Top 15 Ways Men Overcompensate For A Small Manhood

This might be hard for some of you to hear, but a man's penis is a symbol of his manhood. It isn't that those of us with normal, or even large penises think about this of course. We just go about our days, satisfied with ourselves and confident that we are not lacking in that area.

For those of you that do have small penises, and you know who you are, things are a bit different. These people often go about their days wandering around the earth trying to show others, male and female, just how manly they actually are. Some of them do this by the way they act, others do it with the things that they buy, or the cars that they drive.

We can tell though, you guys with small penises aren't fooling anyone. In fact the things that you do, the cars you drive, even the buildings you build and the weapons you use, they all let us know what is really going on. You are trying way too hard.

Here are the Top 15 Things That Show You Are Overcompensating For a Small Penis.

15 Limousine

14 Too Much Bling


13 Jetpack


12 Skyscraper

11 Gun with Long Barrel

10 Jet-Powered Motorcycle


9 Monster Truck

8 Enormous Tank

7 Huge Cigar


6 Big Rocket


5 Wearing Too Much Cologne

4 Workout Selfies


3 A Hummer

2 Fraternities

1 Trophy Photos With Dead Animals


In a list like this, there can only be one winner, or loser as it were. So without a shadow of the doubt, the winner in the overcompensating for a small penis competition are those that take trophy photos of themselves with dead animals. It isn't the hunting so much, it is more the desperate desire to be looked upon as a conquering man that makes it obvious that these guys are lacking something below the belt.


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Top 15 Ways Men Overcompensate For A Small Manhood