What are People Willing to Do for a Million Dollars?

They say that money makes the world go round. Some people would even work for money alone so they can buy everything that they want. Name it—car, clothes, jewelry, air tickets, vacation, food, and oth

They say that money makes the world go round. Some people would even work for money alone so they can buy everything that they want. Name it—car, clothes, jewelry, air tickets, vacation, food, and other luxuries—you need money to be able to afford all of these things. The good news of having money is that you can buy anything you want, while the bad news is it is not too easy to earn money to spend for luxury.

An interesting survey has been conducted on what people would do for a million dollars. Some bizarre and surprising answers have been part of the list. It will make you realize how money can make people give up a big part of their lives.

Here is a list of the things people will do for a million dollars.

10 Go on a Diet for Two Years

People who love food just cannot give up on eating, so it must take a million dollars for a food lover to turn his back on food! If it would just be two years without eating the food that you love, after getting the million dollars, you can eat as much as you want and spend a significant portion of your luxury on food! The irony about this idea is that you have all the means to head to your favorite restaurant but you just cannot do it for two years.

9 Stop Eating Meat

This is a difficult sacrifice for meat lovers. Vegetarians can do this anytime, but think of how meat lovers will get to live each day without the food that gives them the energy and satisfaction. A million dollars for a meat? It must be a really big deal! Think of this as your diet, and just think of how much weight you can shed off when you stop eating meat.

8 Move to a New Country

Moving to a different city is difficult to begin with, even more if you move to a new country. Add some more level of difficulty, move to a new country whose primary language is something you cannot speak. If you have a million dollars with you, you might want to start exploring your new home country and start familiarizing yourself with the new journey you are about to embark on. After all, it would not hurt to learn a new language and live a new life.

7 Stop Watching Television

Imagine yourself saying goodbye to your favorite TV characters in your favorite series, or imagine your friends talking about the latest TV show and you cannot even relate to what they are talking about! Since you have a million dollars to spend, say goodbye to your couch potato life and say hello to outdoorsy fun. Take this as your vacation away from your couch and it is the perfect time to look around and watch the sunset or the sunrise. This idea might just turn out to be a healthy way to improve your lifestyle.

6 Be 250 Pounds Overweight

Would you be willing to increase you weight for the chance the wealthy? It is a common choice that people would become much heavier in order return for a million dollars. Whether their happiness suffers or not does not seem to phase them because they are strictly after the money. If extra weight is not something that concerns you, than it would probably be no issue for you to go ahead and gain the weight. Imagine all the french fries and ice cream you could eat. Sounds like a good deal, right?

5 Say Goodbye to Drinking for the Rest of Your Life

What is a celebration without the drinking? Just when you have the money to spend on the world’s best liquor, you have just given up your drinking privileges for a million dollars. Think thrice—is this worth saying goodbye to alcohol? Will you still be enjoying your parties without drinking?

4 Undergo a Sex Change Operation

This sacrifice is one of the craziest ideas on the list. Would anyone really give up their sexual orientation for a million dollars? This does not include men who want to become women or gays who want to become transgenders. You can never go back to your natural body once you go through a sex change operation. If you are in the right mind and you think a sex change will not stop you from enjoying your life with a million dollars in your pocket, then ignore this crazy idea.

3 Have your Forehead Tattooed

Be it an image or a statement, can you live for the rest of your life with a tattoo on your forehead? Everyone will surely stare at you not because of your new purchases from your million dollars, but because you just made a stupid decision for the rest of your life. Make sure you are ready to get nasty comments and remarks of surprise and disbelief for what you have just done to your forehead.

2 Live Alone on an Island for Three Years

If you have the survivor skills and you think you will enjoy life being away from the city for three years, living on an island for three years for a million dollars can be really enticing. This can be a good time to think through your life’s important details and make sure that when you get back to the city, you are a totally renewed and rejuvenated person. Once you get back from the island, you can begin spending and enjoying your cash.

1 Give up 10 Years of Your Natural Life

You have the money to spend but you have to lessen the days of your life. How can you enjoy your money if you have little time left. Life is not just about the money you make or the sacrifices you can do for a million dollars—life is about being happy and fulfilled.

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What are People Willing to Do for a Million Dollars?