10 Celebrities Who Have Been Tinkled On

There are different ways a celebrity can be peed on. For instance, they can pee on themselves. That’s right, just letting it fly as if you were a baby wearing a diaper. And why not, they’re celebrities! They can do as they please. But accidents are one thing. What happens when things get serious? What happens when someone wants some “wet work” done? That’s right, we’re talking about the epic golden shower. What is a golden shower you may ask? Well, it’s when one person pees on another. It can be in a funny manner or a sexual manner. Yes, there are people who actually get off on being peed on. The warm stream may be a welcoming sight for some, but is highly unsatisfying for most.

Now, say you have been stung by a jellyfish. Just like when Chandler Bing had to pee on Monica’s foot (fans of Friends rejoice!). There are a few extreme circumstances where peeing on someone could be publically acceptable. But generally, urinating is meant for bathrooms (and walls and trees when no one is looking). And for some reason, it could be necessary to be peed on if it is your job (ala television shows or movies). Some actors believe in the methodology of acting so much they can never break character. It doesn’t matter how the pee got there, it just matters that it did while these celebrities were stars. These are 10 Celebrities Who Have Been Peed On.

10 Zac Efron – Thanks Nicole Kidman


9 Ricky Martin – Pretty Much Anyone

8 Drake – Fan Peed On Him

7 Chelsea Handler – Jason Biggs

6 Kanye West – North West

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5 Fergie – Herself


4 Kris Jenner – Bladder Control


3 Lea Michele – Herself

2 Paris Hilton – Peed On Herself In A Cab


1 Hugh Jackman – Peed On Himself On Purpose


When you gotta go, you gotta go. Just as musicians are stuck, anchored on stage with no bathrooms in sight, so are actors in plays. This is the case with Hugh Jackman who was onstage playing Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. While performing in front of a theater audience, Jackman had a major urge to go to the bathroom. With few choices, Jackman stayed in character and peed himself. Jackman blamed the incident on needing to hydrate more before performances. He used to get headaches for the physical role so he opted to overhydrate and that backfired.




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10 Celebrities Who Have Been Tinkled On