10 Bizarre Things You Can Do With Your Body

The skin of your Average Joe would cover an area of 22 square feet if lain out flat, rather mind boggling (and gross) if one thinks about it! That is one hell of a lot of skin to punch holes in, scribble over with ink and stretch to insane proportions.

Body modification is growing so popular that the world has a tattoo or piercing parlor somewhere. Even the most buttoned-down individual may be sporting a risqué drawing or intimate piercing. Yet some people (as always) are prepared to push the envelope just a bit further than everyone else and alter their appearance in ways that are so extreme, anyone would be right in pondering whether they push the limits of lunacy or not!

Everyone likes to deem themselves as unique as a snowflake or their fingerprint. Yet where do you draw the line? When does drawing the eyes of others become a gape of surprise or even horror? When does the desire to stand out from the crowd surpass normality? Here are some people who not only have crossed that line, but definitely exceeded expectations.

11 She’s A Snake!


This body fad is gross and a word to describe it is, ah… it’s on the tip of my tongue! Some conspiracy theories suggest that many of the world’s elite are reptilian species controlling the world. Yet some people are more obvious about their cold-blooded heritage and bask in the weirdness of extreme body modification. Tongue bifurcation, or in layman’s terms, having a forked tongue, is strangely popular among the more adventurous body modification enthusiasts. As painful and as freakish as it looks, there is also the added complication of needing the tongue to be constantly stopped from healing back up.


9 Vampire Dentistry


Humans have naturally pointy teeth, known as incisors. These are handy for such culinary tasks as tearing meat and other tougher and stubborn foodstuffs. When it comes to vampire legends, these incisors are transformed into fangs that are used by the demonic fiend to pierce the skin of usually a fair maiden to sup on her virgin blood. Yet what is the “point” of turning all the teeth into sharpened ends? A procedure such as this is a throwback to spiritual rituals that our history is steeped in. Nowadays, however, it has evolved (as everything does) into a rather bizarre change and accessory for those wishing to stand out from the crowd!

8 Human Corset


Retro is in right now and the idea of steam punk is appealing to many. Steam punk mixes fashion from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries with a blend of industrial technology, as well as the kind of gadgetry a person would expect to be in the pages of a H.G. Wells novel. Much like the science fiction author, some individuals are bending our perception of normality and bending how body piercings shatter any shred of normality… though what really is normal about shoving a needle into a fleshy area of the body and placing a metal object through it? Why not push it just that extra bit further and lace up the back with several piercings and a string of fabric? This is precisely the logic behind corset piercings.

7 Branded A Fool!


Ever wanted to experience what it feels like to be a farm animal? Ahem… aside from the connotations of what else that would entail, being slaughtered for meat is not a fad… yet branding sure as hell is! Used on livestock to mark them for recognition and declaring the animal as belonging to a certain farmer, some humans think this is a good plan. It may be a swifter way to have a permanent design placed onto one’s skin, but that’s highly debatable! Using a hot iron (or cold iron) to sear an image or drawing into flesh, it's the height of bravery and stupidity in the body modification world!

6 Eye Dye!


Tattoos have always been a part of the global cultural lexicon and can be found in civilizations as far back as over 5,000 years ago, so the trend is certainly here to stay. The right tattoo, done by a skilled artist, can look wonderful and really accentuate a person’s figure. However, one form of tattooing has begun to emerge that looks less artistic and far more demonic! If the desire ever strikes you to look like you have been possessed by a diabolical being summoned from the bowels of Hell, then perhaps consider eye tattoos! Filling eyes with ink may seem foolish and even on the verge of suicidal, yet some people who are tired of appearing remotely human consider this drastic procedure. A must have piece of artwork for those who wish to have a career as an extra in horror movies.

5 Tattoo Chest!


Sticking with tattoos (and no, not stuck-on tattoos!) sometimes scratching ink into the skin to etch a work of art that will last well beyond the point that it’s cool is not quite enough. Why not explore the exciting and very confusing world of making tattoos 3D? Objects leaping out of a screen at the cinema are not enough anymore, when there is the choice of being inked with an image that looks as though it’s trying to escape the body. As is the case with 3D tattoos and the one in this particular instance, this dude sure loves boobs. Perhaps by adding the black eye tattoos, there is a chance he could pretend he has captured the soul of this woman on one of his limbs ?

4 Getting Under the Skin


If pretending that having a tattoo with boobs is not the average freak’s thing, then cut out the middleman and just investigate the oddity of having lumps dotted in a strange variety of shapes underneath? Sub dermal implants are where ball shaped objects are placed under the skin to make the subject lumpy and not in the good places either! Instead of a lump being a sign of something sinister, it's just as easily the symptom of something totally weird! Adding contours to the human form that appear completely alien, why look normal when seeming as though being filled up with pockets of things that have been stuffed inside you unevenly is available?

3 Briny Body Mods!


Putting things into the body is quite common; for most people it’s only as simple as eating and drinking… among other things! Although often people (doctors) put saline into people as a form of healing and adding fluid to the body, to do so as a form of body art is literally rubbing (or injecting) salt into wounds! Filling the body with things is not new as a form of cosmetic surgery, yet having salt water pushed into the face with a squashed donut on the forehead seems like a bit of a stretch… and not just to the skin!

2 Never In Nine Lives!


As with the cleaving of tongue, the notion of staying human is a dreaded concept to some people and they will do anything to be at one with their inner spirit animal. There are many corners of Tumblr that are dedicated to those who call themselves “Otherkin,” but this guy, dubbed “Stalking Cat,” takes a tiger as his totem and his body as a palette for mixing up a feline artwork to the extreme! This man has it all… the teeth altered into fangs, over the top piercings and so many tattoos that it becomes hard to distinguish where the skin ends and the tattoos begin!

1 Peeling It All Off!


It has been a wild journey of different things inflicted upon the human body, injected, drawn on and branded, not to mention taking it to the heights where the patients only vaguely resemble human. What happens when someone wants to modify their body to the point that they are sick of the fanged teeth or the flesh covering them? This is where abrasion comes in. There are some individuals that are into burning a layer of skin off, either chemically or by applying a nice fresh dose of sandpaper to the desired area. Gives exfoliation a whole new dimension… one of insanity!

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10 Bizarre Things You Can Do With Your Body