10 Bizarre Inventions You'll Never Believe Surfaced

We've all seen some crazy inventions. Most of them have been advertised, and we've seen them. Hence, the “as seen on television” aisles in your local dollar store. From the stuffed animals that light up when you want your kids to go to sleep at night, to the slippers that flip up and down when you walk on them - we've seen them all. Or have we? Remember the Bamboo Steamer that overtook the world back in the 80s? These are products that most people know about, although, there are many products that have been “okayed” by the patent office, and have even tested and sold in the public market. The metal-detecting sandals; for one, is a device that attaches to your ankles and has a wire that connects to your shoes. This makes the metal-detecting less “noticeable,” yet highly suspicious. There is also a one-wheeled motorcycle, shoes that have separate toes (although a lot of people know about those nowadays, but they really need to be mentioned in the “rather odd invention” category) and even a suitcase scooter, for those who think that roving by foot is just too rigorous when it comes to indoor airport travel.

Here are ten other inventions that someone thought about and actually spent money on to get a patent. All of these have essentially sold and made some decent money. Apparently, someone thought they would be a good idea, and they were right.

10 The Bow-Lingual Dog Bark Translator

In 2002, the “Bow-Lingual Dog Bark Translator” was called the “best invention of the year,” according to Time Magazine. The inventors even received the Nobel Prize for the product, for "promoting peace and harmony between the species." Keep in mind, this translator actually only analyzes the barks that the dogs make, it does not really read your dog’s mind.

It should not be taken seriously; but at a fifty dollar price tag, consumers have a tendency to think that there really is an object in circulation that can tell them exactly what their dog is thinking. According to the reviews on Amazon.com, there are many people who believe that this product is supposed to tell them exactly what their dog is thinking, but it is all in good fun, so it does get fairly bad criticisms.

9 Dracula’s Blood Bulb

via: www.dailymail.co.uk

When we are using light bulbs, we are using electricity. There is not argument about that.  So what do we do when trying to save electricity but still have light? We have someone invent a light bulb that runs on something that we have very little of; our blood. That makes sense to a person who is trying to teach the rest of the world to conserve energy.  And this is exactly what someone did in 2012, cutting their finger and designing a money-maker. It works simply; just cut your finger on the glass to have your blood drip down and voila! Instant, yet creepy, lighting! Yes. This really does exist.

8 The Noodle Hair Guard

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How many times have you gone to eat a cup of Ramen noodles and have had your hair just fall right into your noodles? It is so annoying, that a genius entrepreneur in Japan came up with the “Noodle Hair Guard” that keeps your hair from getting all wet and noodle-y.  Made from nothing more than a paper plate, this beautiful invention (actually named Chindogu), can hopefully be bought somewhere in Japan, because it is surely not listed anywhere on the internet. Or if you are interested, you can simply take a paper plate and cut a hole out of the middle for your face. Either way, you’ll be saving money from all of that shampoo that you will need to wash out all of those noodles.

7 An Umbrella For Your Cigarette

For all the smokers who go outside, it is very difficult to keep their cigarettes dry. Back in the 1930s, this was a problem as well. So in 1931, someone invented an umbrella that kept their cigarette dry, while smoking it. In one particular advertisement, it shows an umbrella over a cigarette, with a tube and water dripping off of the tube. The person puffing on it may get completely soaked, but that cigarette didn't absorb one ounce of water!

In 2009, someone else decided that they did not want an umbrella for their cigarette, and decided to invent a cover for it, instead. They got a patent for a plastic cover to surround the cigarette while smoking in the rain, but that each one would have to be covered. The inventor lives in Tel Aviv, and has even received the patent for the “cover device,” yet, it has yet to be seen in the United States, and since cigarettes are already really expensive, it appears that nobody wants to spend any more on those than they really have to. It may just be easier (and cheaper) to either quit or just not smoke while it’s raining.

6 The Buggy Rollin’ Suit

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The creator, Jean Yves Blondeau, decided that his invention of a particular BMX bike, back in the 1990s was not extreme enough for him, so he tried roller blading. Then he contemplated the fact that it should not go just on his feet and decided to place them throughout his entire body. That’s when the Buggy Rollin’ Suit was born. It covers the arms, legs, hands, feet, chest, shoulders and back with wheels. Just in case you decide that being on two feet just isn't an option. This may look crazy, but it is for real. There is even a Buggy Ice Suit for those who want to roll around in the snow.

5 The Baby Mop (And Other Crazy Baby Inventions)


Saturday Night Live is known for their spoofs and silly made-up commercials, so that is exactly what this product was when it was first seen on the show. Somehow, people thought the Baby Mop was a great idea anyway, and decided to come out with an actual product that uses babies to clean their floors. Then came the other baby products, that are actually in stores, but don’t seem quite safe. There is an over-the-door baby hanger, which looks like a backpack with a baby in it, but it’s hanging on a door (yes, with the baby in it!), the Crumb Cap, which is basically a bib that covers your toddler’s head for all of those spills that baby creates while doing handstands and last but not least, designer barf bags. Those were not created for the baby, but for the expectant mother, who is all about fashion when she is twelve weeks along and wants to look fabulous while chucking up her lunch. These are definitely all making people wonder, “Why didn't I think of this?”

4 Roller Buggy

Bored with just pushing your child around in a normal stroller? Don’t you just wish you could ride along with them as you are pushing the stroller down a steep hill? Well now you can! The Roller Buggy is an invention that consists of a stroller that is attached to a scooter, that the parent can use to push their kids with and have fun at the same time! Put on a Buggy Rollin’ Suit while pushing your Roller Buggy, and you’ll never be late for another play date! Bring along the designer barf bags and everyone will be set for this trip.

3 Doggles


Roni Di Lullo invented Doggles in 1997, because her dog was having issues while playing Frisbee and not being able to see because of the bright sunlight. She made goggles for her dog with a special “tint” so that it would block out harmful sunlight so the dog could see.  Seventeen years later, the business has made over three million in revenue and dogs have been happily seeing flying discs ever since.

2 Pencil Printer

via: www.yankodesign.com

Tired of buying ink for your printer? Designer, Hoyoung Lee has come up with an invention that uses your old, used-up pencil stubs for ink on paper. It takes your old stubs and takes out the wood shavings to print out words with pencil lead instead of ink. The pencil printer even comes with an eraser, so you don’t waste paper and have to re-print an entire document. Only two problems with this, so far seen, what if you want a permanent document that doesn’t erase? Is there a pen-stub printer? And what do we do with the leftover pencil shavings, after we have used all of the lead for the “ink”?

1 White Goat Machine

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Tired of running out of toilet paper, but always seem to have an extra forty sheets of paper lying around? Maybe you have taken all the leftover shavings from the Pencil Printer and turned it into paper. If so, and you have around $100,000 to blow, try the White Goat Machine! It’s an over six-foot tall machine that spits out toilet paper every 30 minutes that you put in forty sheets of shredded paper and water. You will never complain about your kids replacing the roll ever again.

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