Women's 10 Favourite Adult Entertainment Stars

It should come as no surprise that the world of adult entertainment, both film and performance, is a popular and lucrative one. The most successful workers in the industry, accordingly, enjoy both fam

It should come as no surprise that the world of adult entertainment, both film and performance, is a popular and lucrative one. The most successful workers in the industry, accordingly, enjoy both fame and a large salary for their work. However, it seems that in the world of adult entertainment, filmmakers tend to overlook female audience in favour of the male, as the male population is typically understood to be the primary consumer of adult entertainment.

In September 2014, adult entertainment site P*rnHub compiled user data into a report entitled 'What Women Want', which brought female consumers of adult entertainment and their varying tastes to the fore. The study focused on the most-searched keywords by women on the popular adult entertainment website, as well as the categories they tended to view more than men. When it came to a list of the top most-searched adult entertainment stars, the difference between men and women was evident; although the top three on each list proved the same for both genders, if in different orders, women included actors and actresses totally overlooked by men — an example being James Deen, who is over 500% more likely to be searched for by women than by men. It's worth noting that women's number one key-word search on adult entertainment sites, according to the same study, was 'lesbian', and indeed many female stars feature among women's top 10 favourite adult actors...

So, who are women's preferred naughty stars? The following are the girls' top ten.

10 Brandi Love

At number ten is Brandi Love, born as far less glamorous sounding Tracey Lynne Potoski. She grew up in North Carolina and was very sporty as a child and teenager, taking up dancing aged three, ice skating aged four, and playing numerous sports including tennis and soccer.

9 Asa Akira


Japanese star Asa Akira is at number nine. Born and brought up in Tokyo, Akira started at Washington Irving High School in New York City 2001 and graduated from school in 2004. She began working in the adult entertainment industry two years later, aged eighteen.

8 Mandingo

7 Pinky


6 Farrah Abraham

At number six is Farrah Abraham, who is a reality star, author, and aspiring model and musician. Nebraska-born Abraham shot to fame in MTV reality show 16 & Pregnant, and also featured in the first series of MTV's Teen Mom. While six months pregnant, her baby's father was killed in a car accident, which brought a lot more public focus to Abraham and her life. In 2012 Abraham released a book entitled My Teenage Dream Ended, which featured on the New York Times bestsellers list.

5 James Deen

Born as Bryan Matthew Sevilla in California, huge star of the adult entertainment industry James Deen is at number five. Deen was first referred to by his stage name at the age of twelve, due to the way he smoked (of course, the change in spelling is in order to avoid legal implications). Since his teenage years, he says, he was an exhibitionist, often having sex in public at parties and raves, which he credits with helping him perform in front of the camera.

4 Madison Ivy

Another petite woman but enormous star of the adult entertainment world is 4'11" Madison Ivy, at number four. Born in Germany as Clorisa Briggs and raised in Texas, Ivy's first foray into working life began in California, where she was a waitress and bowling alley mechanic.

3 Lisa Ann

At number three is Lisa Ann, who has been dubbed one of the most powerful figures in the adult entertainment industry by Fox News. Older than your typical industry actor or actress, at forty-two Lisa Ann — born Lisa Anne Corpora — is still a smash hit with both men and women. In fact, Lisa Ann attributes some of her popularity to the appeal of her age, given that a lot of the viewers of her films are college-age boys.

2 Mimi Faust

1 Kim Kardashian

This is the third case on our list of reality TV and adult entertainment meeting in an explosive combination that proves popular among women number. It is, of course, the queen of the small screen, Kim Kardashian.

Now hugely famous thanks to reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and her high-profile marriage to Kanye West, Kardashian's first exposition to fame came about as a result of a 'leaked' adult tape. The tape, made with her boyfriend of the time time, Ray J, was made in 2003 but was not made public until 2007.

Now one of the most infamous adult entertainment videos ever made, Kardashian predictably took advantage of the publicity it brought her, using it to land a reality show and numerous endorsement contracts, all of which have led to the enormous fame and fortune she enjoys today.

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Women's 10 Favourite Adult Entertainment Stars