Top 12 Men's Subscription Clubs That Are Actually Worth It

Gone are the days where subscriptions only apply to magazines and newspapers; whether you’re a fitness junkie, an avid snacker, or devoted to trying new craft beers every month – there’s a subscription box somewhere out there dedicated for just about everybody.

The subscription box business model has become wildly popular in just the last few years – most Facebook users know that it’s virtually impossible to scroll through a newsfeed without seeing ads pushing services like Ipsy or BarkBox onto consumers. The subscription box method is quickly becoming a way for a wide market of consumers to discover new products and brands without taking a step outside of their homes.

In order to determine and create a box that’s tailored for specific individuals, subscription box companies will create surveys for customers to complete that narrows down what products will be delivered every month. Since there are so many subscription clubs with different products and varying tiers of quality, the average monthly fee can fluctuate. Some users may be a part of a fitness subscription club that costs $100 a month, while others may just be a part of a snack subscription club, costing $10-$20 a month. Users will pay the price for their interests.

With a ton of monthly subscription boxes to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one; and it’s a challenge to determine which ones are really going to be worth the money. Here are 12 of the best subscription clubs to be a part of.

12 Craft Coffee

11 BroBox

10 Graze

9 Loot Crate

8 Birchbox for Men

7 BarkBox

6 Cairn

5 Dollar Shave Club

4 Try The World

3 Bespoke Post

2 Craft Beer Club

1 Carnivore Club

Warning: this is not a club for vegetarians. The Carnivore Club is all about catering to those who love to eat meat. The Carnivore Club is the first cured meat club, and every month, artisans from around the world are featured in the monthly boxes. The boxes that are delivered to customers are faux-wood, and are stuffed with four to six cured, handcrafted meats. The past few boxes have included artisan meat and cheeses, cured slow food-style pork, South African meats, and more. People who are a part of the Carnivore Club can choose to receive boxes monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. For those who plan on doing a monthly subscription, $50 is the price tag. Just want to try it out once? $55 is the price tag on a single box.

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Top 12 Men's Subscription Clubs That Are Actually Worth It