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10 Actors Who Refuse To Play Gay Characters

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10 Actors Who Refuse To Play Gay Characters


I would like to point out that regardless of my beliefs on the matter of homosexuality, I do not believe it right to express hatred towards any individual. This article is not meant to offend, it is purely factual.

The gay rights and marriage equality movements are some of the most controversial in US history. The debates and hurt feelings spread in the process are some of the most brutal I’ve ever witnessed. It tears apart families, friends, and even relationships. Everybody has an opinion on this matter (which was further enhanced by Facebook’s rainbow profile picture as well as the Supreme Court ruling last year).

The controversy doesn’t just end with us though. As a matter of fact, it has even spread to the corners of Hollywood. Actors, celebrities, and athletes alike have all fallen victim to taking a side on this issue and either being supported or attacked for it. As the times progress, it becomes easier for them to support homosexuality than it does to stand against it; any look at the media will prove that.

Actors probably have it the worst. They get offered roles all the time, and for the most part, that’s a good thing for them. Sometimes, though, they have the opportunity to play a character that doesn’t align with their beliefs. Actors then have to make a choice – to accept the role to benefit their career, or stand by what they really believe in.

Well for these ten actors, they’ve chosen to stick with their guns and do what’s best for them.

10. Samuel L. Jackson – Would Never Kiss A Man


Jackson is famous for a lot of roles, including Mace Windu, Nick Fury, and Valentine. He’s been in more movies than I can name off the top of my head, and that’s saying a lot. During an interview with Playboy several years ago, Jackson stated that he would never dress up as a woman or kiss another man. Despite his support for gay rights, he doesn’t want to play the role of a gay man.

9. Chuck Norris – Anti-Gay Rights Activist


The king of all awesomeness as well as the reason for some of the best jokes on the planet. Everybody knows who Chuck Norris is, and if you don’t, where have you been the past 15 years? About a year ago, when asked about the topic of gay marriage, Norris stated that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman. He supports the anti-gay movement and even vocally spoke against students partaking in the LGBT Day of Silence. He’s got some gumption to be able to do that. Lord knows he won’t be playing any gay roles.

8. Paris Hilton – Homophobic Rant

shutterstock_77461621 (1)

Here’s a name we all know. A little over two years ago, Paris Hilton was severely attacked for having, what the media called, a “homophobic rant”. She has been under heavy fire since then. I do believe that she is too popular to be ultimately hurt by it, but it does hurt her image a bit (in the eyes of the fans, that is). After that, it is highly unlikely that she will be playing a gay character anytime soon if what she said is true. Besides, when appearing in films or TV, she usually plays herself anyways.

7. Kirk Cameron – Born-Again Christian



This comes as no surprise. Cameron has appeared in a number of Christian films such as Fireproof and Left Behind. He is also more than just an actor – he is also an active evangelist, partnering with juggernauts like Ray Comfort. He portrays himself as a born-again Christian, and as such, has directly spoken against homosexuality, believing it to be a sin that will separate you from God. You don’t need to ask him whether he’ll play a gay character or not; anybody who believes the way he does isn’t going to.

6. Brendan Fehr – Says It’s Not Worth It



Fehr is an interesting case. He actually played a gay character on NBC’s The Night Shift. What has caused problems is that it resulted in some heavy conflict for him, and hurt his career more than enhance it. He even went as far to say that the risks more than outweighed the rewards for playing such a role. He definitely stepped out of his comfort zone, but he most likely won’t be playing any more characters like that if all it’s going to do is hurt his career in the long run.

5. Luke Grimes – Quit True Blood Role 


Luke Grimes is a beloved actor, playing a vampire on the HBO series, True Blood. Strangely enough, he just quit before the final season began airing. Originally, he stated that it was because of a “scheduling conflict”, but the truth was outed eventually. The show’s creator wanted Grimes’s character to turn gay, but Grimes refused to play a gay role. Since then, the actor has faced serious backlash by all forms of media, but that hasn’t stopped him from battening down the hatches and standing by his convictions.

4. Emraan Hashmi – Gay Role Will Hurt Image, He Says



I’ve found that there was a long list of Bollywood actors that refuse to play gay roles, so I figured I would have to mention at least one. The Indian actor is well-known for his parts in Hindi language films, something I would love to watch if I knew what they were saying. He was liked so much that he was offered the role of a homosexual serial killer, but he ended up denying it. Not for religious or activist reasons. He simply believed that it would’ve been too drastic of a change for his fans and that it wouldn’t do them any good for him to change his image.

3. The Robertson Family – Against Homosexuality



While not necessarily actors by trade, the Robertson family has starred and appeared in enough TV and film to earn a spot here. Anyone who recognizes their name will immediately think of the show Duck Dynasty, as well as doing cameos for movies like God’s Not Dead. Recently their show suffered a lot of fire due to Phil Robertson‘s stand against homosexuality. However, the clan has still remained adamant. And while it may result in them not doing much more acting, they’re still happy doing what they do. Besides, that duck call is still amazing.

2. Chris Engen – Left Soap Opera Over His Beliefs



Mostly known for his role as Adam Wilson on the soap opera Young and Restless, he was pretty good, having been there for quite some time. Unfortunately, it was revealed that he is set to be replaced by a different actor after storming off the set. Why you may ask? He was asked to kiss his co-star as a turn of sexuality for his character. Engen didn’t like that “dark” change for his role, and is no longer a part of the show. While that will definitely hurt his career in the long run, he’s got some guts sticking by his beliefs like that.

1. Kevin Hart – Says He Wouldn’t Make A Good Gay Person


The well-loved actor/comedian has been known for some hilarious roles in Ride Along, Grudge Match, Get Hard, and a long list of others. During an interview for one of his movies, Hart revealed that he turned down a gay role in Tropic Thunder. When asked further about whether he would play a character or not, Hart said no, due to his insecurities about playing a gay character. He supports gay rights and considers himself to be politically correct, but he doesn’t think he could do a homosexual part any justice.

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