sexual assault. Yes, the recent cases of alleged rape and sadomasochistic battery involving once beloved TV/radio personality Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi have brought to light just how ugly the celeb “lifestyle” can truly be. Isn’t it also rather strange that the one’s we perceive to be the nicest, kindest, and most inspirational celebrities are often the ones that perform the most heinous and despicable acts known to Man? I mean, who would have thought that television’s favorite doctor and father would be accused of date raping several women?

The unfortunate reality we face is that the world is a sick and twisted place, rampant with sexual deviants, including celebrities that use their privileged status to try to get away with performing deplorable and draconian acts against humanity. Here, you will learn about some of the most popular celebrities in the world who have been accused of, and, in some cases convicted of rape…including a few that have somehow managed to salvage their careers despite their crimes against humanity, using their charismatic charms and verve. What a world.

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10 Mike Tyson - Raped 18-Year-Old

9 R. Kelly - Sex Tape And Urine

I would be lying if I denied loving R. Kelly’s hit, “I Believe I Can Fly”, which made the guilty pleasure live-action/animated hybrid Space Jam that much more entertaining. There is no denying that R. Kelly was immensely talented, but the majority of the world lost a plethora of respect for him after he was accused of statutory rape. R. Kelly was accused of making a sex tape with a minor, in which he also urinated on the alleged victim. The tape originally made its way around beauty salons and barbershops before it managed to reach the hands of discerning authorities. Soon thereafter, R. Kelly was accused of soliciting a minor for child pornography as well as producing child pornography. However, it would take 6 long and arduous years until R. Kelly had his day in court to officially deal with the debacle, and after less than a day of judicial deliberation, R, Kelly was acquitted on all 14 charges. Only in America…

8 Mystikal - Raped Hairstylist 

While perhaps not as well known as world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and platinum selling artist R. Kelly, the rapper Mystikal also sold several million records worldwide. Mystikal was also accused of raping and extorting his hairstylist with two of his bodyguards and was convicted to 6 years in prison at a Louisiana correctional facility. Furthermore, while Mystikal initially claimed that the sexual acts performed between him and his hairstylist were mutually consensual, a tape surfaced that soon corroborated the hairstylist’s allegations against the rapper. As a result, Mystikal has no choice but to plead guilty, and, upon his release in 2010, was registered as a sex offender.

7 2Pac - Alleged Gang Rape

Considered by many in the rap community to be one of if not the greatest poetic rappers of all time, the legendary rapper was also accused of rape at one point during his fabled career. One of the interesting details about the incident was that the victim admitted to performing fellatio on the rapper a few days before changing her story and accusing both 2PAC and his entourage of raping her. While 2PAC was accused of first-degree sexual abuse, and subsequently convicted and sentenced to no more than 4 years in prison, he was able to make the $1.4 million bail thanks to the generosity of Suge Knight, a music executive and record producer.

6 Darren Sharper - Accused Of Taking Advantage of Unconscious Women

For those of you who don’t follow the NFL and/or the Green Bay Packers, Darren Sharper enjoyed 14 years in the NFL before making the transition to NFL commentator. Unfortunately for Sharper, his new-found career had to take a back seat to the allegations of sexual assault against him. Harper was arrested for sexual assault in California, and was also charged with both drugging and taking advantage of several unconscious women in Arizona and California. As of this writing, Harper is being held in Los Angeles, and also faces extradition to Arizona and New Orleans to stand trial for the other malfeasance charges held against him.

5 Lawrence Taylor - Sex With Underage Prostitute

4 CeeLo Green - Alleged Drugging Of Woman

CeeLo Green began his career as a rapper in the Atlanta based rap group, “Goodie Mob”, before he decided to embark on a solo career . He quickly became a superstar and mogul, thanks to mega-hits like “Forget You”, as well as being a popular mentor on NBC's smash-hit talent show, The Voice. However, it wasn’t all glitz and glamour for the rap sensation, as he was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a 33-year-old woman. The alleged victim accused CeeLo of slipping ecstasy into her drink and then raping her while she was in a drug-induced stupor. Fortunately for CeeLo, he was acquitted of all charges, as persecutors felt that there was insufficient evidence to take the case to court.

3 Sean Kingston - The Facetious Rape Claim

2 Jian Ghomesi - The BDSM Enthusiast

Via www.thestar.com

Jian Ghomeshi was named Newsmaker of the Years by the Canadian Press in 2014 for all the wrongs reason. The CBC employee and host of the Canadian broadcast organization's radio show was accused of sexually assaulting three women without their consent. One of the alleged victims was Q producer Kathryn Borel, who approached the Canadian Media Guild union about how the London-born journalist had repeatedly sexually harassed her. When the Toronto Star broke the story, CBC immediately fired Ghomeshi.

He allegedly used violence (BDSM) against the victims.  Ghomeshi was eventually charged with four counts of sexual  assault and one count of overcoming resistance to choking.

1 Bill Cosby - Alleged Date Rape

Via pinterest.com

While this one comes as no surprise given the intense media coverage over the past year, just the thought of Bill Cosby sexually assaulting around 57 women over the course of his 50-year career comes as a huge shock to his fans. The American comedian, who starred in the wildly popular TV series The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992, has been accused of raping his dates. The allegations began around the new millennium, but no one really paid any mind to it until recently. People like model Janice Dickinson claim Cosby drugged them before taking advantage, sexually.

The issue with all the claims, however, is that it falls outside the statute limitations. As of this moment, there are six lawsuits against the comedian that are pending.


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