Top 15 Hottest WAGS Of 2016

Tis the season to get excited about sports as we salute some of the hottest wives and girlfriends of 2016 and feature those grabbing the most attention on and off the field. You know you’ve made it into the popular stream of consciousness when the world sits up and takes notice. There’s a reason they got your favourite sports stars attention in the first place and we’re about to reveal it all from the nude pics to the secret hook ups to the infamous scandals surrounding the Top 15 Hottest WAGS of 2016.

These days WAGS stand for a lot more than just the wives and girlfriends behind high profile athletes as they do more than just shop and selfie. Some of them are internationally renowned musos, successful swimsuit models and national TV presenters. They are proudly becoming their partner’s best accessory and are here to stay.

Then again there are a few topless models, lingerie models and swimsuit models to make it onto the list but before we reveal too much we’ll let them do all the revealing.

We present to you the Top 15 Hottest WAGS of 2016…

P.S. We may have got a little too distracted in the process to rank them in order so don’t take the numbers as a hotness meter…

15 Vanessa Bryant - Married To Kobe

Latina beauty Vanessa Bryant is the better half to none other than NBA’s Kobe Bryant. She is one of the sexiest models in the world and he is one of the most successful NBA stars in the world. We can’t help but think this is a match made in WAG heaven.

14 Gisele Bundchen - Married To Tom Brady

Fashion model, actress, and producer Gisele Bundchen is next to make it onto our Top 15 Hottest WAGS list and it’s no surprise as the Brazilian bombshell is a knockout. She married New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady back in 2009 and recently celebrated their 5-year anniversary.

13 Barbie Blank - Engaged To Sheldon Souray

12 Olivia Munn - Dating Aaron Rodgers

American actress, swimsuit model and TV personality Olivia Munn is next to make it on to the Top 15 Hottest WAGS list for 2016. No surprise there as she has got it going on. She's sexy, likes gaming and comics and has one hell of a sense of humour. Hello full package! Did we mention she can also beatbox and speak Japanese?

11 Gabrielle Union - Married To Dwyane Wade

10 Amelia Vega - Married To Al Horford


9 La La Anthony - Married To Carmelo Anthony

8 Candice Crawford Romo - Married To Tony Romo

7 Nicole Williams - Dating Larry English

6 Lauren Tannehill - Married To Ryan Tannehill


5 Misse Beqiri - Married To Anders Lindegaard


4 Shakira - Married To Gerard Pique

3 Pilar Rubio - Dating Sergio Ramos


2 Abbey Crouch - Married To Peter Crouch


1 Alice Goodwin - Married To Jermaine Lloyd Pennant


Our list wouldn’t be complete without a topless model and Alice Goodwin comes to the rescue as she completes the Top 15 Hottest WAGS of 2016. She may not be the first topless model her husband, English footballer Jermaine Lloyd Pennant, has dated but she may just well be his last. Arsenal and Liverpool fans rarely think of Jermaine Pennant these days but we have a feeling that it’s all about to change. After all Alice is a legendary lad’s mag cover girl and one of Britain’s bounciest exports. We mean biggest. We mean best. Excuse us for being a little distracted as she’s one of the hottest WAGS of the year and will undoubtedly leave a huge legacy behind.


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Top 15 Hottest WAGS Of 2016