10 Cases Of People Who Took Waist-Training Too Far

Women are constantly expected to look “perfect.” From hair length and color, to weight, lips, hips and everything in between, the standards of beauty that are imposed by society can be downright daunting. Many women go to great lengths to be beautiful in the eyes of mainstream media, and the results can be disheartening, to say the least. Some women have been seriously injured as a result of certain beauty treatments, and others have, unfortunately, lost their lives trying to obtain the perfect body.

Waist training is a beauty trend that has been around for centuries, and is starting to gain popularity again. Women are attracted to this trend because it promises to slim the waistline while accentuating the hips, which makes for a curvy figure. This doesn’t sound bad in and of itself, but waist training can have serious implications, especially if it is done in excess. Of course, it doesn’t help that several celebrities have allegedly tried this trend, which only makes “commoners” want to “train their waists” even more. There have even been reports that waist training can cause the internal organs to be displaced, and can lead to chronic back pain. But alas, these factors still don’t stop some people from giving waist training a try. Here are 10 cases of people who took waist training way too far.


10 Ciara

Singer Ciara has long been celebrated for her rock-hard abs and overall fabulous body. Who knew waist training was part of her regimen? To be fair, it takes way more than wearing a corset through the day to get her curves and muscles, but apparently, training her waist helps to put the finishing touches on her physique. Wearing a waist trainer may have aided the I Betcha singer in getting her body back after the birth of her one-year-old son, Future. We’re not sure how often Ciara uses the waist trainer, but it looks like she may be getting a little too slim, so maybe she’s using the waist trainer to ensure that her midsection matches the rest of her body. Maybe she’s just excited that her body recovered so well after giving birth. She’s always had a slim build, so it looks like the waist trainer has done its work, and then some.

9 Jessica Alba


After Jessica Alba had her children, she wore a double corset to get her body back in shape. If just one waist trainer can cause damage, wouldn’t wearing two put her body at more risk? Jessica Alba even admitted to Shape magazine that she wore the corset “day and night for three months.” That’s definitely taking it to the extreme. However, the actress and businesswoman did admit that it’s not for everyone, and that the process was “sweaty but worth it.” It’s also important to note that Alba exercised, drank lots of water and maintained a healthy diet in order to return to her pre-baby weight.

8 Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Kim Zolciak-Biermann has six children, and to be fair, she looks great. But she may have overdone it with the waist training after her fourth child. She’d already lost a considerable amount of weight due to exercise and diet, but recently revealed that she shaved another four inches off her physique due to waist training. She even endorsed the waist training method on her Instagram page, and left a link for others to get their “training” garments. She also made a video wearing the waist training corset to prove that she’s not photoshopping her pictures. Apparently, Zolciak-Biermann is more concerned with her fabulous shape than the risk of severe acid reflux and shortage of oxygen. Hey, to each their own.

7 Jenni Farley

Jenni Farley, also known as JWoww, has been using the Girly Curves waist trainer, which is a favorite among many celebrities. She is also trying to get back to her pre-baby body, and to fit into her dream wedding dress. Farley has been waist training for months to get into the dress, but results look a little extreme, especially since she has such a full bust. The corset also makes Jenni’s already-long torso look a bit stretched, which can’t be good for her internal organs. While she kept the details about her wedding dress a bit of a secret, she definitely wasn’t ashamed to post a few pics on Instagram chronicling her waist training progress. We’re just hoping she stops wearing it soon, or she may get a figure she wasn’t bargaining for.

6 Nicole Polizzi

JWoww’s BFF and former cast-mate Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, has also joined the waist training trend. In addition to working out and following a healthy diet, Snooki has expressed her desire to be slimmer after giving birth to her second child. Polizzi’s waist training may be getting a little out of hand though, especially since she has such a small frame and stature. While the corset does add curves to Polizzi’s petite body, a picture of the reality star in the waist trainer makes it clear that the device is pushing her breasts and middle stomach muscles up too far. Snooki admits to wanting a quick fix for slimming down, since she was preparing to marry her husband Jionni, after the birth of their second child.

5 Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is a mother of three small children, so it’s understandable that she’d want to get her body back as soon as possible. There’s also the fact that she’s a reality star and entrepreneur, and needs to look her best any time she steps out of her home. She and her sisters even endorse and have had a hand in creating the corsets sold on the Body Cinchers website, so she kind of has to at least try waist training in order to be a trustworthy businesswoman, right? According to a Hollywood Life report, Kourtney is waist training despite health warnings from health experts. Kardashian was seen wearing a waist trainer just three months after giving birth to her third child, which seems like risky behavior. Then again, she did take her placenta in pill form after giving birth, and she’s a Kardashian, so she’s obviously not scared of living an unconventional life.

4 Khloe Kardashian

Kourtney and Kim’s sister Khloe, is on the waist training bandwagon as well. Khloe once referred to herself as “the fat Kardashian” and has struggled with her weight for years. She’s taken to social media recently to show that she’s been working out hard and trying to adopt healthier habits into her life in order to manage her weight. However, Khloe’s workout pics indicate that the corset is making her waist look too small in proportion to her hips and rear. For her body type and build, this just doesn’t look healthy. Maybe she’s taking the “beauty is pain” mantra just a little too far.


3 Nicki Minaj

So, apparently getting butt injections wasn’t enough for Nicki Minaj. She went a step further and started “training” her waist, which makes her butt look even bigger. Maybe that’s what she was going for, but she still seems very coy whenever she’s asked about the injections. However, she’s not shy about giving certain rappers lap dances on stage for the world to see. Interesting. Minaj’s injections were already extreme considering that she’s a petite woman, but now the waist training makes her look more like Jessica Rabbit than an actual person. Perhaps the fact that waist training can cause rib fractures doesn’t bother Minaj very much. It’s also been reported that waist training reduces the appetite, which may be the reason the rapper and singer is one of the celebrities who swears by this trend, but don’t ask her to talk about it.

2 Aleira Avendano

She may not have a name you’re familiar with, but she’s definitely the “winner” when it comes to waist training. Aleira Avendano is a model, and has been wearing a waist trainer for six years, and has done so despite warnings from doctors that this could have a serious effect on her health. In fact, one doctor, Andres Ruiz, advised Avendano to stop wearing the waist trainer right away. The model wears the corset 23 hours of every day, and has a 20-inch waist. Avendano even refers to the waist trainer as her second skin. As a result of her “training,” her hips are very defined, and it’s clear to see that she’s taking this body trend way too far. Aleira Avendano is 25, and has been wearing the trainer since she was a teenager. She also has DD breasts, so it’s very likely that she gets stares everywhere she goes, and not always the good kind.

1 Kelly Lee Dekay

Kelly Lee Dekay, a woman from New York, has been waist training for seven years, and has a size 16 waist. The corset she uses is made from steel bone, and is strapped on tight to get the desired look. Kelly is also a fetish model, so that may be the reason why she has no problem whittling her waist down to this tiny size to show off her other…assets. She states that she’s long been inspired by cartoon characters and loves the exaggeration that comes with fashion. Dekay is also a fashion student, so her obsession is (somewhat) understandable. Even though it’s clear to see that Dekay has gotten way out of hand with waist training, she states that she does understand that she would “break” if she had the measurements of an actual cartoon character. Looks like she’s well on her way.


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