10 Bachelor Parties That Ended in Disaster

A wedding represents love, the union of two kindred spirits and the beginning of a new life for two people as one. For some, though, it also represents the opportunity for one last all-out bash to celebrate the end of your friend's freedom in style through a kick-ass bachelor party. With a mob mentality often taking over the proceedings and an increasing social pressure to pull out all the stops for what is alternately supposed to be an unforgettable but, perhaps, highly forgettable night, wild times can often be had.

This isn't always a good thing, mind you. In pushing the envelope from a fun night of imbibing to a manic, frenzied evening (or weekend) of drunken mania, things can sometimes get a little - or a lot - out of hand. A commonly held warning from future spouses typically holds that anything goes for a bachelor party, so long as the groom- or bride-to-be emerges from the night alive and out of jail. However, some of the following bachelor and bachelorette parties failed to adhere to those fairly reasonable rules.

These 10 pre-wedding bashes took a turn for the worse when things didn't exactly go according to often poorly conceived plan. While some of these future brides and grooms have funny, memorable stories to share, many would probably just as soon not have anyone know about their indiscretions and, in the most unfortunate of circumstances, some are no longer alive to tell the tale.

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10 Puking on the "Entertainment"

Via youtube.com

Sometimes, a little vomit goes a long way. One hopes that this was the case in the aftermath of one particular scummy bachelor party that got a little out of control for both the groom to be and his "hired entertainment." In a video that has since gone viral, the bachelor honoree can be seen enjoying drink after drink while being grinded upon by a G string-clad stripper. While she sits spread eagle on his lap with her back to him, he quickly and involuntarily gets to purging much of what he consumed onto her. Based on her shrieks in the aftermath, at least she seems to be reconsidering some life choices.

9 When Seniors Attack 

Via huffingtonspost.com

It seems that the rowdiness of a group of five bachelor party-goers in Florida extended as far as "malingering" on the greens during a round of golf. That still served as motivation enough for 61-year-old golf purist James Alonzo Hines to take issue with the group's pace of play, who launched balls at them from 200 yards away in protest. When the group returned fire, Hines ran them down in his golf cart and even went so far as to break a golf club over one poor youngster's head.

8 Taking the Plunge 

Via today.com

Rachelle Friedman's bachelorette party clan decided to finish up their Virginia Beach getaway in May 2010 with a quick dip in the pool. One of Friedman's friends decided to playfully expedite the process by nudging the bride-to-be into what turned out to be extremely shallow waters. Rachelle hit her head on the bottom of the pool, resulting in spinal cord damage and rendering her a quadriplegic. As a result, the wedding was postponed on account of the added cost of medical care, although Rachelle did marry her fiancee one year later. The tragic irony of the whole situation was that several of the party attendees were lifeguards.

7 Bachelor Party Goes Downhill 

Via en.wikipedia.org

Few on this list boast the public profile of Norwegian ski star and bachelor Jens Arne Svartedal, who was joined by friends on a sailing excursion in June 2005 to celebrate his pending nuptials. Plans were interrupted quickly, however, as the boat taking the group from the dock to their schooner took off at a high speed and crashed into the stationary sailboat. Seven passengers suffered some degree of injury, with Svartedal suffering a punctured lung and broken rib. While the accident sparked a lawsuit, the whole ordeal ended happily for Svartedal as he would go on to win a silver medal at the 2006 Turin Olympics.

6 Kidnapping the Groom 

Via huffingtonpost.com

A group of 10 friends got a little too into an elaborate plan to "kidnap" groom-to-be Landon Scott McHardy for a surprise bachelor party. Driving a rented U-Haul while blaring heavy metal music and clad in nylon masks while wielding foam baseball bats, the group attracted plenty of attention as they broke into McHardy's Edmonton, Canada home in June 2015, using a key that McHardy's future bride had provided them. But they were the ones that got surprised when neighbors' 911 calls brought armed cops, a K-9 unit and even a police helicopter to the scene of what was believed to be an actual kidnapping.

5 Oops, Wrong House 

Via youtube.com

One member of a group celebrating a bachelor party at a Miami strip club seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much in early 2014. Left behind by the rest of the group after getting hammered, he opted to find his own way back to the house they were staying at, only to drunkenly wind up at another address down the street. The house he wound up in turned out to belong to Starship Troopers star Casper Van Dien, who called the police after finding the intruder asleep on his couch. The man sobered up while spending 18 hours in jail, a small price to pay for one epic bachelor party story.

4 See You in 19 Years 

Via cjonline.com

One can imagine that the phone call from Robert Reed to his wife-to-be on the eve of their wedding in May 2009 wasn't a particularly pleasant one. Robert was celebrating his impending nuptials with older brother Mike Reed and friend Jeremy Trout when the trio decided to call up their old drug dealer, Vincent Barnes, for a hit of cocaine to liven things up. When Barnes revealed he had gone clean and was no longer selling, they didn't take kindly to the news and confronted him, with Barnes winding up dead in the skirmish. Robert got 19 years in prison for his role in the incident, putting the wedding on ice.

3 Alcohol and Jeeps Don't Mix 

Via imgur.com

Even being on a remote, isolated farm doesn't make drinking and driving okay, a lesson that a group of Farmington, Missouri natives learned the hard way in July of 2002. While celebrating the upcoming wedding of Daniel Francis, a well-lubricated group of friends packed into a Jeep for some off-road fun, eventually careening it over a 30-foot cliff. Although neither Daniel or the Jeep's driver were injured, the groom's older brother and another passenger were killed in the late night accident.

2 Boating Under the Influence 

Via thehulltruth.com

For as bad as drinking and driving is, drinking and boating isn't a whole lot better. In May 1995, a drunken cruise around the Ohio River ended in tragedy for one bachelor party as the 25-foot motorboat they were captaining crashed into a coal barge. The collision was so high impact in nature that it ripped the bow right off of the fibreglass boat. While a search party was able to rescue two survivors, four other passengers aboard the boat were found dead, including the groom-to-be.

1 Heads Up! 

Via georgianewsday.com

It doesn't get much better than cruising around on a party bus while celebrating with a bunch of buddies, so Salvator Tatullo was probably having the time of his life while along for the ride for his friend's bachelor party in Detroit in June 2011. So much so, in fact, that he decided to stick his head out the emergency exit - not the sunroof - for what was probably going to be an emphatic "Whooo!" We'll never know for sure, as Tatullo's head came up just as the vehicle was going under a low overpass. The force of the blow sent him into a coma. He was declared dead days later on account of "massive head injuries."

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