Top 15 Hottest British Celebrities Alive

Birthplace of The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, Stella McCartney, The NHS, The Monarchy, William Shakespeare, The BBC, Rain, OASIS, The Rolling Stones, Cricket, Cider, Harry Potter plus the inventors of a popular game called Football. Great Britain. They don’t call it great for nothing. A country that was recently referred to as just a 'small island that nobody pays attention to' by Vladimir Putin, yet a country that has invaded over 90% of the world at some point in its tiny little life.

For sure it may have its faults, a cuisine not to everyone's taste, weather that can only be described as highly infuriating and an interesting obsession with the left hand side. However we all know that the world would be a very different place without it. Yes, as mentioned above, The UK is famed for a number of things but apparently beauty is not one of them, with British men and women often plummeting in world wide polls of attractiveness.

But what makes Britain so highly disregarded when it comes to their looks? Is it the stereotypically bad teeth? The fact that they receive third degree burns in 15 degree heat? Or their use of such highbrow words like 'bloody' and 'chap'. Whatever the reason, it is time we break those stereotypes and truly embrace that Brits are actually one of the most attractive and lusted after nationalities in the world. To prove it, here are 15 of the hottest British celebrities.

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15 Emily Blunt

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London born Emily Blunt is rarely just as famous in the UK as she is in The US. With high profile roles in Queen Victoria, Looper and The Girl On The Train, it was her scene-stealing performance in The Devil Wears Prada that really pushed her into the limelight. Yes, managing to take the shine away from co stars such as Anne Hathaway and none other than Meryl Streep, Blunt was even nominated for a BAFTA. Now residing in The States with Office star and husband John Krasinski and taking dual citizenship, Blunt will forever be a British born babe to us.

14 Rita Ora

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Credited as the girl that made Rob Kardashian fat, Rita Ora is actually a world famous musician. Obviously much more famous in the UK, the singer has been featured on a number of records some of which include, DJ Fresh and Iggy Azalea. With a number of awards and some pals in some very high places, Rita was quickly climbing the showbiz ladder but she suddenly disappeared. She seems to go MIA quite often actually. At the end of the day though, Rita is most known for her beauty and sense of style so it's okay if you're not really familiar of her "career." Renowned for her quirky style and ever changing hair color, Rita is very much the beautiful British bombshell.

13 Kate Moss

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International supermodel and all time bad gal, Kate Moss, is one of the most if not the most successful supermodels of all time. Born and raised in Croydon, Greater London, Moss burst onto the scene with a campaign for Calvin Klein in which she was lauded as the next best thing. Apart from some questionable choices in boyfriends and that one time she was pictured snorting cocaine, Moss will most likely be remembered for being one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not a bad thing to have on your gravestone.

12 Benedict Cumberbatch

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Ever been really attracted to someone but you don't know why? Frequently topping the list of 'odd crushes', Cumberbatch has recently established himself as a pretty decent actor. With his work as the strangely sexy Sherlock in Sherlock Holmes and his recently Oscar nominated turn as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, it is likely that beautiful Benedict will receive many more accolades in the future.

11 Cheryl

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With three name changes under her belt and a recent divorce, we just don't know what to call her anymore. But whatever her last name, Cheryl is one of the most beautiful women in the UK if not the world. From her standout dimples to her chocolate brown eyes, Cheryl is lusted after by both sexes, often referred to as THAT girl you'd turn for. Although extremely famous in the UK , Cheryl failed dramatically when Simon Cowell tried to kick start her career on the USA version of The X Factor. However don't worry Cheryl, I am sure your new rumored relationship with a certain One Direction member will definitely put you on the map in America.

10 Daniel Craig

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British babe Daniel Craig is not only drop dead gorgeous but also plays one of the most famous British man in history. You guessed it, James Bond. Yes! Probably the world's most eligible bachelor, James Bond is one of the most sought after single men on the silver screen, yet sadly Craig is not, and happily married to wife Rachel Weisz. Hanging up his tuxedo Craig has ventured onto pastures new, continuing a successful career in the US and in England, all while staying stunningly beautiful.

9 Kelly Brook

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Quite the star in the UK, glamour model Brook started her career stripping off in men's magazines. Since then she has starred in a number of reality TV shows, made guest appearances on television and appeared in a variety of commercials. Mostly famous for her main assets, two in particular, Brook is notably different from the usual stick thin celebs we so often see on television and is famed for having a curvaceous and voluptuous physique. Now trying to make it in the good ol' US, Kelly has appeared in a couple of US sitcoms.

8 Tom Hardy

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Man crush to millions, Hardy is often the fantasies of both genders. Hard, tough and ruggedly handsome, Tom is even adored by close pal Leonardo DiCaprio, who thanked him in his Oscar speech. From his dapper image, his properly grown manly beard and those seductive come-to-bed eyes, there is nothing that Tom can't pull off. The way he carries himself is what attracts people. Although he comes off as this clean, cool dude, that didn't stop him from bringing his dog to a premier instead of his wife! Only Hardy can get away with that.

7 Ewan McGregor

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If you saw that Trainspotting scene then you'll know why. Famed for having a somewhat larger than the average little McGregor, McGregor has been the subject of fantasies all over the world. And with that gravelly Scottish accent and twinkle in his eye, it is no surprise to see why. Starring in classics such as Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge and Big Fish to name but a few, McGregor's career just gets better and better. However despite such a catalog of work, Ewan has never even been nominated for an Academy Award. Shocking!

6 Michelle Dockery

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Starring as the snooty Lady Mary Crawley in the hugely popular Downton Abbey, Dockery turned heads everywhere as the conniving sister and seductive elder daughter. With a role that garnered her three Emmy award nominations and a Golden Globe to boot, the stunning actress has also appeared in the theater world, again receiving prestigious acclaim. Definitely the hottest member of the Crawley family, Dockery is also one of the most beautiful British born women in the world.

5 Idris Elba

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With a voice that could talk any man or woman into bed, London born Idris Elba has certainly managed to master the art of sexual appeal. In fact just the mere mention of his name sends people into a panic, desperately in need of telling you just 'how god damn attractive he is'. Since shooting onto our screens in the HBO smash hit The Wire, irresistible Idris has since gone on to star as the luscious detective Luther and seems to have a bright Hollywood future in front of him. Which can only mean one thing, more Elba!

4 Robert Pattinson

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Plundering into teenage girls' hearts everywhere as Edward Cullen in Twilight, Pattinson then proceeded to break girls' hearts everywhere when it was revealed he was dating his co-star Kristen Stewart. However it wasn't long until Stewart broke his heart in two when spotted cheating on him with her director. Oh Kristen how could you? Clearly heartbroken, Pattinson went into hiding, making him just that more adorable. Now in a good place with girlfriend and English musician FKA Twigs, Rob is on the mend and even rumored to be engaged.

3 Emilia Clarke

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Hottest woman in Game of Thrones? Yes. Hottest woman in Britain? Nearly. Now famous for playing the awesome ass kicker Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, Emilia has also done a number of other things. That's right, the mother of dragons herself used to star in a British daytime soap opera named Doctors. With a Broadway stint and playing another strong female character in The Terminator Genisys, it was Game of Thrones that really capitulated her to stardom and into the minds of many. Here's hoping she lasts long enough to watch.

2 David Beckham

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Goldenballs himself, David Beckham is a god among many no matter what the sex. With men wanting to be him and women wanting to curl up in bed next to him, Becks is a fully fledged international sex god. Happily married to former Spice Girl Victoria 'posh spice' Beckham for over a decade, the two are also parents to four little ones, who are just as cute as their parents. Beckham really is the whole package: a devoted athlete, husband and father. At the end of the day, life really isn't fair.

1 Kate Winslet

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With a penchant for getting her kit off in many of her movies, Winslet certainly knows how to deliver with a backside to boot. Speaking of her rear end, Kate once stated that 'all I know from the men I’ve ever spoken to is…they like girls to have an arse on them.' Famed for her curvaceous figure, Kate has never pandered to the Hollywood size zero image, making her all that more appealing. A huge talent, Winslet tops the charts as the number one British babe of all time.

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