Top 12 Most Bada$$ Superheroes

With superhero movies and TV shows at an all-time high in popularity (that doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon), it’s fair to say that the world is quite obsessed with the idea of those with superpowers saving the world from evil and injustice. Everyone seems to always be anxiously waiting for the next superhero movie, with all the trailers and hype around them just building the anticipation. Yup, they seem to be here to stay.

With some heroes operating with a strict code of conduct and others being a little more unhinged, the personalities of superheroes are quite varied, as are their powers. There are many factors that go into making an awesome superhero. Perhaps it’s their vast array of superpowers, or perhaps it’s the fact that they have fought so hard without access to superpowers at all. Sometimes it’s even their somewhat questionable moral stance, such as with The Punisher, a stance which was popularized starting with the Bronze Age of Comics.

Sure, anti-heroes are quite bada**, but even the morally pure can be super cool and bada**, being held up that they have awesome super powers, sometimes rivaling the gods. Or, in Thor’s case, perhaps being a God makes you pretty bada**. So, let’s take a look at some of the most bada** superheroes of all time.

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12 Flash


Are you surprised to see him on this list? You shouldn’t be. The Flash is incredibly powerful, more so than many other superheroes. The Flash is not only the fastest man alive, but he can also think and act faster than the speed of light. If his opponents don’t even get the time to react to him, how can they exploit his weaknesses? Speaking of his weaknesses, if you actually did manage to somehow catch him to find out, you’d still have to guess at it. The Flash doesn’t actually have many well-documented weaknesses, further adding credibility to his strength.

11 Hulk


The Hulk was based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and he is essentially Mr. Hyde on steroids. Aside from that, he is also one of the strongest superheroes in comic history. He is brilliantly intelligent as Dr. Bruce Banner, and a wrecking machine as the Hulk. All it takes to unlock those powers is a slight dose of anger, and we know Dr. Banner can get mad. The only real way you have a shot at claiming his life is to hit him hard while he’s in human form because as the Hulk, he’s unstoppable. Even then, he would likely transform and wreck you before you could finish him off.

10 Dr. Strange


Dr. Strange is an interesting hero with an interesting name. He carries the title of “The Mightiest Magician in the Cosmos.” He is only a human, but he possesses the power of a God. He is also incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat due to his martial arts training. His magical abilities are so vast, it would almost be easier to make a list of what he can’t do. Some notable abilities are invulnerability, resurrecting the dead, flying, stopping time, and teleportation. Like many sorcerers, his imagination is his limit. He is still human, however, and that is his sole weakness. He can be hurt if someone manages to get close enough.

9 Thor


Thor is best-known as 'The Norse God of Thunder' adopted into the Marvel Universe. He is a freaking God after all, so you know he’s powerful. He has super strength, inhuman endurance, the ability to command lightning, and he can fly together with his godly hammer Mjolnir. Thor also ages incredibly slowly and has a wealth of life experience most other heroes can’t even touch. Thor has been known to be weak to high levels of magic and reality warping, but his weaknesses are relatively minor when compared to other heroes. No villain is happy to be going up against this powerhouse.

8 Martian Manhunter


J’onn J’onnz, sometimes known as Martian Manhunter is easily the most powerful Justice League member. He’s from Mars (of course) and is one of Earth’s biggest allies. Earth is incredibly lucky that that is the case as well, because J’onn is insanely powerful, even stacked up against heroes like Superman. He has so many powers, we’ve lost count. He has X-ray vision, the ability to shapeshift, invulnerability, super strength and invisibility, among others. He is actually known to be weak to fire, but some comic enthusiasts have pointed out that he somewhat overcame this weakness during the Trial by Fire Arch of the comics.

7 Dr. Manhattan


Dr. Manhattan was created when Dr. Johnathan Osterman was trapped in and disintegrated by an Intrinsic Field Subtractor, reappearing as the glowing blue man from The Watchmen. As a physicist, he is one of the smartest heroes ever, in addition to being one of the most powerful. He has complete awareness and control over atoms. He appears to be invincible as well. He could annihilate entire worlds if he wished. His weaknesses are few. Tachyons are known to slow his abilities, but that’s about it. His apathy also causes him to not care too much about anything, for better or for worse.

6 The Punisher


Punisher is the ultimate bada**. He’s one of the only heroes to ever be okay with killing his enemies. What Superman has in superpowers, he lacks in the ability to follow through with what Punisher believes must be done. He may not have superpowers, but his drive pushes him through his limitation, much in the way that Batman’s does. Frank Castle also has the skills to back up his beliefs. He’s a master of martial arts, espionage, and guerrilla warfare. With these skills, he wages a one-man war on the crime families. As he himself said, “You’re a monster, and I’m killing you. It’s not complicated.” A simple statement that defines one of the most feared anti-heroes of all time.

5 Jean Grey


Jean Grey is possibly the most powerful female in comics or the superhero world in general. She is an insanely powerful telepath, and her vast powers rival those of her mentor Professor X. Some claim she is the most powerful of the X-Men. She is also a powerful telekinetic, able to move objects with her mind. Of course her real scary side emerges when she becomes The Phoenix, as her powers become extremely volatile and seemingly endless. She is still a human, but when she manages her Phoenix transformation, she is nearly unstoppable, even by the most nefarious of villains.

4 Deadpool


Deadpool, or Wade Winston Wilson, is quite the antihero in the comics universe. Geek of geeks Wil Wheaton is known to be quite obsessed with him due to his dark comedic attitude and just overall bada** demeanor. Deadpool is so dark, he was originally portrayed as a villain. He was later rewritten into an antihero sort of role. Deadpool is kind of the comic relief of superhero comics. He often breaks the fourth wall to comedic effect, and he’s known to have quite the psychotic voice. He suffers from psychosis due to his mutation, which actually serves to make him even more chaotic and unpredictable when fighting. He also has accelerated healing and is trained in multiple martial arts and assassination styles.

3 Superman


With a name like “The Man of Steel” or even Superman itself, Clark Kent must be one of the most powerful heroes of all time. Luckily, he also has a strong sense of justice that keeps him on the path of good, unless you only base your opinion of him on the recent movie iteration of him who wrecked everything. His powers and abilities include flying (or long jumping in some iterations), super speed, super strength, X-ray vision, and heat vision. He is also incredibly strong in character and refuses to give up a fight. Unfortunately, he has the obvious weakness of kryptonite, which can sometimes render him useless.

2 Wolverine


Before undergoing military experimentation binding nearly-indestructible adamantium to his skeleton, mutant James Howlett was strong but not too impressive. After, however, he became a force to be reckoned with. His animal senses, strength, and healing factor provide him a huge edge in combat. He also ages at a reduced rate and can recover from almost any wound or physical ailment. The healing factor also enables him to survive the adamantium constantly poisoning him. On top of all that, he speaks multiple languages and is experienced in multiple arts of warfare. His most obvious weakness is perhaps the one to Magneto, who has power over metal, but that’s about it.

1 Batman


Batman may be a somewhat controversial choice for number one, but hear us out. Batman is just a regular human without superpowers, and that’s what makes him so bada**. The amount he has been able to accomplish without any super abilities is just incredible. Sure, his wealth is a huge asset, and surely that helps him out a lot, but he’s still just a plain human out there. He even went toe-to-toe with Superman in the famous Batman Returns story. He is at his physical peak, is one of the best criminologists in the world, and he has training with vast amounts of weapons, explosives, and other tools of the trade. He also can speak all languages and is called the world’s greatest detective.

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