Top 15 Most Powerful Pokemon In The Gaming World

"There's 150 (well, 720) or more to see. To be a Pokemon master is my destiny..." It's every kid's dream to pack up at age ten and search the world to build the best team of Pokemon, conquer all the gym leaders, beat Team Rocket, take your rightful place as champion of the region, and befriend a legendary beast. It's a long and hard road that you'll embark on, but it's one that you will never forget.

Throughout the years of Pokemon's existence, there have been tons of lore and mystery built for these creatures. Perhaps we will never truly know everything there is to know about them. Legends are told, stories are unveiled, Pokemon are reborn, the story is almost endless. Pokemon have been fused together and split apart. People have taken trips to the moon in search of more. Ancient temples have resurfaced, and mirages have even been tracked down. The world is massive, and with a new generation on the way in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it's about to get a whole lot bigger.

With the 720 Pokemon already discovered and the new ones about to arrive, it's time to take a look thus far at some of the strongest ones that already exist. Which Pokemon are to be feared the most? Are there any gentle giants? We're about to find out and who knows- maybe there will even be some surprises in our list. Grab your Pokedexes and be prepared to take long notes, people, because you're about to see 15 of the world's most powerful Pokemon.

15 Ditto


It would seem cheap to put this Pokemon as a "surprise number one" but I feel it still had to be incorporated somehow. After all, you are one of the strongest Pokemon if you can turn yourself into any other Pokemon in existence. Ditto is a force of nature in disguise. All he needs to do is get a good look at a terrifying opponent and let his body structure do the rest. His only problem is that he can't completely mimic the true power of say, a legendary Pokemon, but in battles, he is no slouch either. It has been often theorized, though, that Ditto was an attempt to clone Mew, and the deficit cloning resulted in a pile of pink goo- Mew's same color of choice. Had that process gone by successfully, there's no telling how strong Ditto could have been.

Unfortunately, his stats and build aren't good enough for him to be used in the metagame, and he will remain a good idea in concept but not in execution. That being said, if anybody finds him in Pokemon GO, please tell me how.

14 Machamp


When you think of fighting Pokemon, odds are that Machamp is one of the first ones that come to mind. With four jacked arms, you know you're in for a tough battle when this guy comes into play. According to his Pokedex entry in Pokemon Firered, he can launch 1,000 punches in two seconds. On top of that, the strength of one of his arms can move a mountain. Basically, if you were on the receiving end of those punches, you would be nothing more than a pile of skin, broken bones, and blood. This is a Pokemon that has mastered all forms of martial arts and will not let you forget it. His biggest downside is that, for some reason, he has not received a Mega Evolution, which seems like a no-brainer at this point! If he did, he'd definitely rank higher on this list, but that doesn't mean he still isn't a force to be reckoned with.

A chuckle-worthy tidbit about Machamp is that when he tries to do anything that requires precision and care it causes him to get tangled in his own arms. It's like trying to watch someone with huge muscles trying to touch their own elbows together.

13 Entei


"If that is what you wish." Those are the words that ring in my head every time I see this legendary beast (if you haven't seen the third Pokemon movie, disregard that). Entei looks like a beautiful cross between a Great Dane and an active volcano. There's a beauty to his design that is so simple, yet speaks volumes about him. However, he is on this list for a reason that has nothing to do with his looks. Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are all pretty powerful, but Entei edges out on them by being able to make volcanoes erupt simply by barking. Think about that for a minute. Volcanoes are responsible for the city of Pompeii being buried in a matter of hours, as well as the alleged sinking of Atlantis. Volcanoes can destroy at will, and Entei can erupt them with a single command.

The legend of how Entei came to be comes a few hundred years before the events of Pokemon Gold and Silver. Three Pokemon were caught inside a tower before it caught on fire. Sadly, they all perished under the burning flames. Then the gracious Ho-Oh came down from above and granted new life to these three Pokemon, transforming them into legendary beasts: Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. It's been theorized that Entei used to be a Flareon.

12 Deoxys


Starting from a mysterious virus that underwent a strange form of mutation resulted in this powerful psychic type. Any Pokemon that can fight and take down a Rayquaza deserves to be placed on this list. Deoxys is the only recorded Pokemon to have descended from outer space. There is still so much that we don't know about it, but what we do know is that it's very strong. Not only can Deoxys fight a Pokemon like Rayquaza, but it also has different forms to help it when in battle: Attack, Speed, Defense, and Normal. By changing into these forms at will, Deoxys has a contingency plan for every fight, and comes prepared by any means necessary. As seen in the movie Destiny Deoxys, Deoxys can also make clones of himself that are very capable- more so in numbers than they are in battle. The existence of Deoxys also begs the question if there are more Pokemon from beyond the stars and if they are as strong if not stronger than the ones we already know.

11 Alakazam


A supercomputer is one of the fastest processing and most intelligent creations known to man. But when you have a Pokemon that can outsmart said supercomputer, you know have something truly special on your hands. Alakazam has achieved such a great intelligence, that it has developed great psychic power. With an IQ of over 5,000, you'll never be on the level of this Pokemon. In a way, it is a counterpart to Machamp. Where that Pokemon relies solely on its fighting style and technique, Alakazam relies more on its intelligence to overpower its foes. Alakazam edges out slightly due to his high IQ, the sheer force of his psychic abilities, and his constantly growing intelligence. Alakazam's brain is constantly growing, and will never stop. That means that there is no limit to what this Pokemon can truly do. Not to mention that Alakazam has an astounding memory of everything that has happened in the world, so it would be incredibly hard to catch him off guard. To top that all off, Alakazam is also capable of mega-evolving. Alakazam is already one of the best Pokemon to use in the metagame, so having a Mega Alakazam really makes people rethink their strategies.

10 Darkrai


Bad dreams are a powerful weapon when used properly, and Darkrai is firsthand proof of that. Darkrai is one of the coolest looking Pokemon in existence, and it's refreshing to know that he's also got the power to back it up. It is said that Darkrai is the personification of nightmares himself and inspired by urban legends such as the Bogeyman. Known as the Pitch Black Pokemon, Darkrai is fond of nightmares, and also attracted to them. On top of that, the Pokemon can even cause said nightmares. As a matter of fact, his signature attack, Dark Void, is so incredibly powerful in the Pokemon games that it was banned in tournaments. Darkrai is definitely not to be messed with. For those of you that have seen the anime also know how powerful Darkrai can be. During Ash's run in the Sinnoh League, he got so close to first place until he fought Tobias, a mysterious trainer that used a Darkrai on his team. The Darkrai was so strong that it knocked out three of Ash's Pokemon before falling to Sceptile (we'll ignore the fact that it was a cheap shot by the writers to make Ash lose the league).

9 Lucario


While the fourth generation of Pokemon was widely criticized for having too many evolutions of pre-existing Pokemon, there was at least one unique creation that stood out from the rest: Lucario. First debuting in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, right away we knew that there was something special about this Pokemon. Being able to sense the aura of all individuals as well as utilizing its own for attacks, Lucario is like no other Pokemon before it. It can sense people's intentions as well as read their own thoughts and emotions. Because of its oneness with aura, Lucario has a wisdom like no other Pokemon, which factors into how it fights. It consistently stays in the mountains to harness its skills and tap into nature. It's use of aura only makes it stronger as it takes more damage, and it can even battle without the use of its eyes. Better yet is when Lucario mega-evolves. Mega Lucario is much more in tune with aura and can better use it in battle, while at the same time having intense power behind every one of its punches. According to Pokemon lore, Lucario was the first discovered Mega Evolution, which led people to search for even more.

8 Yveltal


Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were a different direction of the series, as they explored the themes of both miracles and catastrophes. This resulted in the two legendaries: Xerneas and Yveltal. Yveltal is known as the "destruction" Pokemon and comes by its title honestly. Not only does it bring catastrophe wherever it goes, but it also has the power to suck out the life force of any other Pokemon. Then, when it's ready to die, it simply goes in a cocoon for several years only to be awakened once more in the future. On top of that, it has one of the sleekest, most menacing designs we've seen on a Pokemon in quite some time, resembling both a bird and a Wyvern. Going hand in hand with that are Yveltal's move-set and stats in the actual meta game. Yveltal is a monster and has the strengths to prove it. With stellar attack and STAB abilities, it is certainly a Pokemon to be feared once it enters the battlefield. Is it OP? Maybe just a little- but it wouldn't be on this list any other way, that's for sure. Did I mention that even its EX card is quite good as well?

7 Regigigas


There are many theories as to how the continents moved to the places where they're at now. Whether it be earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, or some other tectonic disaster, you'll hear many different answers if you start to research it. According to Pokemon however, there is an answer. The legend goes that the giant Golem Regigigas attached ropes to the continents and towed them to their proper positions as they are known today (the assumption is that this took place after Groudon and Kyogre had their epic showdown). The amount of sheer strength that lives in a Pokemon to be able to do that is unprecedented for something that's twelve feet tall. Not only can this legendary do that, but it can also create life. According to Pokedex entries, the golems Regice, Regirock, and Registeel were all formed at the hands of Regigigas. In the film Giratina and the Sky Warrior, Regigigas is shown forcibly stopping a moving glacier without breaking a sweat. As shown by the moss growing on its body, Regigigas is an ancient Pokemon, so it's been around quite sometime, has a fondness for nature, and all Pokemon around it, and doesn't agitate easily. Regigigas is one of the shining beacons of powerful legendary Pokemon that humans can look up to, but I'd think twice before trying to tick it off.

6 Charizard


Charizard has definitely grown in strength throughout the years. When it first debuted in the anime, it had a lot of power, but couldn't compare to some of the other Pokemon that were thrown at Ash. Since then, the fire lizard has been shown to take on some tougher opponents including an Articuno and Mewtwo itself. Then it was given not one but two Mega Evolutions that drastically increase its power in combat, to the point where both are used frequently in the metagame. Not to mention that the Charizard EX cards can do a whopping 300 damage in a single attack. Sporting flames that are hot enough to melt boulders, this is a Pokemon you would want on your side. It is also very tough to train, having a sizable temper that can make anyone think twice before choosing Charmander as their starter. Make no mistake though, Charizard is a beast and has no trouble in difficult battles. This is why many times Ash's Charizard has been portrayed to be one of his strongest Pokemon, as well as the trainer Alain's Mega Charizard X. There is a deep fondness for this dragon for all who loved the original generation, but now it packs a powerful punch that is unparalleled in competitive play, the card game, and the anime alike.

5 Ho-Oh


Yveltal can take life force away. Regigigas can create it. What would top such amazing feats? Giving life and restoring it of course. As with the story of Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, Ho-Oh can grant life. Resembling a phoenix, this is quite appropriate. Ho-Oh is also no slouch when it comes to strength either. Heralded as the guardian of the skies, Ho-Oh protects those it cares about and will be one of the first to stop any evil organization that may seek to bring harm (I'm looking at you, Team Rocket). It's signature move, Sacred Fire, is strong enough to leave even the coolest of foes badly burned. Ho-Oh also has a great ability to bring happiness and hope to all who gaze upon it, due to its colors being all colors when struck by light. Apparently that's because it's said to live at the foot of a rainbow. Ho-Oh was first seen in the anime on the first episode, flying over Ash after he had faced the flock of Spearow and saved Pikachu, giving him hope and a sense of determination that would carry into his entire journey toward becoming a Pokemon master.

4 Dialga & Palkia


What could possibly be more impressive than anything we've seen on this list so far? We have a being that can channel aura into power, something that can create life, and a dragon that can defeat an Articuno. The answer comes in the form of two beings whose power is so equal that I had to include them in the same entry. I'm talking about none other than Dialga and Palkia; the masters of time and space. Dialga can control and manipulate time so strongly that it's said that time moves as its heart beats. That's an impressive feat. Couple that with a powerful move-set including Roar of Time, and you've got an epic beast on your hands. On the flip side, Palkia can control and distort space at will. As a matter of fact, it is said to live in an entirely different dimension than ours, one where it can shape space as it feels necessary. With moves like Spacial Rend at its disposal, Palkia is Dialga's fierce counterpart in every way. These two have been battling for ages in Palkia's dimension, and in the Rise of Darkrai, their battle came to earth, resulting in one of the most destructive events in Pokemon history.

3 Mewtwo


"We dreamed of the creating the world's strongest Pokemon, and we succeeded." Those were the last words uttered by one of the scientists who were present when the Pokemon Mewtwo had been created. For centuries, they had studied the Pokemon Mew, and decided that they would attempt to clone it. Not only was the new Mewtwo one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence, it was born with the most savage heart of all Pokemon. If Mewtwo desires something to go its way, it most certainly will. Boasting the strongest psychic move-set of any Pokemon to date, Mewtwo was already one of the most feared creatures in the world. Then he became even stronger after being given two different Mega Evolutions. These Mega Evolutions not only alter its look but increase its power so greatly that it becomes almost unbeatable. In the first Pokemon movie, it is so powerful that even a group of the Kanto region's strongest trainers could do nothing to stop it. Fortunately for the world, Mewtwo began to think for itself and developed a new way of life where it could live in peace far away from the rest of humanity.

2 Arceus


How did the world come to be? Who made the planets and the universe that holds them? These are the questions that have plagued humanity for all time, but in Pokemon, there is a definitive answer: Arceus. Arceus is said to have been born in a realm of Chaos when there was nothing else. Then using it's apparent "1,000 arms" it shaped the entire universe and the worlds within it. It's still a little unclear just how Arceus fits into the entire lore of Pokemon, but there's no denying its power. This is a Pokemon that can become any type in existence through use of a special plate, which also affects its strongest move, Judgment. Arceus is essentially a god in the Pokemon world (but can still somehow be caught in a Poke Ball), and has even been worshiped as such. Unfortunately, Arceus is more of an angry god, exacting vengeance upon those who choose to wrong it, and sees the world no other way than its own; it created the world after all. There is no defeating Arceus, for it is unlike any other Pokemon in existence.

1 Mew


Who came first, Arceus or Mew? There is a lot of debate over how Mew and Arceus fit together in the lore. Mew is said to be the ancestor of all Pokemon, while Arceus is the creator. There have been a few theories on the topic, but many of them are quite paradoxical. Mew can learn any move in the entire game, (apart from specific ones that can only be learned by leveling up, of course). It holds the DNA of all Pokemon, so if you want it to learn Flamethrower, then it will spit fire. Arceus can change types, but what good does that do if you don't have the right moves to support it? Regardless of how you feel on the subject, there is no denying Mew is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world. After all, attempting to clone it resulted in the creation of Mewtwo, another one of the strongest Pokemon. Mew is a peaceful, fun-loving, adorable little cutie, but don't underestimate it. It can go toe to toe with even the best of fighters, and will protect the world if it needs to. The biggest reason I put Mew in the top spot is that it can also learn the move Transform (if you need any convincing on that, see my entry on Ditto), so it can take any Pokemon's power and turn it right back at them. Mew is arguably the world's most powerful Pokemon, and despite its appearance, it could destroy you and your entire Pokemon team.

Sources: Bulbapedia

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Top 15 Most Powerful Pokemon In The Gaming World