Top 15 Hottest GQ Pictorial Spreads

Oftentimes men’s magazines are pigeonholed into just another publication hoping to entice male readers through scantily clad women on its covers. While this seemed to work for Playboy and Stuff magazine, recent years have shown that it’s not the provocative covers that do the most to sell issues.

GQ magazine has always been a bit different from all the other male-driven publications, since it has always had an emphasis on men’s fashion and cultural topics. While they have had their fair share of provocative covers, they haven’t always limited themselves to only female cover models. Some of the hottest and most influential men in the world have appeared on their covers, from Matthew McConaughey to Barack Obama. There has always been a legitimacy to GQ magazine that is lacking in so many of the other men’s magazines, which has helped it to branch out into all the different avenues of the world. From celebrity news to luxury brands, it’s not just geared towards those in the clothing trade anymore. Through a constant evolution since its first inception in 1931; it is now thought of as the world’s foremost authority on all things regarding men and fashion.

Yet, the magazine hasn’t completely forgone taking advantage of some photo shoots with some of the sexiest women for their pictorial spreads. The prestige of the magazine has helped to draw in some of the hottest starlets and models in the world. Proving that sometimes the best pictures in a magazine are within the pages instead of on the cover, check out our list for the 15 sexiest GQ pictorial spreads.

15 Suki Waterhouse


Suki Waterhouse is a British model and actress who has been in a number of television and film roles throughout her career. Although she’s starred in such hits as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and The Divergent Series: Insurgent, she still hasn’t reached mainstream fame for her acting portrayals. Actually, it’s been her personal life that has been the real driving force behind her fame. Her very public romance with Bradley Cooper was a huge help in getting her name out there to introduce herself to the public, even though the relationship didn’t last. At the height of her “fame,” she posed for a number of magazine spreads. In April 2015, Waterhouse posed for a pictorial shoot for GQ magazine where she showcased her ultra long legs. Wearing an ultra sexy black swimsuit and see-thru top, Waterhouse wasn’t afraid to bare her bottom for the photo. While other pictorial shoots have shown a bit more skin, this photo shoot offered just enough to let readers know what Cooper must have seen in her in the first place.

14 Michelle Williams


When it was announced that Michelle Williams was going to play the iconic Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn, people were hugely skeptical as to whether or not she would be able to pull off that look. Despite the fact that she was a highly acclaimed actress, it wasn’t Marilyn’s persona that seemed to be the most worrisome for Williams to embody. Since Williams is often toned down in her appearance onscreen, it was difficult to believe that she could embody the epitome of sex and beauty that is the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Yet, not only did the film receive a number of accolades, but Williams was hailed as the conquering hero in her uncanny portrayal. Showcasing her Marilyn look, she posed for a spread in GQ magazine in a variety of different Marilyn-esque shots. While they all look great in their own way, it’s the ultra feminine lounge shot that is our favorite pick. From the white panties to the exposed satin bra, Williams has proven she should never be doubted again.

13 Eva Longoria


While Eva Longoria started off her acting career as a soap opera star, it wasn’t until her portrayal as Gabrielle Solis in the hit television series Desperate Housewives that she gained true mainstream fame. As the sexy Latina girl-next-door, she was often seen traipsing around in lingerie on the show. Yet her character always seemed polished in her look, and she maintained that glamorous appeal on the red carpet. Yet her pictorial spread for GQ Mexico showcased a sexier look that had a more unkempt appeal. With long and sexy curls, she can be seen posing in various swimsuit and lingerie shots that really highlight her silhouette. While the lingerie shot with black heels for the December 2012 spread was super sexy, it was the strappy black swimsuit shot that had the most sex appeal. Longoria isn’t always shown as ultra-curvy, so it was refreshing to see her embrace all those feminine parts of her physique.

12 Paula Patton


Paula Patton’s latest Warcraft film portrayal didn’t exactly help to showcase her beauty, but it did show her fearlessness. Taking on the role of a half-human, half-Orc, we have to admit it’s a little tricky to look hot with an Orc underbite. Yet she shouldn’t have to prove her sex appeal with the amount of film portrayals and photo shoots she's done throughout her professional career. After starring topless with Denzel Washington in 2 Guns and a variety of sexy magazine covers, Patton could afford to hide a bit in her latest film. While it’s difficult to pick from all her sexy magazine spreads, it’s her GQ pictorial shot by Mark Seliger that is the definite winner. Posing in a black swimsuit with matching black heels, the sexiest pose had Patton leaned up against a wall. This particular photo was shot in black and white to give it more of a stylized look, but it didn’t take away from Patton’s seductive look.

11 Beyonce


Posing for the February 2013 edition of GQ magazine, Beyonce proved her status as the official "Queen B' of the world. Many people dubbed it as her comeback, since she stayed pretty much out of the spotlight after having Blue Ivy. Yet, 2013 was definitely her year, since she performed the national anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration and headlined the Super Bowl halftime show. As one of the highest rated halftime shows in Super Bowl history, the GQ pictorial shoot was a great prelude to the show. Posing in some skimpy yellow panties with a football crop, Beyonce showcased her post-baby body in the best way possible. Holding a gold football helmet and even a mid air shot with a pigskin, she showed that athleticism can definitely be sexy. Showing off her famous derriere, even the squatting pic had the ability to take the breath away of all her GQ "readers."

10 Rosario Dawson


Rosario Dawson is an actress that started her career in the highly controversial film, Kids, in 1995. Since then, she has starred in a number of hit films, including Sin City and Rent. With a Puerto Rican and Cuban background, Dawson has an exotic look that allows her to play a wide range of characters. This has made her a highly sought-after actress and model, and she has appeared in numerous magazines throughout her career. During the promotion for her role in the highly acclaimed film, Trance, Dawson appeared in the May issue for GQ magazine in 2013. Showing off her sexy curves, some of the best shots included Dawson in black string bottoms strewn over a black leather couch. Showing an edgier look than we’re used to, she even had some blonde streaks added to her signature ebony locks. For those intrigued by this haunting beauty, her GQ pictorial spread is a definite winner.

9 Alexandra Daddario


Alexandra Daddario has created waves in Hollywood ever since she achieved mainstream fame through the Percy Jackson film series, and many have compared her to other beauties like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. She went on to star in a number of other films, but it was her portrayals on television that really made the most impact with fans. With roles on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and HBO’s hit series, True Detective, she has continued to grow her reputation as an actress in Hollywood. To further help her introduction to the public, she starred in a pictorial spread for GQ magazine in 2014. The spread was featured in the “Year in Hotness” issue, where Daddario posed in some hot and sweaty shots with a red bicycle. Wearing a wet white sports bra-style top, it wasn’t just her bright, blue eyes that stood out in her pictures. Knowing the potential of this new Hollywood beauty, GQ even released a behind the scenes video to coincide with her hot and sexy spread.

8 Natalie Dormer


Natalie Dormer is an actress that has had a number of memorable roles throughout her professional career. From playing Anne Boleyn in The Tudors to Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones, it says something about Dormer that she can pull off such memorable roles without being typecast as just one particular character. Proving that she could pull off just about any look, she appeared in GQ magazine with half of her head shaved in 2014. Since Dormer had to have an edgier look for her 2014 and 2015 role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay series, she seemed to embrace the look in the GQ pictorial spread. Proving that it’s not just the hair that makes a woman look ultra feminine, Dormer showed off her legs and piercing eyes in a shoot that didn’t choose to go over-the-top in terms of sex appeal. Instead, it was a subtle way of showcasing Dormer in something different from her usual period drama costumes, and had a playful twist on her edgier look.

7 Rihanna


Rihanna has posed for GQ magazine a number of times, on both the cover and in pictorial spreads. Since she has changed her look so often throughout her professional career, each photo shoot can be drastically different from the next. While there are a number of different GQ pictorial spreads to pick from, it’s the Medusa-style photo shoot that really helped to land her on our list. Shot by Mariano Vivanco and Johnnie Shand Kydd, the concept behind the spread seemed to be a bit more abstract than typical magazine shoots. While most starlets would run from the idea of being depicted as Medusa, a hideous monster that could turn people to stone, Rihanna actually managed to make it look pretty hot. While you may not be into the photo with Rihanna donning fangs, it’s hard to deny the sex appeal behind a shoot that shows her completely nude with nothing but a snake. It's even too hot for us!

6 Megan Fox


Megan Fox has been considered one of the hottest women in the world, ever since she was first introduced to audiences. While her 2007 portrayal in the first Transformers film was a huge plus for her film career, it was also the start of being blackballed in the film industry. After a very public snafu where she compared director Michael Bay with Adolf Hitler, she didn’t exactly have filmmakers knocking down her door. However, she had a pretty long stint where she was still a much sought after model for all the most popular magazines. While there are a number of pictorial spreads to choose from, it was the photo shoot by Francis Hills that helped to showcase her ultra-seductive beauty. In October 2008, Fox posed for GQ magazine with some great shots of her in various bikinis. Yet the pink bikini shot made it to the top of the list for its sex appeal. Running an ice cube on her open mouth, Fox proved even dripping water can help accentuate her bangin’ body.

5 Hannah Davis


Hannah Davis is a renowned fashion model that has appeared in a number of luxury brand ads, and numerous provocative magazine covers. She was even featured as a cover model for Sports Illustrated in their coveted Swimsuit Issue for 2015. While other models tend to have an ultra-slim build, Davis is known for utilizing her athletic build. Formerly a professional player in tennis and volleyball, Davis isn’t just your typical supermodel. This has always been a plus for Davis, especially since marrying Derek Jeter from the New York Yankees. For those wondering what girl could have possibly wrangled this notorious bachelor down the aisle, one look at her GQ pictorial spreads and the question is answered. She’s posed for the magazine a number of times, but it’s her September 2015 issue for GQ Mexico that is a real favorite. Appearing in a black bodysuit with major side boob, Davis can be seen pulling down a casual pair of jeans to expose her amazing silhouette.

4 Melania Trump


In January 2000, Melania Trump was highlighted by GQ magazine on both the cover and in a pictorial spread. Posing nude for the British GQ cover, it didn’t seem that she could get any more provocative until readers saw the 14-page spread. While you may not think Melania deserved an entire 14 pages to be highlighted in the magazine, that’s a little harder to dispute once you’ve seen the pictures. Showcasing Melania’s life as the jet-setting wife of Donald Trump, all of the opulence can be seen in the background of the photos. From the 18-carat gold seat belts on their luxury jet to a briefcase filled with diamond jewelry, she definitely looks like she is living the lifestyle of a billionaire’s wife. Many have criticized this pictorial spread, since she can be seen wearing a g-string and even holding a gun. This has been especially criticized since Donald Trump could be the next President, and Melania could be the next first lady of the United States.

3 Miranda Kerr

via GQ

Miranda Kerr is an Australian model that was first introduced to the public as her role as a Victoria’s Secret model, and quickly grew a following due to her light eyes and dark-haired signature look. When she married Orlando Bloom, she became a role model for all the other young Victoria’s Secret models looking to score a Hollywood husband. While their marriage didn’t last, the two maintained an oddly supportive relationship towards one another throughout their breakup. In the meantime, Kerr didn’t stay on the market long and is currently engaged to Snapchat billionaire, Evan Spiegel. Proving she still has the body and beauty to land even the biggest hotshot, it could have been one of her GQ pictorial shoots that helped to show Spiegel who his potential new wife could be. Her spread with famed photographer, Mario Testino, featured a number of ultra-provocative shots that didn’t leave much to the imagination. From completely topless with a pair of Calvin Klein undies to a wet white t-shirt, Kerr proved why she is one of the world’s hottest lingerie models.

2 Ariadne Artiles


Ariadne Artiles is a Spanish-born model that has graced the cover of numerous magazines all over the world. She has been named one of the sexiest women in the world by FHM magazine, and has been featured in ads for some of the hottest brands in fashion. In 2006, Artiles was married to the professional racer, Fonsi Nieto, and was featured on the cover of GQ magazine in Spain. Shot in October 2006, her pictorial spread offered a number of different shots apart from her cover photo. While GQ magazine isn’t a stranger to shooting their cover models in the buff, Artiles definitely created more buzz around her pictorial spread with the front photo. Wearing nothing but a blazer and some heels, the pictorial spread featured different variations on this same look. This was a change from some of her other GQ spreads, since she had a blonde and sexy look. Other GQ pictorial spreads featured Artiles with a much darker look, from the smoky eyes to the dark tresses. Either look lands her on the sexiest GQ pictorial list, so it’s all in your preference as to which look has more sex appeal.

1 Kate Upton


Kate Upton has always created waves for her magazine pictorials and covers, and she never seemed to have a problem with looking her best in front of the camera. Yet there are a number of pictorial spreads that seem to be burned into the memories of GQ readers. Her July 2012 GQ spread was shot by the famed photographer, Terry Richardson, where she could be seen licking popsicles and strutting around topless in a see-thru shirt. While that was provocative enough, other favorites include shots with Upton laying in the grass. Propped up on her side with a white crocheted swimsuit, it’s surprising that a one-piece could possibly be that sexy. Yet, Upton pulled it off – literally. Other shots from the shoot include Upton completely topless laying on her back in the grass, with just her hands to cover her breasts. While other models may need a bunch of props and backdrops to help amp up a photo shoot, Upton seems to only need a patch of grass.

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Top 15 Hottest GQ Pictorial Spreads