10 Celebrities Who Married a Fan

We all have celebrity crushes, but most of us never come within a foot of the superstars we lovingly adore. In the minds of obsessed fans, they believe all it takes is a chance meeting to make their celebrity crush fall deeply in love with them. After years of daydreaming and obsessing, many fans do get the chance to meet the stars of their dreams, but those meetings don't always go as planned.

With huge, 6-foot-tall bodyguards standing nearby, paparazzi cameras going off and blinding everyone within reach, and a gaggle of equally obsessed fans vying for the star's attention, it's just not realistic that a celebrity would even give you the time of day in real life. You may manage to score a hookup, but spending eternity as husband and wife? Now that is highly unlikely...unless you get really lucky.

For a chosen few, the really lucky, marrying the celebrity of their dreams turns from a fantasy into reality in the blink of an eye. From Luciana Bozan's unexpected run-in with actor Matt Damon that quickly turned into love, to Katie Holmes marrying Tom Cruise after years of praying for him during her teenage years, marrying a celebrity was a dream come true for these number one fans.

So no matter what, don't give up hope! All it takes is one chance meeting before you're the next Mister or Misses of an A-list celebrity. But until then, check out this list of 10 celebrities who fell in love and married one of their fans!

10 Matt Damon

9 Rubben Studdard


8 Jesse James

7 Keyshia Cole


6 Nicolas Cage

5 Tom Cruise

4 John Travolta

After ending her relationship with Charlie Sheen, Kelly Preston met John Travolta on the set of the movie, The Experts. It was the first time the two actors had met, but Preston said she always knew she would meet and marry Travolta because she saw it all play out in a vision. Her crush for the actor began when she was just 16 years old. When she was coming out a movie theater, she saw a poster for Grease, and she knew from that moment on she would be with him.

3 Kim Kardashian

Despite being involved with other women, Kanye West always knew Kim Kardashian would be his wife. The rapper first spotted the reality television star in a paparazzi photo she took alongside her former BFF, Paris Hilton. West asked his friend, "Have you seen that girl Kim Kar-dijon?" Despite totally butchering her name, Kardashian and West became friends, and when the two found themselves single at the same time, sparks began to fly.

2 Fergie

Josh Duhamel got candid during a 2004 InStyle magazine interview, where he confessed he had recurring (and naughty) dreams about singer Fergie. Duhamel's fiancée at the time, Kristy Pierce, was likely livid at his confession, but Duhamel wasn't going to let anyone stand in the way of his celebrity crush!

1 Adam Sandler

Jackie Titone was a huge Adam Sandler fan, and luckily, she got the chance to meet him through their mutual friend, Rob Schneider. Sandler then offered Titone a role in his 1999 film, Big Daddy, and the rest is history! Titone wasn't going to let anything stand in the way of being with her celebrity crush, so she converted to Judaism in 2000, and the two were married in 2003. They now have two daughters together.


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10 Celebrities Who Married a Fan