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Top 15 Hottest NFL Cheerleader Squads In 2016

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Top 15 Hottest NFL Cheerleader Squads In 2016!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/seattle-seahawks-cheerleaders.jpg

It’s that time of year again- time for some NFL football! Okay, okay, maybe it is not quite that time of year, but it is pretty darn close. For a sports fan there is simply no better time than football season. It is not just the game of course, it is all that goes with it. The atmosphere at a NFL football game is pretty amazing. And by atmosphere, of course, I am talking about all of the ridiculously hot cheerleaders.

Just about every team in the NFL has cheerleaders, but a few still do not. Can you believe six incredibly lame teams still do not have cheerleaders? The Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are all way behind the times. In fact, the 2011 meeting of the Packers and Steelers in Super Bowl XLV had no cheerleaders at all. A Super Bowl without cheerleaders is like a Christmas without presents, or a Thanksgiving without turkey. I mean what fun is it watching football if there are not a bunch of hot chicks jumping up and down next to the field in skimpy outfits? Not much.

Thankfully most teams get that and offer their fans a whole squad of hot cheerleaders to enjoy while watching the game. While all teams have a lot of really good looking cheerleaders, some are better than others. So we decided to rank the best 15 teams for you. You’re welcome. “Give me an H. Give me an O. Give me a T. What doesthat spell?” Read on to find out. Here are the 15 hottest NFL cheerleader squads in 2016.

15. Oakland Raiders


When one thinks of hot women one does not usually think of Oakland, which has always been San Francisco’s ugly sister. But we are talking football here and even though the  Raiders have been pretty awful as of late, that was not always the case. Back in the old days they were  one of the best franchises in the NFL, and with good franchises usually comes good cheerleaders, and the Raiders are no exception. A lot of people pick the Raiders to have their first winning season since 2002, and if that is the case there is one thing we know for sure. There will be a lot of hot chicks on the sidelines that are excited about it. Oakland is not the highest rated cheerleader squad, but there is just enough hotness there for them to make this list.

14. Atlanta Falcons


While the Falcons are not the best team, they do have some of the very best cheerleaders. Southern girls are always kind of alluring, and if you check out some of the smoke-shows on the Falcons cheerleader squad you will see that is no exception to that rule. Things are not looking all that great for Atlanta this coming year. They do have Matt Ryan, but the early schedule is tough, and may be too much for them to overcome. So if you go to many Falcons’ games this year you may end up not paying a whole lot of attention to what is going on between the lines and you may instead end up spending a lot of time watching the cheerleaders.  If that is the case you could do worse. This squad is always filled with hotties,

13. Minnesota Vikings


This one is a bit of a hard one to figure out. You just don’t think of Minnesota as a place where there would be a lot of hot chicks, but if you do think that, you would be wrong. First of all, the Vikings are an old school team with a lot of tradition, and also exist in an All-American, apple pie-type atmosphere, and that usually means one thing. Lots of hot cheerleaders. I have spent some time out that way and believe me, people in that area love their cheerleaders. They may have a lot to cheer for this year as the Vikings look tough. They should be good running the ball, and have a tough defense as well. So get ready for some football Vikings fans, and get ready to look at a lot of hot cheerleaders as well.

12. Kansas City Chiefs


While Kansas City is not really a place where you think a lot of good looking women might hang out, believe me, the cheerleaders for the Kansas City Chiefs are nothing to sneeze at. The Chiefs themselves are much the same. They were good last year, and should be even better this year, especially with the addition of Jamaal Charles. But hey, who cares about football? We are talking about cheerleaders, and a true cheerleader loves you no matter how good or bad you are. Also, a true cheerleader is usually super- hot, wearing a tiny outfit, and jumping around and yelling while smiling a lot. The Kansas City Chief cheerleaders have all of these things covered, and manage to look kind of wholesome while doing it. They do live in Kansas City after all.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars


Okay, we have a totally different scene here than we do in Minnesota or Kansas City. While those cheerleaders kind of have a traditional, “girl next door” kind of vibe, the Jacksonville girls have the “let’s have one more margarita vibe” and they look like they smell like suntan lotion. Does that mean we are complaining? Heck no! I spent many a winter in Florida back in the day, and I think it is fair to say that the ladies there have a slightly different vibe than those in the Midwest. These woman are super-hot, there is no doubt about it. But are the Jaguars going to be hot? It is hard to tell; they are a young team with a lot of potential but they still seem to be on the cusp of being really good, and not quite there yet. Their cheerleaders are there though, there is no doubt about that.

10. New York Jets


The Jets are just not that good; they usually aren’t. Sure they have had some good teams in the past, but it has been a while. The same does not apply to their cheerleaders, who they call the Flight Crew. Get it?  New York is obviously an area where there are a lot of good looking women, so one would think that it would be easy to find cheerleaders, but a lot of these women tend to be sophisticated, which cheerleaders usually are not. Either way, the Jets always seem to come up with enough good looking women to make their cheerleading team a contender for top spot. The same cannot be said for their football team, as many people are picking them for last place in the AFC East.

9. San Diego Chargers


Have you ever been to San Diego? I have. If you look at the photo above this entry you will see some hot blonde women, cavorting around wearing skimpy clothing. Well, in San Diego, that is what you see pretty much everywhere. If you go to an Applebee’s it is pretty much always filled with women that look like this. So needless to say they have a good cheerleading squad. Their football team, eh, not so much. They have Philip Rivers at quarterback, who continues the San Diego tradition at that position (Dan Fouts anyone?) but they do not have much else. So if you go to Charger games, pay less attention to what is going down on the field, and more attention to what is going on outside of it, and you will probably have a good time. Because, you know, these chicks are hot.

8. New Orleans Saints


New Orleans is a pretty amazing city. It is not the biggest city in America, not even close actually, but it draws a lot of interesting people, and there is a lot of partying going on. If you didn’t know this, where there are a lot of interesting people and a lot of partying going on there are also usually a lot of hot women. That might sound kind of horrible, but believe me, it so isn’t. New Orleans is no exception. The city, and the Saints cheerleading squad are literally filled with absolutely gorgeous women. The Saints should be okay this year, any team that has Drew Brees on it will do at least half okay, but they don’t look that great; probably a bubble playoff team at best. When it comes to being hot though, none of their cheerleaders are on the bubble.

7. Denver Broncos


The Broncos are one of the old school teams in the National Football League and they always get a lot of respect. The cheerleaders are on the same sort of trajectory. While they are not thought of as one of the very elite squads, being a Denver Broncos cheerleader still means something, there is no doubt about that. It does not look like a great year for Denver this year, as they are not set at the quarterback position, and let’s face it, this is a quarterback’s league. But that won’t affect the cheerleaders too much- after all their job is to be enthusiastic, and look hot doing it, and they do both of those things well. The squad does an annual calendar, and has a big social media presence. Check out their Facebook to see more, I know you want to.

6. Indianapolis Colts


The Colts are almost always decent as of late and sometimes even better than that. This year should be no exception; with Andrew Luck they have a good shot at winning the division. The Colts always have a hot cheerleading squad as well and this year is no exception. I saw on their website that they just had their calendar release party on August 15. That might not sound that interesting, but they had it at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. If that does not illustrate the difference between cities like Indianapolis and New York City, I don’t know what does. Can you imagine the Jets’ cheerleaders doing a calendar release party at the Museum of Modern Art? Yeah, me either. Buy hey, you ladies are hot, even if it sounds like your city’s art museum might need a little help.

5. New England Patriots


Ah, the Patriots. You either love them or hate them. You think that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are football Gods and are the best thing ever, or you think they made a secret pact with Satan. This year Brady is out for the first four games, but they should be really good- as usual. As far as the cheerleaders go, the squad is pretty awesome, too.They are consistently ranked in the upper echelons of cheerleading teams; the better the Patriots get, the better they do too.  In fact, my first crush was a teacher of mine when I was in 4th grade, and she was a Patriots cheerleader on the weekends. You may or may not like Tom Brady, but don’t ever say anything bad about Miss Matthews. She was an absolute Goddess.

4. Seattle Seahawks!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/seattle-seahawks-cheerleaders.jpg


The Seahawks’ cheerleaders are a bit like the team itself; they used to be kind of a sleeper, and now they are known by all.The Seahawks should once again have a very good team this year and fight for the championship. The cheerleaders are on point as always.  They also have a very popular calendar, and if you look through any of their photos on social media you will see that they are all total hotties. The only real problem is their name- The Sea Gals? Come on. I know it’s kind of a fun play on words, but where I come from seagulls hang around in McDonald’s parking lots fighting hobos for french fries. Not really the kind of thing I like thinking about when I look at a hot cheerleader, but hey, to each his own.

3. Houston Texans


You know how Texas is, especially Houston.  Everything has to be bigger and better than anyplace else, and the cheerleading team is no exception. Also, people in Texas tend to be more than a little bit excited about football. If you check out their Facebook page there is a post that says over 2,000 people showed up for the team’s first cheerleader tryouts. Now, one can look at that one of two ways. You could think that these were 2,000 women who were all excited to be Texans cheerleaders, or you could think that these were 2,000 women who did not think they were good enough to make the cut for the Dallas Cowboys. The Houston Texans themselves could be a good team this year, or maybe not- most predictions put them in the middle of the pack.

2. Miami Dolphins


For the true football purist it is a bit sad to see what has become of the Miami Dolphins. At one point they were one of the best teams in the National Football League year after year, but as of late they have been more of a doormat, and this year should be more of the same. One thing that has not wavered though is how good the cheerleading squad is. When you think about it, where in the entire world are there more hot looking women than in the fair city of Miami? Pretty much nowhere, that’s where. Year after year, incredibly gorgeous women make their way to Miami Beach for fun in the sun and partying, and year after year some of them try out for the cheerleading team. Hey, I am not complaining; the Miami cheerleaders are always amazing to watch.

1. Dallas Cowboys


I know, I know it is too obvious, but still how could you possibly pick any team but the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders for the top spot? It is the one squad that really has some sort of true star appeal. So many women growing up wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, and so many guys lusted after them. I mean, come on, there is even a reality TV show called Making the Team which is a show about women trying to become cheerleaders for the Cowboys- it’s not even about making the football team! And it is not just hype. The women that make this team really are the best of the bunch. They have almost a million likes on their Facebook page. This is not a situation where this is just hype; these women are not only gorgeous but are huge stars beside, so for now they have to stay at the top of this list.

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