10 Celebrities Who Did Gross Things In Public

Public masturbation is not exactly a topic anyone wants to be associated with. Certainly, what people choose to do within the confines of their own home is up to them. No matter how much someone wishe

Public masturbation is not exactly a topic anyone wants to be associated with. Certainly, what people choose to do within the confines of their own home is up to them. No matter how much someone wishes to pleasure themselves, there is generally one rule of thumb with masturbation: don’t do it in public. However, this is a fact that, for some, is very difficult to grasp. Like with anything in the world, there are rules associated with such activities. And one of those rules is simple: don’t yank it in public.

Other people have gone the extra mile to be inappropriate in public settings. Certainly, masturbation is a big no-no, but there are other ways to get yourself into trouble. Public indecency combined with inappropriate behavior can get a lot of regular people in trouble. But when celebrities partake in terrible public acts, it not only can get them arrested, it can make them go viral.

And sometimes there are moments that are captured on film that have nothing to do with celebrities trying to do bad. They just can’t help themselves and end up looking foolish in a public setting. These kinds of actions in today’s online world can lead to major issues for celebrities and damage their reputations beyond repair.

With so much to lose, it’s a wonder why people in the spotlight would ever do stupid things in public. This is a list of 10 Celebrities Who Did Gross Things In Public

10 Jason Russell – Naked Retreat


If you are a dedicated activist and filmmaker, you want to be taken seriously. That is what is so perplexing about director Jason Russell and his complete meltdown. Russell directed the dramatic short documentary Kony 2012, a video which has been seen over 100 million times on YouTube. He also is the founder of the nonprofit Invisible Children.

9 Justin Bieber – Milk Was A Bad Choice

Justin Bieber has gotten a lot slack for embarrassing moments. He was caught egging a neighbor’s house and had to pay up big damages. Then there was the infamous pot smoking incident with his father on a private jet in which the pilots and flight attendants complained over the plane being turned into one giant hot-boxed aerial bong. But we are focused on something more private. Normally, if a person gets sick they rush to the bathroom to take care of the issue.

8 Kellen Winslow Jr. – Vaseline And A Target Parking Lot


If you are a professional athlete and the son of a football legend, you would think the common sense truck would have stopped off at your house. Not so with Kellen Winslow Jr.. Despite having a father that was used to the spotlight, Winslow Jr. didn’t get the memo on not embarrassing your family name. Parked in a Target parking lot in New Jersey near the tail end of his football career, Winslow went solo with some Vaseline and marijuana, enjoying all the amenities you could enjoy inside your own parked car.

7 Ariana Grande – Doughnut Fetish


So, if you’re a young attractive pop superstar, what do you do when you head out into public? Well, if you’re Ariana Grande, you head into a doughnut shop and you lick doughnuts that don’t belong to you. Then, for the "icing on the doughnut," you shout that you “hate America.” Yes, this little cookie decided to go rogue on the world and thought she would get away with it until the incident was caught on video!

6 Pee-Wee Herman - Playing With His Pee-Wee


There is weird and then there is Pee-Wee Herman weird. Born Paul Reubens, Pee-wee Herman got into a lot of trouble. The Pee-wee’s Playhouse star was a huge draw for kids who loved his quirkiness. However, no one found it humorous when he got arrested in a Florida porn theater in 1991 for masturbating in public. His show was pulled and his celebrity hit a giant brick wall.

5 Daniele Watts – Back Seat Lover


Watts was a typical young actress taking on small roles as they came. Then came her big break in Quinton Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Watts played a slave and has since enjoyed increased attention. But not all the attention she has received has been positive. Watts and her boyfriend, Brian Lucas, decided to have some impromptu fun in their car one sunny afternoon. They were having sex in their automobile on full display for everyone to see. Neighbors were not amused and called the LAPD to complain.

4 Fergie – No Toilet, No Problem


Singers often have demanding schedules and they exude a tremendous amount of energy when performing. Knowing they are going to be dancing and singing for several hours, the performers need to stay hydrated. One night in 2005, Fergie found out that being really hydrated could be really embarrassing.

3 Fred Willard – Porn Theater Fanatic


Funny man Fred Willard is known for being a hilarious talent. Willard, who currently makes guest appearances on the hit show Modern Family, got himself caught in a not-so-amusing situation. He was bored one day and decided to go to a porn movie theater. Good to know they still exist. There, he did what everyone does when they go to watch movies of that genre - he masturbated.

2 Nick Stahl – Naughty Video Store


Nick Stahl was known as an up-and-coming star in Hollywood. The young actor pulled off impressive performances in Terminator 3 and the awesome dramatic HBO series Carnivale. After those performances, however, Stahl’s life turned into a real life carnival when you add serious substance abuse issues and disappearing off the face of the Earth for extended periods of time. That’s right, he was literally lost and people close to him had no idea where he had gone. And this happened multiple times.

1 Andy Dick – King of Indecency


Andy Dick’s laundry list of issues are the things legends are made of (and we are using legends in a very negative light here). Let’s begin by stating that Dick has had a history of drug and alcohol abuse issues. The list is so long and absurd, we have to go to bullet points for the degenerate repeat offender. It all started very innocently in 2004 when Dick dropped his pants at a McDonalds restaurant. From there, the gates of hell opened up.

All we can say is Andy Dick has committed more lewd acts than everyone else on this list, combined. Wow. Add this to his IMDB page.


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10 Celebrities Who Did Gross Things In Public