Top 15 WWE Hookups, Flings, And Rumors

When it comes to the world of WWE and who’s dated who, we're often left with nothing but a veil of mystery and intrigue. It’s the reason behind some of the biggest feuds in WWE history as well as the cause for celebration when some of the hottest divas and wrestlers join forces. The real action happens outside of the ring and we’re about to lift the lid on some of the hottest hook-ups in WWE history.

It’s nothing new hearing WWE Superstars being linked to past or reigning Divas. Let’s face it, there have been more than just a small handful of WWE stars who have developed a reputation for the amount of co-stars they have been linked with over the years. No fingers pointed at you Kelly Kelly or Batista.

Many of them have gone on to hook up or even evolve to marriage along with 2 kids, a dog and a white picket fence. Alright, so maybe we pushed it implying some couples are living the American Dream as the only hope we have for that these days is WWE power couple John Cena and Nikki Bella. No pressure guys.

If that doesn’t work there’s celeb hook-ups and the opportunity to keep things outside of the biz and that list includes everyone from Friends favourite Jennifer Aniston to The View’s hostess with the mostest Sherri Shepherd to Trainwreck star Amy Schumer.

But hey, who’s counting? Well, we are! Thanks to the internet, social media uploads at the speed of light and drunken Twitter, almost nothing is sacred when it comes to their after-hours activity. We’ve decided to showcase some of the most memorable hook ups involving WWE stars from celeb quickies to Diva flings to outright rumours. With all of that in mind, we present to you 15 of the hottest WWE star hook-ups.


15 Sherri Shepherd and MVP

An appearance on WWE SmackDown back in 2009 set the ball rolling for one of the most surprising hook-ups to ever hit the WWE arena. It all began when Sherri cornered MVP for a Madison Square Garden match with Dolph Ziggler and that was that – the press were on it like wildfire and began to follow their every move. Three days later, MVP returned the favour with a guest appearance on The View. Things got hot and heavy (we’ll overlook the time the couple attended a prom thrown at Shepherd's high school together) and the two tried their best to keep their budding relationship a secret.

Sherri Shepherd may be known to some as a comedian, actress, and author. She may even be recognized for her appearances on shows like Suddenly Susan, Everybody Loves Raymond, and The Jamie Foxx Show and as a co-host on the TV talk show The View. But to many she will forever be remembered as MVP’s cougar squeeze.

14 Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga


David’s career with WWE had the world on the edge of their seats as he went from being a WWE Tag Team Champion twice with Michael McGillicutty and John Cena to being a commentator on the SmackDown brand to working behind the scenes with promo work. His love life on the other hand had a little more stability as it’s been eight years since the two-time WWE Tag Team Champion first laid eyes on Jennifer Hudson.

The WWE star was taken by the brunette beauty and they went on to have a whirlwind romance which resulted in an engagement just seven months later. Now the couple are still going strong and the Academy Award winner and American idol star can add mother to the list as she recently gave birth to the couple’s son, David Jr.

13 Dolph Ziggler and Amy Schumer


Anyone that knows Dolph Ziggler would understand why he has made it into our Top 5 as he has been linked to several hotties of the WWE as well as a few well known celebrities. During his FCW days he began a relationship with John Cena’s current squeeze Nikki Bella. Their relationship lasted two years until he moved on to WWE Diva Kelly Kelly.

But perhaps one of his hottest star hook ups involved none other than female comedian and star of Trainwreck Amy Schumer. Their relationship was a huge secret until Schumer revealed all on The Howard Stern Show. She had been dating comedian Anthony Jeselnik before she ended the relationship and began her steamy affair with Ziggler.

12 Jennifer Aniston and Rey Mysterio Jr


Could you imagine a world where Rey Mysterio had a role on Friends? Well he may not have been a cast member on the hit television show but he was once linked to one of its leading ladies.

Jennifer Aniston was one of the most loved stars of the '90s and was probably best known for her signature laugh and signature hair which went on to start a worldwide trend – the "Rachel." But what you may not know was that the pint-sized hottie was rumoured to be the secret mistress of Rey Mysterio, Jr! Sure hook-up rumours can catch on and spread through fans like wildfire and more often than not they turn out to be fake. On the odd occasion they turn out to be true and some will forever be a "mysterio..."

11 Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon


We vowed to showcase some of the most memorable hook ups involving WWE stars that included everything from celeb quickies to Diva flings to outright rumours. Unlike the Jennifer Aniston/Rey Mysterio Jr hook-up that will forever be thought of as an urban legend, this next pairing has some truth to it and it’s just as scandalous.

It involves a very teenage Stephanie McMahon and an older but perhaps not wiser Randy Savage. Their union was, shall we say, brought to light by Vince amidst much public speculation. This was one urban legend that refused to die and before long Randy had been demoted to broadcast and then moved to WCW which only fueled the fire.

10 Michelle McCool and The Undertaker


When it comes to in-house dating at the WWE headquarters the one couple that stands out is Michelle McCool and The Undertaker. Whilst she only had a brief career cut short due to injury, Michelle is best known for her time in the ring and walked away after winning title after title. The Undertaker’s girlfriend turned wife is now a two-time WWE Divas Champion, and also a two-time WWE Women's Champion and she was even once Diva of the Year.

Meanwhile The Undertaker is a winner in his own right for in addition to settling down with a beautiful blonde he is highly respected and regarded as one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time.

9 Chyna and Triple H


Our next hook up may come as no surprise as it had everybody talking when it came to the pairing of WWE’s own Diva Chyna and star wrestler Triple H. When it came to Chyna, scandal and controversy followed her wherever she went until her untimely death earlier this year involving anxiety and insomnia medication.

It all began when it was revealed she was secretly hooking up with Triple H while she was in D-Generation X alongside him. Chyna and X-Pac also hooked up and even dared to make a sex tape entitled One Night in Chyna. And if that’s not scandalous enough the Diva went on to make another 5 adult films including the notorious AVN Best Celebrity Sex Tape winner, Backdoor to Chyna.

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before Triple H moved on from Chyna to another conquest but the surprise comes in when the new hook-up in question turns out to be none other than Stephanie McMahon, alluding to the reason behind Chyna’s release from the WWE. And they say all the action happens in the ring…


8 Torrie Wilson and Alex Rodriguez


To this day, Torrie Wilson is always referred to as one of the most popular and successful divas in wrestling history. Whilst she remained scandal-free in the ring, her personal life was a whole 'nother ballgame, making her rank 11th place in our hottest WWE star hook-ups list. The gorgeous model and former WWE Diva was once linked to disgraced former Yankee Alex Rodriguez and went on to date him for four years.

Rumour has it that the happy couple went their separate ways after it was revealed that A-Rod wasn’t willing to commit. As if he doesn’t have enough to contend with after his season-long doping suspension and then his big announcement that he is retiring and only staying on as a special advisor and instructor.

Torrie will have to add the title of being A-Rod’s ex to her dating resume as she joins the likes of Madonna, Kate Hudson and even Cameron Diaz who all fell for the 14-time All-Star player.

7 Melina and John Morrison


Much can be said about WWE’s own Melina Perez. The professional wrestler was a model, an actress, and one of the most controversial Divas the WWE has ever seen. Add her sultry past relationships and you have a wild card on your hands and the makings for a great #10 ranking.

Melina first dated Mike Knox and then John Morrison. And then John Morrison whilst seeing Batista on the side. She denies the claims, but after being one of the most hated Divas in WWE history, she had no alibis in the mix and just a trail of heartbreak and controversy.

6 Batista and Rosa Mendes


We would be sugar coating things when we say Dave Batista had an overly enthusiastic approach to hooking up. Long before the days of mingling with Chris Pratt on Guardians of the Galaxy, Batista’s larger than life outlook saw him become a grandfather –twice– by the time he turned 40.

The list of flings, hook ups and girlfriends he acquired over the years includes the likes of ECW backstage reporter/Playboy playmate Rebecca DiPietro, Mickie James and even former Diva Kelly Kelly. Whilst one of his hottest hook-ups include WWE’s own Rosa Mendes, the spotlight went from the gorgeous Canadian model to that of the speculated affair with Melina Perez who had strayed on long-time boyfriend of 11 years John Morrison. While we can’t be sure of the rumoured affair, what we are certain of is that Dave Batista enjoyed his time at WWE both in and out of the ring…

5 Mickie James and Magnus


Enter Mickie James, the Virginia-born Diva who has stirred the pot with her penchant for dating wrestlers and even rivals Batista when it comes to keeping it "within" the WWE family.

She first got the press to sit up and take notice when she began a relationship with Jake Damien but it wasn’t long until she ditched him for CM Punk. Fast forward a few months and she replaced him with Joey Mercury, a relationship which ended after just a short year. She then dated Kenny Dykstra, which ended after her rumoured affair with John Cena. But all’s well that ends well as Mickie has settled down in more ways than one and even went on to date and marry Magnus, making it the hottest hook up for Miss James.

4 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Lauren Hashian


Lauren Hashian may not be a household name but she plays plus one to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in one of the hottest Hollywood pairings. The singer/songwriter is no stranger to the entertainment world and she was even featured on R U That Girl, a 2005 reality competition hosted by Chilli and T-Boz of TLC.

When she first met The Rock, the former WWE World Champion was actually married to his college sweetheart Dany at the time and they shared a child together. A year later there was news of a divorce and The Rock and Lauren began dating shortly after. They’ve been together for over 8 years now and Lauren recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

3 Stacy Keibler and George Clooney

Enter Stacy Keibler, ranking at #3 for her fling with Hollywood legend George Clooney. She has dated the likes of Andrew “Test” Martin, David Flair and Jamie Foxx before turning her sights on the hunky Hollywood star.

She first made a name for herself in the ring as a WWE star before setting her sights on Hollywood where she competed on Dancing with the Stars and landed a few roles on the small screen before hitting the headlines once more. This time it was for her love interest and it was soon revealed that she was hooking up with Oscar winner George Clooney. They made several red carpet appearances together but much like her career it didn’t last and the WWE Diva was single before too long. Not all hope was lost though, as George went on to marry British-Lebanese lawyer, activist, and author Amal Alamuddin. Stacy in turn finally settled down and began dating Jared Pobre and the two now have a child together and are also married.

2 Kelly Kelly and Sheldon Souray


Remember Kelly Kelly as the WWE Diva stealing hearts and taking numbers? Those were the days, when the former cheerleader and gymnast turned WWE Diva had her bleached blonde hair and was rumoured to have gotten hot and heavy with over 10 WWE stars on the roster. Perhaps it’s no surprise seeing Kelly included a live striptease with every performance.

Her list of WWE exes ranged from CM Punk to Chris Jericho to Batista to Dolph Ziggler as well as John Cena. She may not have been a champion in the ring but she certainly earned a few titles outside of it. Her hottest hook up to date is undoubtedly with NHL defense-man Sheldon Souray who she eventually went on to marry earlier this year. She now appears on the hit reality show WAGS and has become stepmother to Sheldon’s two daughters from a previous marriage. It’s been almost three years since Barbara Blank was on the scene as Kelly Kelly on the WWE circuit but in just a short time she made quite a name for herself both in and out of the ring.

1 Nikki Bella and John Cena


Don’t go holding your breathe in anticipation of seeing Nikki Bella in the ring again anytime soon. The WWE Diva has taken a break due to family reasons but you can still see her gracing the red carpet and on the small screen as she stars in the reality show Total Divas.

Her hottest hook-up to date has been with fellow WWE Superstar and Champion John Cena and they have put their relationship and lives out there for the world to see. The hot duo first started dating back in 2011 when she called it quits with then boyfriend and fellow WWE star Dolph Ziggler. Given the number of women John has been linked to both in and out of the WWE circuit we’re willing to take bets on how long she’s able to rein him in for. Will she follow in her sister Brie’s footsteps who went on to marry WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan? Only time will tell.

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