Top 10 Hilarious Newscaster Freak Outs

Recently, a video of a newscaster freaking out, went viral on social media.  It shows the news guy walking off the set because he refused to do another 'non-news story' about what one particular Kardashian/Jenner named their bunny - to which all of the world applauded because A. He's right and B. For whatever reason, there is something oddly satisfying about seeing a newscaster's shiny veneer crack a little on television.

Maybe it's because whenever we watch the news, the news anchors and reporters are these barely human, sorta-like-a-robot-but-not-really people who have shiny teeth and foreheads.  They're barely relatable because they don't seem like they're actual human beings with real emotions.  But sometimes, by the grace of the good universe, smart phones and YouTube, a moment will be captured on camera when a newscaster has a malfunction and lets some realness out.

It's especially delightful to watch if there are curse words, clever insults and throwing of objects, because for a brief moment in time, the perfect little newscaster is suddenly relatable. Even though they're on television, they're still at WORK, and for the most part, work is stupid. Who hasn't thrown a tantrum or two at the office?  Unfortunately, these newscaster malfunctions don't happen too often, but when they do, it's simply magical to watch.

Here are 10 Best Newscaster Freak Outs we could watch over and over again.

10 Shake It Off

This video shows us two ways people from California react to an earthquake. The lady news anchor represents people who've lived in California longest; she felt the earthquake and yet continued on with the newscast.  All long-time California residents know that it's practically mandatory that you wait a minute or two to see if it the shaking gets harder before running for cover.  A full five minutes if you're in bed, because nothing sucks worse than jumping out of your warm blankets when you feel an earthquake, only to have it stop the second after you stand up.  The dude that freaks out represents people who are new or visiting California.  They immediately start taking a poll from the people around them to validate what they felt, "Did you feel that? Was that an earthquake? Did you feel that?" before diving under his desk.  The long annoyed blink she makes at him is also representative of California residents reactions to earthquake newbies.

9 Step Away From Gordon

What's going on with poor Gordon here? Who even knows what he's talking about? Clearly Gordon knew he was making no damn sense but couldn't stop the train wreck that was coming out of his mouth because live television is an unforgiving b*tch that way.

The beginning starts off promising, but then it slowly turns into a Bad Lip Reading skit. He tries to look down at this notes but it only makes it worse.  He starts reporting what sounds like three separate news stories all together, making one big ball of nonsense.

When Gordon thinks he's finally done vomiting his piece and the camera has cut away, he goes ape shit on his notes.  The best part is when they go back to the shot of the newscaster who looks legitimately scared that Gordon was going to come out of the screen and bite him.

8 Buggin Out

We know, we know.  You've seen this before blah blah, but a classic never dies and really, you can't watch this video too many times.  The breakdown happens when he accidentally swallows a bug mid-sentence, tries to cough it out and loses his shit when he can't.  And can we blame him really? If you've ever been to the country in the summer, you know that country bugs are obnoxious.  They're the size of a grown man's shoe, they have too many legs/eyeballs, they attack your face just for fun and this guy just accidentally had one of them for lunch. We think he has a legit workman's comp case on his hands.

7 Dude Can't Handle Big Black Cocks

Look at that thing.  It's large, it's got some meat to it, it's shiny and it's exquisite! So is it really any wonder why that magnificent creature did not want to be manhandled by bargain basement Kevin Connelly? Worse, the newscaster doesn't seem to appreciate what he had on his hands and totally looks like he doesn't want to hold it, so the rooster said, 'F you dude, I'm out!'  When the rooster's had enough of his cold clammy hands, it starts to wriggle around and tries to take off. The newscaster goes from zero to freak-out in 2.2 seconds when the chicken starts flapping its wings.

6 Reill'd Up

If someone said Bill O'Reilly was really a nice guy off camera I bet a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised.  That's because, on television, he seems like such a loud, overbearing dick 90 percent of the time and there's no way that he can go from being an ass on camera to being a nice guy behind the scenes. So you probably wouldn't be surprised to know that you're exactly right. Bill O' Reilly is kind of an ass even behind the camera, as this video shows. Bill explodes into a million angry pieces of rage when the teleprompter stops giving him words to say. Luckily for us, his 'rage' is a lot like a bratty two-year-old throwing a tantrum over a toy, and for once, Bill O'Reilly is really entertaining to watch.

5 Get Out Of My Pants

It's not always rage and anger when it comes to newscasters losing it on air. Sometimes newscasters lose by having a giggle fit which is always fun to watch. In this video, there's a segment about cats and one anchor makes an innocent remark about one of the kittens that had gotten into a pair of pants and a giggle fest ensues. The news anchor who inadvertently made the sexual innuendo tries to cover it up by commenting on how cute the cats were, but it was way too late to save her co-anchors from pissing their pants with laughter.

4 Go Choke On A Hot Dog!

Field news reporters are low men on the totem pole when it comes to local broadcasting. While the head news anchors get to sit their ass on soft swivel chairs with great lightening and teleprompter service, field news reporters get no such perks. They have to brave the elements of weather, traffic and stupid people to deliver the news. That kind of shit can break anyone and judging from Mike's sad puppy dog face and American Flag polo shirt, Mike is already broken.

An obnoxious driver honks and ruins his news segment then proceeds to drive by as Mike stares him down.  You would think this is when shit's about to go down! Mike's gonna end this idiot for messing with his broadcast! But sadly, broken Mike is...well, broken.  His insults have lost their bite and as the idiots drive off laughing at him, the very best he could do was wish the man a bad dining experience the next time he eats a hot dog.  Poor Mike.

3 War..death..blah blah. WHAT ABOUT MY HAIR!?

This video captures a newscaster who looks like she's been assigned to report a story in a war torn country, and she is very upset about it.  Which is understandable because there's death, destruction, chaos - war is terrible, who wouldn't be upset? Except sadly, this woman isn't upset about the lives being lost on the battle field beneath her, she's upset about the volume that her hair is losing being in such an icky, dirty place.  After her segment finishes, she voices her frustrations about being assigned to places where her fabulous mane gets compromised by weather and human suffering.  What a peach.

2 Put THAT On Your Myspace Page!

Like we said before, every newscaster has their breaking point and sometimes it can come from the most unlikely person. The news reporter in this clip looks like a nice adorable kind of guy and when some jackass tries to video bomb his segment, he lives up to his nice guy looks, graciously telling the dude to go away.

The a-hole continues to try and get on camera but still, Mr. Nice Newscaster keeps it as polite as possible when he tells him to move it along.  It was on this guy's third attempt that he unleashed the kraken in Mr. Nice Newscaster who assumed his ultimate form of NFL linebacker. He tackles the idiot to the ground and almost had us convinced he was a tough guy until he tried to talk tough about Myspace and then he went back to being adorable again.

1 Watch The Gray Hairs Fly

You know what's more awesome to watch than two old men bitching to each other? NOTHING. Two grumps in a verbal match is fun for the whole family because they're too mature to have an actual punching match, but also, older folks are from another era so their fights are peppered with subtle insults instead of curse words.

This spat between Jim and Dick was no different. Like the old school gentlemen that they are, there were zero F-words in this fight but massive amounts of serious old man shade. Dick questions Jim's interviewing skills, Jim gets frustrated, Dick offers lessons, old beef gets rehashed, they question each other's cred and for one good minute, these two were the Tupac and Biggie of local news.

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