Top 15 Smokin' Hot Angelina Jolie Characters

There's no two ways about it: Angelina Jolie is and has always been sexy.  The bombshell actress has been at it for decades now, making grown men and women swoon uncontrollably.  Even today, with a husband and six children and a recent mastectomy, she's still drop dead gorgeous.  Her name is so iconic and famously synonymous with sex appeal that she can get a job on almost any project she wants.

Perhaps one of Angelina Jolie's sexiest qualities is that, while she has the star power and talent to get an acting job in almost any film, she doesn't take every job or go for big titles and for big payouts.  Instead, she prefers to lead charitable and philanthropic trips to impoverished, third world countries. She prefers to direct movies shedding light on dramatic topics and historical events, like In the Land of Blood and Honey, Unbroken, and the soon to be released film First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers.  What we are saying is that she prefers to spend her time, talent, and fortune making the world a better, safer, and more harmonious place.  Nothing is sexier than a woman with power that uses it for good.

That said, Angelina has played some amazingly sexy characters over the years.  Some of her sexiest characters are actually in movies that have nothing to do with sex appeal, which is a solid credit to her acting ability.  Though you won't see Maleficent or Kung Fu Panda on this list, you'll definitely recognize some of her greatest cinematic hits and maybe even discover a few new movies to add to your list.  Let's count them down, shall we?  Here are Angelina Jolie's top 15 sexiest characters!

15 Grendel's Mother (Beowulf)


Certainly, we cannot deny that Angelina Jolie is incredibly sexy in this movie.  The ancient book Beowulf describes Grendel's mother as a monster, specifically as a "greedy she-wolf, who'd ruled those waters for half a hundred years," with claws so tight and body so imposing, she could carry Beowulf away without trouble.

The movie went in a completely different direction (to the chagrin of scholars, academics, and avid readers) and cast Angelina Jolie as Grendel's mother, essentially turning her into a deadly siren rather than a monster.  Though she still has her creepy moments, the villain isn't nearly as frightening as the ancient text would have hoped.

14 Ileana (Taking Lives)


One of Angelina's less popular films, Taking Lives is about an FBI agent, played by Angie, who is called upon to aid in the capture of a serial killer who adopts the personalities of his victims once they've been murdered.  While the plot doesn't sound like it should have too much sex appeal, this is Angelina Jolie we're talking about: of course it's going to be sexy.

13 Olympias (Alexander)


It's kind of weird that this one makes the list, since Angelina's prime role in the movie is as Alexander the Great's mother.  You'd think there wouldn't be too many scenes placing her in a role of seduction or allure. But you're wrong.

12 Mary Bell (Pushing Tin)


Another one of Angelina's lesser known films, Pushing Tin, is about two air traffic controllers, played by John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton, that develop a feud.  Angelina played the wife of Billy Bob's laid back, suave character in the part serious, part romantic comedy, and it's actually where the two actors got to know each other in depth before deciding to get married in 2000.  But, anyway, more about Angelina...

11 Lisa (Girl, Interrupted)


Here's a movie rarely discussed for its sex appeal.  The 1999 movie takes a look at mental illness in young women and how it was treated in the 1960s.  The film takes a horrifying look into the sexual abuse of young girls, the neglect girls face when straying outside of societal norms, and the lies girls tell themselves to make some of these horrors bearable.  It's a tragic film that will leave most audiences tearful.

10 Legs Sadovsky (Foxfire)


Here's another movie where Angelina Jolie plays a rebellious teenager that empowers her young female peers to make their own decisions.  In this '90s film, Angelina Jolie's character helps a band of misfit high school girls after they beat up a teacher that sexually harassed them.  While their wild antics get out of control, the girls learn to love each other and themselves on the road to independence.  The movie launched the careers of actresses like Sarah Rosenberg and Hedy Burress.

9 Kate Libby (Hackers)


This 1995 film came at a time when internet hackers were a foreign and novel fear (ah, the good old days).  Angelina Jolie plays alongside Jonny Lee Miller as a teenage computer hacker that works with her teammates to prevent a plot to unleash a computer virus that might dismantle the national and global economy; yes, it's yet another role where teenage Angelina Jolie takes on the world.  The teen team completes their mission while running from both the CIA and the evil hackers they're attempting to overthrow.

8 Evelyn Salt (Salt)


7 Lara Croft (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider)


Everyone knows Tomb Raider! Even if you haven't seen the movie, Angelina Jolie is practically synonymous with the iconic video game-based role. She plays an incredibly wealthy and clever (practically Bruce Wayne's counterpart) explorer that's racing villainous counterparts to discover ancient and powerful treasures.

Lara Croft is incredibly sexy, even though she's one of Angelina Jolie's few characters in film that doesn't intentionally seduce, tempt, and flirt with her friends or foes to gain the advantage in a given situation. Rather, she's sexy for her physical training and discipline, from her physical stunts to her martial arts training.

6 Gone In Sixty Seconds


While some Nicolas Cage haters will berate this movie, Angelina Jolie lovers will always hold it in a special place in their hearts.  The film is about a group of car thieves led by a master at the art (played by Nicolas Cage) that take on a huge heist in an effort to save a man's life.  It's actually one of Nicolas Cage's better movies, possibly because he doesn't act like a drugged-out lunatic in it, but also (and more likely) because it stars the always sexy Angelina Jolie.

5 Elise (The Tourist)


Another one of Angelina's more recent films, she starred alongside Johnny Depp in this part action film/part romantic comedy about a seductive woman that disrupts the self-pitying vacation of a recently dumped man with bouts of action-packed drama.  The movie was promoted as an action thriller, but ended up being more comedic than most audiences expected.  It did fine in the box office, though not as well as the studio expected, given the star power behind the film.

4 Gia Carangi (Gia)


This older film of Angelina's was made for TV in 1998, and it was about the life and struggles of Gia Carangi, a 1970's fashion model who rose quickly and dramatically to fame and whose life was cut short by the onset of AIDs.  While the subject matter is incredibly heavy, dramatic, tragic, and tearful, Angelina hits the nail on the head when portraying Gia's sex appeal and allure. This was perhaps one of the first roles that proved to studios she could play a sexy seductress and make millions doing it.

3 Fox (Wanted)


Another classic sexy, badass, killer role for Angelina Jolie.  She stars alongside Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy in this comic book turned movie about badass assassins that defy the laws of physics.  While the movie has its ridiculous moments, there's nothing laughable about how sexy Angie is in this movie.

2 Jane Smith (Mr. & Mrs. Smith)


Who would have guessed that one of Angelina's sexiest films would be one in which she's married?  Especially when she's playing the wife of a man who she eventually married in real life?  Angelina Jolie starred opposite Brad Pitt in this action movie (that tends to lean towards romantic comedy at certain points) about two spies working for opposing factions that fall in love.

1 Julia Russell/Bonny Castle (Original Sin)


Finally, at the pinnacle of sexiness, Angelina Jolie's role in Original Sin is her sexiest of all.  She stars alongside Antonio Banderas in this film about a woman who intends to con a rich man out of his fortune, but ends up falling in love with him instead.  It's a role that features Angelina in plenty of flowing gowns and elegant jewelry, but also features a good amount of bare skin and sensual love scenes.

Angelina might be sexiest in this movie because of her mysterious allure.  Throughout the movie, you question whether or not you can truly trust Angelina's character (or rather, characters, as she goes by two different identities) and all that she says to both Luis (Antonio Banderas) and Billy (Thomas Jane).  Can you or can you not trust the woman you're sleeping with?  You don't find out till the end but, in the meantime, enjoy the raunchy and sexy love scenes. The one in the bathtub together will get anyone fired up.

Sources: imdb

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Top 15 Smokin' Hot Angelina Jolie Characters