Top 15 Most Annoying And Catchy Commercials of All Time

Every product needs to be advertised in order to receive decent revenue, and a lot of companies advertise on television.  Not many people like to watch commercials, but some of these ads are just so catchy one cannot help but just sing (or speak) along whenever it airs. From animals in ads, to catchy jingles; every commercial has to have a theme. Every now and then there are commercials that are extremely annoying, but they have just the right factor included, and it gets people to remember their name. Does this concept work? Companies have been doing this since the invention of television, so something must be so effective to be able to keep these companies in business. Here are a list of companies and their commercials that just might make you wonder if annoying commercials are the way to go if you want your organization to flourish.

15 ShamWow

14 Progressive

The insurance company, Progressive, has a cute, cheery sales girl named Flo that is in their commercials. She does not fit the typical stereotype that women should stay home and bake cookies. In several commercials, she is seen as a plumber, riding a motorcycle and even as a musician.

13 Dos Equis

When thinking of “the most interesting man in the world,” Dos Equis does not really come to mind, but almost everyone knows exactly what is being mentioned. This is a great marketing technique, except for the fact that most people don’t really remember the product that is being sold, only the guy in the commercial.

12 Wendy's

You know you have a successful commercial when people are still repeating it, nearly thirty years later. Wendy’s had a commercial in 1984, with a sweet little old lady asking the age old question, “Where’s the beef?” Interestingly enough, people haven't forgot and still want to know.

11 Mac vs. PC

For many years, people consumers could not decide which computer to purchase, an Apple (Mac, for short) or a personal computer made by Microsoft (PC). So Mac decided to come out with a group of commercials to help people decide (or at least to strategically sway them to buy an Apple product).

10 Coca-Cola

In 1979, the world was wearing bell-bottomed jeans and dancing to disco. “Mean” Joe Green played football for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Coca-Cola had their famous, “Have a Coke and a smile” catch-phrase. In 1979, Coke came out with this commercial that had people singing and almost feeling sorry for that kid who gave away his drink, but were happy that he was able to catch the towel that was thrown to him.

9 Meow Mix

If you did not know the words to the annoying commercial for Meow Mix, you probably did not own a TV. The cat food company came out with a television advertisement that had the words listed at the bottom of the screen. It may not have been the best commercial in the world, but the song sure was catchy.

8 Snuggle

In 1986, one may have been watching Miami Vice while being rudely interrupted by an adorable little bear named Snuggle. With soap-opera like music playing in the background, the small stuffed animal tried to tell us how soft and “snuggly” our clothes can get if we used his brand of fabric softener. Most people had a love/hate relationship with this bear. Either they loved him or they completely loathed him.

7 Stroh's

For the smartest (or at least best trained) dog in the virtual universe of advertising, Alex the dog from Stroh’s would undoubtedly be the one that takes the cake. Not only does this dog understand what is being ordered to him, he opens beer for the guys in the commercial and even pours them.

6 Domino’s Pizza

In the 1980s, people had a real problem with pizza cheese getting stuck to the top of the pizza box, or at least, that is what Domino’s Pizza would have you believe. They came out with a range of commercials, entitled, “Avoid the Noid.” This was a little creature that went around smashing pizzas so that the cheese would no longer be edible, and Domino’s put an end to this in their franchises. This commercial went on for years.

5 State Farm

State Farm, the insurance company, has had a multitude of interesting commercials throughout the years. From Scooby Doo, to professional football stars, State Farm seems to have covered them all. In this one; however, it seems to be rather clever and has people consistently repeating the phrase, “it’s Jake, from State Farm.”

4 Calgon

Mr. Lee is a “hotshot” when it comes to getting the customer’s laundry extremely clean. Most people who grew up in the 1970s and early 80s remember the “ancient Chinese secret” that he used to try to get the stains out.

3 McDonald's

There is probably not one person on Earth who has not heard of McDonald’s, let alone the thousands of commercials that they have had throughout the years. The “Fry Guys” were popular at one point, along with many others that have graced our television sets. When McDonald’s has their annual filet-o-fish advertising campaign (signifying the Lent season), they always seem to have one that stands out from the rest. This one particular year, in 2009, to be exact, McDonald’s came out with a rather catchy (yet for some people, extremely irritating) commercial with a singing fish. It was posted on Youtube and was viewed more than a million times in only four weeks during the campaign. It may have been annoying, but people were definitely watching it.

2 Geico

Apparently insurance companies are pretty witty when it comes to creating commercials.  Geico has had so many different mascots throughout the years, and so many different ads that one finds it difficult to pick out just one that fits the “most annoying” category. They have used the caveman “It’s so easy even a caveman can do it” commercials, the gecko as their sponsor and even people singing, to try and sell their products. The one that appears to stick in people’s mind, though, is the current pig who started out going “wee wee wee all the way home.” Maxwell (the pig) seems to know too much about technology and could possibly be the new sponsor for this insurance company.

1 Budweiser

A lot of people love to watch football, and for those who do, the Super Bowl is the game to watch. But some people don’t even like football, and just watch the Super Bowl for the current Budweiser beer ads that they have every year. This may have been created specifically for the “big game,” but it ran for several weeks afterwards, having everyone in the nation yelling the catch phrase, “what’s up?!”

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