Top 50 Photoshop Fails Of The Rich And Famous


Magazines and professional photographers might be the ones who use Photoshop the most, so it’s not surprising celebs would want their pictures touched up like anybody else. But these photos are just disastrous!


50 Let's Give Alyson Hannigan More Fingers


How I Met Your Mother was a classy show, so we don’t blame CBS for advertising it in style by putting everyone in suits…but what the hell is up with Lily’s hands?

49 Sports Illustrated Thinks Lebron James Is Cut

Via Sports Illustrated

While some slack is given to huge magazine photos that stretch across multiple pages, this shot of Lebron is all on one page, and clearly the result of someone at SI learning how to Photoshop for the first time.

48 Divorce Cost Russell Brand An Arm And A...

Via Photoshop Disasters

When this gossip magazine tried to get cute by cutting together pictures of Russell Brand and Katy Perry to announce their divorce, Russell lost a bit more than he bargained for.

47 Drew Barrymore's Dental Disaster

Via Photoshop Disasters

We get the desire to make your teeth look good, but maybe getting rid of all of them except the front two isn’t the best way to achieve that.

46 The Photo Editor's Secret

Via Victoria's Secret

Is this Victoria’s Secret model Photoshopped, or did they think it was a good idea for her to dislocate her shoulder for some reason?

45 Victoria's Spinal Injury

Via Victoria's Secret

There’s less of a mystery with this model, because if her spine were actually shaped like this, she’d be in a wheelchair.

44 Jean Claude Van...Oh, Damme

Via Go Daddy

JCVD starred in a series of commercials for that saw him doing splits in high digital environments. The ads looked pretty lame in action, and this promotional still shows how incredibly unrealistic the whole thing was.


43 Well, Vampires Do Care About People's Necks...

Via Netflix

This Vampire Diaries promo from the Mexican Netflix seems to misunderstand what vampires like about people’s necks. And also how people’s necks work in the first place.

42 Italian Democracy Is Fantastic

Via The Italian Democratic Party

We could do a whole list of politicians missing the point, but we'll just keep it simple with this shop of the Italian Democratic Party, which proves their Photoshop skills weren’t very "fantastic."

41 All I Want For Christmas Is A Shoulder

Via Music Box Mix

Mariah Carey’s big Christmas hit might have claimed all she wanted was you, but we think she either wants a new photo editor this year. Or maybe a left shoulder.

40 Roseanne Spent Her Fortune On Anti Gravity Devices

Via Photoshop Disasters

Everyone is so happy in this Roseanne reunion picture. Both Becky’s are there getting along nice, DJ is all grown up, and Darlene and Jackie don’t even need people to hold their plates.

39 No One Saw This Movie, But Jennifer Connelly Sure Did

Via Universal Pictures

The real dilemma is whether or not to tell Jennifer Connelly her eyes have started to turn into gills.

38 Demi Lovato - Marionette?

Via Disney Channel

We know Demi Lovato had an eating disorder earlier in her life, but Disney Channel’s attempts at turning her mouth into a machine and forcing her to eat were just going too far.

37 Disproportionate Barbra Streisand Will Take Over Broadway

Via Photoshop Disasters

Barbra Streisand is a huge star, so decided to bust out their Photoshop chops to announce her latest project. We assume they decided to give her a huge head as a subtle dig.

36 Tyra's Wooden Fashion

Via Photoshop Disasters

Tyra Banks is a fashion icon, so we’re not sure if they just shopped this weird black dress on top of her, or if she’s investing in David Byrne’s giant suits.

35 What Is William H. Macy Smiling About?

Via Muse Entertainment Enterprises

Look, we get that nobody likes starring in a direct-to-DVD bomb, and Meg Ryan physically can’t smile anymore, but did they have to intentionally make Macy’s smile look this fake?

34 Let's Give Oprah A Hand


O Magazine has been accused of touching up its namesake star on countless occasions, but we have to hand it to whichever magazine this is from, cause they really did something special.

33 GQ Mexico Is Harsh On Censorship

Via GQ

Chrissy Teigen herself went to Twitter to comment on this one: “I have no nipples. I draw them on with sharpies each morning and sometimes I forget.

32 Madonna: In. Foreheads: Out.

Via Out

Madonna’s a gay icon, but for some reason, Out magazine decided she’d be more iconic if her head were flat.

31 Hey, Hey, You, You, What's Up With Your Right Arm?

Via Maxim

Avril Lavigne sure looks confident and stylish in this photo for a woman who’s arm is slowly degenerating to a size thinner than her hair.

30 Or Is It Harper's Bizarre?

Via Harper's Bazaar

We’re not sure what the Chinese Harper’s Bazaar was trying to do with Sarah Jessica Parker’s face for this cover, so we’ll assume it was a translation issue.

29 Anorexia Is Vogue In Russia

Via Vogue

Adam Levine is considered a pretty good looking dude by most women, but the Russian version of Vogue apparently thought he’d look better with a severe eating disorder.

28 The Germans Aren't InTouch With Brangelina's Family

Via InTouch

This photo spread from the German version of InTouch has been so scrutinized on the Internet, it’s hard to find a version that doesn’t call the second Zahara some sort of evil twin. Fair enough, because what else could she be?

27 Long Legs Of Justice

Via Grazia

Does Wonder Woman traditionally have legs twice as long as her body, or was that Grazia’s photo editor taking some liberties with Miranda Kerr?

26 Beyoncé's Racial Mystery

Via StyleFrizz

This whole list could be weird magazines trying to trick you about Beyonce’s actual skin tone, but we’ll just give these two Russian examples and point out neither of them come close to the real Queen Bey.

25 Let's Give Mariah Carey A Hand

Via Wikipedia

We’re starting to realize hands might be the trickiest part of Photoshop, but we still have to point out the editor clearly didn’t obsess over the cover when Mariah Carey released this single.

24 Kate Upton's Bazaar Deodorant

Via Harper's Bazaar

Armpit sweat is a problem we don’t want associating with the most beautiful models in the world, so Harper’s Bazaar decided to remove Kate Upton’s pit altogether.

23 Beyoncé Gets Caught Cheating At Golf

Via The Mirror UK

Both of the above pictures were taken from Beyoncé's Instagram, during the same golf trip. Unless she lost a record amount of weight in her calves at a dangerous rate, we feel like she may be exaggerating the width of her thigh gap.

22 Oh, Come On, Mariah!

Via Instagram

All we can say about this one is, oh, come on! We know Mariah Carey’s face is half plastic, but there’s no surgery that makes it flat out blurry.

21 Britney's An Artist (Not At Photoshop, Though)

Via Instagram

The most impressive part of Britney getting her shit back together for her comeback was her ability to draw on her own stomach so creatively.

20 Amanda's Not Holden Back On Photoshop

Via Instagram

Amanda Holden may be famous in the UK for her skills as a talent scout, but unless this photo was taken inside a snow globe, we think her photo editing skills could use some work.

19 Let's Give Kim K A Hand...And Arm

Via The Mirror UK

Kim Kardashian has been accused of a great deal of Photoshopping that she usually tries to deny, but even Mrs. Kanye West has to admit something is missing from this shot of her with CEO Jordan Cheban.

18 Pretty Little Amputees


We’ve admittedly never seen MTV’s Pretty Little Liars, but diehard fans of the show noticed Sasha Pieterse was missing something important. We just figured it was a show about a girl with one leg.

17 Kerry Washington Hates The Fact She's On This List

Via The Wrap

If you think we’re being harsh on celebs and magazines that Photoshop, just check out what Kerry Washington had to see when Adweek shopped her up for a cover shoot. It goes to show not all celebrities want to look their “best,” and would prefer to look like humans.

16 Oops...Britney Did It Again

Via Instagram

We know Britney’s crazy days are behind her and she’s trying to stay in shape, but if her back really looks like this, she should see a chiropractor immediately.

15 Edit Ronda Rousey Again And She'll Kick Your Ass

Via Instagram

Some women might appreciate having their arms made a little bit smaller, but Ronda Rousey is known for beating other women into submission with hers, so here’s a shot from her Instagram begging Photoshoppers to leave her alone.

14 Beyoncé's Birthday Boat

Via Instagram

Beyoncé posted several pictures of her enjoying her birthday on a boat in 2014, but shots of her walking down these steps all seemed to imply whoever made the boat wasn’t the most level carpenter…or maybe she was digitally trimming down her legs.

13 Lady Gaga's Dress = Not Vogue

Via Vogue

While there’s a slight chance a dressmaker could create something as absurd as what Gaga’s wearing on that Vogue cover, the comparison making of video proves that the haberdasher needed a little help from the photo editor.

12 This Model Swore She Wore A Bra That Day...

Via Elle

There’s nothing overtly horrible about this Photoshop until you hear what was removed—model Coco Rocha originally was wearing a bodysuit, and they removed it to make her appear less clothed without her consent.

11 Let's Give Kristen Stewart An Arm

Via Glamour

We’re starting to wonder if these magazines think the best way to lose 10 pounds for the summer is to cut off a body part…

10 Zac Efron Works Out His, Um, What Muscle Is That?

Via Men's Health

Zac Efron might’ve bulked up as he got older to shed his pretty boy image, but we’re pretty sure whatever that bulging mass on his arm is could be a sign of a serious injury…or maybe just terrible Photoshop.

9 Talk About Slimming Down For A Wedding Dress

Via NY Daily News

Everyone remembers the fervor surrounding the Royal Wedding, when it was revealed Kate Middleton had a severe eating disorder…or perhaps Grazia took things a little too far when Photoshopping the waist of one of the most viewed people on the planet that month.

8 Kourtney Kardashian Slimmed Down To Give Birth

Via Ok!

Celebs love to brag when they lose weight, but even the image conscious Kardashians had to speak out against this ridiculous Photoshop job of Kourtney taken only days after she gave birth, cutting out enough of her stomach to make it look like she lost the baby weight and then some before the kid could even turn down his first shoot.

7 Let's Give Keira Knightley A...Chest?

Via Touchstone Pictures

Keira Knightley is generally considered one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet, but that wasn’t enough for the people who created this poster for King Arthur. Apparently, she was a bit too pale, and, well, missing some parts.

6 Fergie's Unglamorous Legs

Via Glamour

Typically, poor Photoshop skills show themselves in the upper body, but this Glamour cover proves whoever edited Fergie’s legs doesn’t realize most humans couldn’t walk normally, let alone be professional dancers, if they were that lopsided.

5 Can't Have A Complete Woman Without Photoshop

Via Complete Woman

Most of the blurriest, saddest attempts on this list are by the celebs themselves on Instagram, but a little known publication called Complete Woman made it clear even magazines can make disasterpieces with this frightening botch of Ashlee Simpson that makes her look like a Real Doll.

4 Let's Give This Model...Some Damned Food

Via Ralph Lauren

Those two photos are of the same model, taken not far apart. Unless Ralph Lauren starved Filippa Hamilton between shoots, we think someone went a little crazy with the brush tool.

3 Photoshop Must Be In Style

Via InStyle

Most models get touched up a bit for magazine covers, but was InStyle actually trying to make Gwyneth Paltrow look like her face was made of burnt wax?

2 Photoshopping Tina Fey Is Anything But Hilarious

Via Vogue

Tina Fey is the last person you’d expect to see at the top of a list of terrible Photoshop disasters, but here she is with her face airbrushed to a shocking degree on the cover of Vogue.

1 Kerry Washington Is Very Unlucky

Via Lucky

Last we checked, Kerry Washington is a beautiful woman, and not a werewolf. But, when we look at this cover of Lucky magazine, we’re less sure about both of those statements…

Sources: Photoshop Disasters, Buzzfeed, NY Daily News

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