Top 13 Most Bizarre Landscapes In The World

The world is known for some unique natural landscapes that are quite vivid and give an impression of an otherworldly quality in their very appearance. When landscapes are bizarre, they easily catch the eye and can inspire awe and wonder at the sheer marvel of nature. People are normally used to visiting regular beaches, hills and deserts, but what these natural marvels of nature offer is an otherworldly experience, something that fascinates, intrigues and keeps the viewer glued to the scenario.

There are a variety of places in the world that boast such wonderful natural marvels and formations, and these things add not just beauty to the planet but also a sense of wonder and immense appreciation at the mastery of nature. Some of these sites are outright wild and fanciful while others are scenic and colorful or simply eye catching. These sites are also explored best by the awe-inspired natural tourist and not the run-of-the-mill traveler in some beach destination. The bizarre landscapes of the world are not just spectacular, they also instill a sense of accomplishment in the person visiting the sites and appreciating the sheer beauty and craftwork of nature.

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13 Ko Phi Phi island in Thailand

This world famous island is renowned for some exotic beaches lined by some awe-inspiring huge rock formations that create a bizarre and dramatic atmosphere. Normally people are used to plain and simple beaches, but what this beach offers is an extravagant environment magnified by the presence of the limestone rocks that create a scenic and out-of-this-world atmosphere. There was even a Hollywood movie (The Beach) shot here, and the resulting tourist influx is also a point to note in this island once ravaged by a huge tsunami.

12 Garden of the Gods in Hawaii

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This unique rock garden boasts some amazing rock formations in the tropical island paradise of Hawaii. The rock garden is located in the island of Lanai and offers a heavenly atmosphere whereby one can see rocks that are placed in unique positions and in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. The rock placement and appearance are because of natural erosion effects, and the placing of rocks in strange locations also make it a bizarre area to visit. The place is definitely a site of visual wonder and offers immense viewing satisfaction.

11 Hampi in Karnataka of India

This similar eye-catching site has some strange rock formations in unique and intriguing positions. Some of the rocks are quite large while others are small, and when viewed from the top this offers a kind of intriguing and strange landscape. There is a river that runs through the place as well. The area is popular with tourists who come to enjoy the natural rock formations and the wonders of nature. There is also some rock climbing happening in the area alongside some temples and religious offerings in a unique location of the country.

10 Guilin in China

This strange city is popular with national and international tourists, and the site offers some dramatic and bizarre landscape in the form of some limestone karst rocks that line the scenic atmosphere of the city. There are boat tours in the waterways of the region and some colourful caves that add a sense of charm and glamour to this beautiful landscape. The area is calm and tranquil, and the limestone rocks add a sense of splendor and surrealism that the region's visitors can really appreciate.

9 Stone Forest in China

This intriguing forest landscape is filled with rocks that come out of the land like a strange and quirky painting. The limestone rocks are large in number and offer some great visual delight not just to the visitor but also the picture surfer. The stones are laid out in intriguing formations and create a sense of awe that invites people to come and enjoy this unique formation of nature. The area is one of a kind and perhaps the only stone forest in the whole wide world.

8 Cappadocia in Turkey

Cappadocia is a strange landscape that looks like a fairy tale romance totally outside of the normal. The word bizarre is an understatement in this unique landscape which consists of tall cone rocks in unique formations and sizes in the bright colours of the Turkish desert. The rocks are also known as fairy chimneys that give a mythical dimension to the area. There are often hot air balloons afloat in the area that offer a wider view of the landscape. This strange setting perfectly showcases the intrigues of the Turkish landscape.

7 Spotted lake in British Columbia, Canada

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This strange lake is filled with colourful pools that appear like spots on the surface of the lake. The colour of the pools or spots in the lake is because of the minerals present in the area and the density and appearance of the colours vary according to the type and concentration of minerals. The waters of the lake are also known to have some healing and rejuvenating properties, and the fascination of taking a bath in a colourful spotted lake is awesome. The lake is popular with tourists who are fascinated by the bizarre landscape.

6 Red river in Spain

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This is another bizarre landmark that shines as an otherworldy creation of nature and offers some unique spectacle and charm. The lake is known as Rio Tinto and winds its way through a colourful landscape. The sheer sight of the red river definitely makes it a hotspot. The red colour comes from the iron present in the water and from the mining done in the region. The river definitely looks like an alien feature in the planet as people are used to normal rivers and the red colour just appears striking.

5 Pink lake in Australia

This strange natural formation is one of the most eye-catching tourist destinations in the world. People are used to colourless or white lakes but the pink colour of this one definitely makes it a beautiful addition to the wonders of the earth. The pink colour of the lake is caused by green algae and halobacterium in the water that gives it the trademark bright hue. The red pigment in the water is transformed to a pinkish colour by the bacteria working in the waters. This strange place is definitely worth a visit at least once.

4 Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland

This oceanfront destination can easily bewilder most tourists. The area is filled with some forty thousand columns that are the result of ancient volcanic eruptions. The basalt cliffs by the sea makes it an awesome beach destination that boasts some fantastic natural patterns and columns. The strange structures make us marvel at the wonders of natural creation while looking like some strange and quirky painting. This natural landscape intrigues and fascinates through its sheer number of unique geological columns by the Irish sea.

3 Blood Pond Hot Spring in Beppu, Japan

This fascinating natural wonder inspires both Japanese and international tourists to come and flock to this area. The red colour is due to the high level of iron in the water. The effect, combined with the hot steam coming out of the springs, is truly breathtaking. The area is referred to as hell by the Japanese because of the unusual landscape of the region. The hot springs of Japan are known to have healing properties and taking a bath in them is said to be interesting. Still, a red spring comes definitely out of the blue.

2 Bisti Badlands in New Mexico, USA

This landscape definitely lends a wild side to the surreal. The area is full of coloured undulating mounds that shine through the environment and give the impression of a strange destination. The unusually eroded rocks are in strange positions and offer picture perfect ways of looking at nature. The area is not just strange, it is also one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world primarily because of its sheer colour and vitality. The Bisti Badlands speak of acute and immense wonder.

1 The Uluru Kata National Park in Australia

This is definitely a worthy addition to the list of the marvels of nature. The huge red rock domes that come out of the central Australian desert landscape fascinates the awe seeker to great extent. The sand stones look spectacular in the desert landscape, and the red rocks offer some fascinating visual pleasure. The area is also popular with the indigenous people living there and the whole atmosphere is one of bright beauty that makes this planet strange and fascinating.

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