Top 15 Most Exotic Animals Owned As Pets Around The World

It's no secret that people who have pets are usually obsessed with them. Dog owners and cat owners are often duking it out trying to prove which four legged creature is better. The truth is, any pet is a great pet - and we're all right.

Dogs and cats are among the most popular pets, outside of rodents, birds and reptiles. Dogs and cats both come with hefty responsibilities; you have to train them, feed them, let them exercise and even more. Even when you think you've got the pet owning thing down, there's something new to be learned everyday (for both pet and owner).

Going over to a friend's house and seeing that they have a dog or a cat is nothing to be shocked about at all - but imagine if you go over to a friend's house and they have a pig or a fox running around? That's definitely something you don't see everyday. Believe it or not, people are allowed to own exotic pets - within reason, and with a lot of permits and research. Owning an exotic pet isn't easy. Not only do you have to educate those around you about the animal, but you also have to convince them that you're passionate about the animal and not just looking forward to all the Instagram attention. Here are 15 exotic pets that people around the world can own.

16 Capybara

15 Stickbugs


13 Mini donkeys

12 Sugar gliders

11 Wallaby

10 Skunk

9 Cockroach

8 Fennec Fox

7 Serval

6 Chinchilla

5 Axolotl

4 Hedgehogs

3 Tarantula

2 Sloth


1 Armadillo


Believe it or not, you're able to own an armadillo in some spots of the world. Armadillos are definitely not the cuddly creature most people grow up wanting, but they definitely are exotic! Unfortunately, armadillos don't do much. They sleep and burrow for up to sixteen hours a day, and when they are awake, they are eating all different types of insects. These animals have terrible eyesight as well, so they usually just depend on their sense of smell to get them from one day to the next.


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Top 15 Most Exotic Animals Owned As Pets Around The World