10 Actors Who Refuse To Play Gay Characters

I would like to point out that regardless of my beliefs on the matter of homosexuality, I do not believe it right to express hatred towards any individual. This article is not meant to offend, it is purely factual.

The gay rights and marriage equality movements are some of the most controversial in US history. The debates and hurt feelings spread in the process are some of the most brutal I've ever witnessed. It tears apart families, friends, and even relationships. Everybody has an opinion on this matter (which was further enhanced by Facebook's rainbow profile picture as well as the Supreme Court ruling last year).

The controversy doesn't just end with us though. As a matter of fact, it has even spread to the corners of Hollywood. Actors, celebrities, and athletes alike have all fallen victim to taking a side on this issue and either being supported or attacked for it. As the times progress, it becomes easier for them to support homosexuality than it does to stand against it; any look at the media will prove that.

Actors probably have it the worst. They get offered roles all the time, and for the most part, that's a good thing for them. Sometimes, though, they have the opportunity to play a character that doesn't align with their beliefs. Actors then have to make a choice - to accept the role to benefit their career, or stand by what they really believe in.

Well for these ten actors, they've chosen to stick with their guns and do what's best for them.

10 Samuel L. Jackson - Would Never Kiss A Man

9 Chuck Norris - Anti-Gay Rights Activist

8 Paris Hilton - Homophobic Rant

7 Kirk Cameron - Born-Again Christian


6 Brendan Fehr - Says It's Not Worth It


5 Luke Grimes - Quit True Blood Role 

4 Emraan Hashmi - Gay Role Will Hurt Image, He Says


3 The Robertson Family - Against Homosexuality


2 Chris Engen - Left Soap Opera Over His Beliefs


1 Kevin Hart - Says He Wouldn't Make A Good Gay Person

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10 Actors Who Refuse To Play Gay Characters