10 9/11 Conspiracy Theories That Aren't Far-Fetched

September 11th is a day that will be forever marked in history. Our children and our children’s children will be telling their grandchildren our stories of where we were that day for centuries. Even though it’s been almost 15 years since America was hit with this tragedy, there are still so many unanswered questions, which has caused dozens of conspiracy theories to develop. While some conspiracy theories are outright ridiculous, many of them have substance and proof behind these accusations.

Families of the victims continue to suffer to this day. Those who were offered compensation from the government for their loss signed a contract stating that by accepting this payment they couldn't pursue legal action. Many have called this hush money, but as it turns out, they were lucky to accept it. When the case was eventually brought to trial, all charges were dismissed and families who didn’t accept the original money offer were left with nothing.

Theories have circulated revolving around the government’s involvement in the events, as well as proof that evidence has disappeared or has been covered up. Additionally, there are theories that claim that the phone calls made from the hijacked planes were faked, as well as the video of Osama bin Laden where he takes full responsibility for the attacks. It’s unlikely that the truth will ever come out, and it’s clear that the public is being lied to about many details surrounding the events of that day and for years after. These are some of the most compelling conspiracy theories that aren’t so far-fetched along with the evidence to back them up.

10 A Controlled Demolition Caused The Collapse


There have been many who have studied video footage of the twin towers collapsing, claiming it appeared to fall like a controlled demolition. To further add to the mystery surrounding this theory, witnesses and survivors have reported that they heard explosions as they were escaping the area. Additionally, architects and scientists have voiced that the amount of fuel found in the planes would not produce enough heat to melt the steel frames of the buildings that collapsed, and that the buildings’ structures were designed to withstand events like this.

9 A Smaller Plane Hit The Pentagon


8 Phone Calls From Victims Were Fake


Audio of several phone calls made by flight passengers were released soon after 9/11, and they sound a bit, well, rehearsed. A phone call made by a flight attendant was recorded where she is reporting on the situation. She is explaining that no one in the cockpit is answering the phone, and that a passenger stabbed another passenger and might have pepper spray. As she speaks, she’s completely calm and the background is uncomfortably quiet. If someone was just stabbed, wouldn’t there be some kind of commotion? Screaming?

7 A Plane Never Hit The Pentagon


Photos of the debris and crash zone at the Pentagon have been thoroughly analyzed by engineers and conspiracy theorists, as many became suspicious of the fact that there was no photographic evidence of a plane crash ever happening. As mentioned earlier, engineers were already suspicious as the shape and size of the hole were proved to be too small for the 747 airplane they claimed was hijacked and flown into the building.

6 The Towers Were Bombed


Supporting the conspiracy theory mentioned earlier about the collapse of the towers looking more like a controlled demolition, when studying the debris scientists discovered evidence of Nano-thermite in the rubble. After extensive testing, a group of nine scientists concluded that the material discovered at Ground Zero was in fact Nano-thermite explosives, a material which has been used to demolish buildings in the past. While it is not common practice to demolish buildings this way, it’s still a possibility.

5 Osama Bin Laden Didn’t Do It


When news of the terrorist attacks spread, Osama bin Laden was the first suspect named by the media. He originally denied having any knowledge of the attack. However soon after he publicly made this denial, numerous videos were released that seemed to show him changing his mind. Suddenly he took full responsibility for the attacks in several videos that were released by the media. Conspiracy theorists believe these videos were fabricated, and that full blame was placed on bin Laden because of President Bush’s personal business endeavors in the Middle East.

4 The Government Doesn't Know Who Was In Charge


It's well documented that the chain of command dictated at the time of the attacks that in case of a domestic attack, those in charge would have been George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Myers, Montague Winfield, and Ralph Eberhart. Coincidentally, they all happened to be too busy on the day of the attacks to take command. So, who was in charge? Well, it seems that no one really knows. Conflicting reports from Dick Cheney, Richard Clarke, Norman Mineta, and the 9/11 Commission Board confuse the situation even further.

3 The Attacks Were Rehearsed A Year Prior To 9/11


For about a year leading up to the hijackings, the military had been running wargames to prepare for a possible domestic attack, practicing many potential circumstances that could arise. Coincidentally, the maneuvers they’d been practicing that year were the exact circumstances that occurred on September 11th, including airplane hijackings, suicide crash bombings, and an attack on the Pentagon.

2 Proof Of Prior Knowledge Of Plans To Attack


There were many reports that officials from other countries had caught wind of serious plans to attack long before that day in September. They claimed to have warned the U.S. without response. Warnings went so far as to reach some elite frequent flyers, who came forward stating that they were warned not to fly that week and especially not that day on the eleventh. The stock market shows further proof of prior knowledge, as many tried to use this tragedy as a way to make money internationally, including put options set to short-sell on the two airlines that were hijacked.

1 The Black Boxes Disappeared


Reports from many first responders claimed that the black boxes from both of the planes were quickly found at Ground Zero, yet have since disappeared. According to the 9/11 Commission Board, they were never recovered. Seems unlikely as black boxes are designed to withstand a plane crash, as that's their sole purpose: each plane hold two black boxes which each collecting different data.

While it’s common for only one of the black boxes to be found, it’s rare that both go missing. It’s also extremely rare that a black box is recovered and is damaged so severely that no data can be retrieved, yet the government still claims to not know what happened to the eight black boxes, two on each of the four planes that fell. The black boxes weren't the only evidence to go missing. Recorded conversations with air traffic controllers seemed to have been misplaced and recordings done of NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) were accidentally destroyed during transcription.


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10 9/11 Conspiracy Theories That Aren't Far-Fetched