10 Celebrities with the most Shocking Fetishes

Fetishes and sexual fantasies are often private as they take place behind closed doors. For some people, the most embarrassing thing that could happen to them is that their private fantasies and desir

Fetishes and sexual fantasies are often private as they take place behind closed doors. For some people, the most embarrassing thing that could happen to them is that their private fantasies and desires were made public. Why? Some people will change how they feel about someone if they find out what they do in the bedroom.

Celebrities, although they like to keep some things private, have learned that it's next to impossible to lead a life away from the public eye. All dirty little secrets will eventually see the light of day, whether or not they want them to. The best thing a celebrity can do is to embrace their sexuality confidently, and not try to deny what is happening in the bedroom, especially if the evidence is against them.

10 Christina Aguilera – Roleplay

9 Amy Winehouse – Spanking

An ex-lover Jonathan Jeannevol has claimed that Amy Winehouse was not only a sex addict, but she also had a thing for spanking. According to Jeannevol, he and Winehouse met through mutual contacts and would have sex for hours. Jonathan Jeannevol, stage name Johnny Headlock, also revealed that he would offer Amy Winehouse drugs before their encounters, but she would decline. During the encounter, she allegedly wanted to try numerous different things, and loved to be spanked.

8 Quentin Tarantino – Feet

Although it hasn't been openly admitted by Tarantino, the signs of his foot fetish are everywhere in his work. Many of his films have numerous scenes involving women's feet (think Salma Hayek's scene in From Dusk Till Dawn), and on set, apparently Tarantino was known to stare at different actresses feet. To build on that, published an e-mail from a woman that allegedly had a one night stand with Quentin Tarantino. It wasn't like most sexual encounters. In fact, it was like nothing the woman had experienced before. Allegedly, Quentin Tarantino was constantly licking her feet while he pleasured himself.

7 Scarlett Johansson – Cars

Starlett Scarlett Johansson isn't sexually aroused by cars, but her fantasy revolves around having sex in a car. She described her fantasy in 2008 by saying “I think having sex in a car is sexy. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind and thinking of doing something crazy and kinky and sexy, the back seat would be it.”

6 Cam'ron – Degrading Women

5 Eva Longoria – Being Tied Up

Eva Longoria, debatably one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses and star of Desperate Housewives is one of the most outspoken actresses about her sex life. In interviews, she has said that she shows men how to please her in bed, and that she isn't against being tied up with silk scarves. In the same interview, she said that “There's something very sexy about being submissive.”

4 Angelina Jolie – S&M

Angelina Jolie, UN Goodwill Ambassador, and mother of three adopted children, and 3 of her own children, has completely reinvented herself since marrying Brad Pitt. In fact, Angelina Jolie has publicly stated that since marrying Brad Pitt, “there's no longer a place for that [bisexuality] or S&M in my life.”

3 Nick Lachey – Cross Dressing

Before things went south, Nick Lachey admitted that while married to Jessica Simpson, he enjoyed wearing his wife's heels and walking around in them. In his own words, he described it as “sort of a kinky thing we liked to get into", Yikes.

2 Robert Pattinson – Licking Armpits

Robert Pattinson, star of the famous Twilight franchise, liked to lick Kristen Stewart's armpits. Well, according to her, at least. Kristen Stewart told Vogue UK after her affair was publicized, that she still loved Robert Pattinson. In fact, she said she loved him and he loved her so much, that “he loves to lick under my armpits.” Wait, what?

1 Ricky Martin – Golden Showers

Ricky Martin, Latin American pop-star with numerous chart topping hits, openly made comments to Blender Magazine in 2006 about participating in a Golden Shower. For those that don't know, a Golden Shower is when one person urinates on another person for sexual pleasure. According to Ricky Martin, “I love giving the Golden Shower - I've done it before in the shower. It's like so sexy, you know, the temperature of your body and the shower water is very different.”

Not long after he made these comments, Ricky Martin tried to retract his comments due to the controversy they started. Too late Ricky. Everyone knows that yellow keeps you mellow.

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10 Celebrities with the most Shocking Fetishes