10 Celebrities Who Made Unforgettable Mistakes On Social Media

If you are not on any social media platform today, people will view you as some sort of stone age activist. Technological advancements have swept the globe, and online communication is the norm of the day. The internet has provided people with effortless platforms where they can air their views and communicate timelessly. You can now reach millions of people if you post something worth viewing on the internet. It doesn't necessarily even have to be something constructive, as long as it raises controversial reactions, provokes humor, or helps a certain cause. Some of the things we see people posting online are pointless, yet they still have millions of viewers from curious internet users.

Celebrities have also discovered the power of the internet and most of them are using their social media presence to reach out to fans across the world. Not only is it useful for socializing with like-minded people, it's a good way to connect with fans. Masses follow celebrities on popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get a taste of what they are made of, and to keep up with them. However, some of these celebrities are notorious for posting the wrong things online. The unfortunate thing is that once something is out there, you cannot erase it completely, and it is bound to haunt you for years to come. Here are some of the worst social media mistakes that celebrities have made.

10 Paris Hilton - Drug Purse Tweet

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9 Anthony Weiner - Weinergate

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8 Kris Jenner - Insta-Editing

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Many fans follow the Kardashian women on Twitter and Instagram since they are always up to something entertaining. However, Kris Jenner broke the Internet the other day when she was caught red handed putting photoshopped images on Instagram. The Kardashian sisters have been accused of filtering their photos, adding features, changing colors, trimming waistlines and other horrid things, but Kris Jenner was caught live on this one. She took snaps of the launch of her new cookbook with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. She put her version of the photos on Instagram and mortified fans who had already seen the original version on Gordon's Instagram. It was cheap of her to smooth out her wrinkles, change the pigment of her skin color, accentuate her busty cut out dress, and change the position of her cookbook. Many fans have hated on her for the cheap act and applauded Gordon for his original version.

7 Charlie Sheen - Tweets Personal Phone Number

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Scandalous Charlie Sheen stirs trouble everywhere he goes, so it's not surprising when he posts something inappropriate online. Sheen has a full bag of twitter mistakes, from insulting his daughter's alleged bullies, to mocking Ashton Kutcher for taking over his role on Two and a Half Men and sending nasty messages to his ex's publicly. The list is endless and people are no longer surprised by his scandals. However, he made a huge mistake when he accidentally tweeted his personal phone number while trying to send it to Justin Bieber. He had to disconnect it shortly after receiving millions of calls and texts.

6 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Cutting Costs

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5 Kenneth Cole - Shameless Publicity

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Many celebrities put out tweets in an attempt to win more fans, or increase their trending escapades. However, some desperate celebrities out there are going too far while capitalizing on trending hashtags. Kenneth Cole shamelessly attempted to do just that when used the tragic uprising violence in Egypt to market his new spring collection in 2011. His tweet read that the millions in Cairo uproar have heard of his spring collection and added a link with hashtag #Cairo. He removed the tweet and apologized when people retaliated. Cole was on it again in 2013 when he made an inappropriate sales pitch targeting the problems in Syria. He never seems to learn.

4 Amanda Bynes - Tweets Obama

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Most people are of the belief that Amanda Bynes is a bit coo-coo, which is why she gets forgiveness for her outrageous acts and strange behavior. She has said so many wrong things on social media that it's hard to pick out some of the most ridiculous ones. However, she really outdid herself when she was charged with drunk driving and decided to take it up with the president of the United States. She tweeted President Obama asking him to fire the cop who arrested her since she does not drink. She also proceeded to tell him that she does not hit and run. Good to know.

3 Bow Wow - Drunk Tweets

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Speaking of things that you should not do while drunk, Bow Wow learned to not drink and tweet. He learned this lesson the hard way when partying with fellow outlaw, Chris Brown. The two were partying in Miami when Bow Wow tweeted about his face being numb from drinking as he drove his Lamborghini. Not only did he alert the authorities of where he was, he even described the car that they were in. They were both arrested and had to part with huge fines since the evidence against them was overwhelming.

2 Willow Smith - Bedmate Photo

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1 Demi Lovato - Benz's Are For Kids

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Demi Lovato was a sweetheart when she first hit the waves making a large following for herself. However, lately she has turned into a drama queen and there is no telling what she might do next. Recently, Lovato seemed to have misplaced her car, and when she found it, she decided to cause drama in twitter. She was happy that her car was with her dad, and then she proceeded to say that her daddy was silly not to know that Benz's were for kids. We do not even know how to respond to that.

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