Top 12 Hottest Movie Moms

Hollywood has always been teeming with beautiful actresses primed to portray just about anyone they're tasked to. So it comes as no surprise that over the years we've had a wide variety of hot big-scr

Hollywood has always been teeming with beautiful actresses primed to portray just about anyone they're tasked to. So it comes as no surprise that over the years we've had a wide variety of hot big-screen moms dating back many years. The following list is dedicated to the "milf"-ish mothers who have been the object of many a young man's obsession (and older men too).

Milf stands for Mother I'd Like to Fornicate With, as it were. It is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (I know, right?) as "an attractive and stylish young mother" (not one of the OED's most precise denotations). Incidentally, this milf phenomenon (which can culturally be traced back to the original American Pie movie) has opened the door to many older women embracing their sexuality and sexiness well into their later years. Cougars, or women who are actively on the prowl for young men, have become an apparent part of our collective conscience.

Perhaps it's the taboo associated with an older woman being with a younger man (a la Mrs. Robinson in the Graduate) or perhaps men are interested in older, more mature women because they are just that - older and more mature than their younger counterparts. Older women possess a certain "je ne sais quoi," a confidence that young women typically don't possess.

The women on this list exemplify an old adage: that like fine wine, women too get better with age. In order to give readers a wide variety of sexy cinematic moms, I pulled from a variety of genres and eras, including some stars that you will be sure to recognize. Sit back, relax and let these sexy ladies seduce you.

12 Maria Bello in "A History of Violence"


Maria Bello isn't very known in Hollywood, but she manages to pull off roles in hit movies. The actress starred alongside Viggo Mortensen in the stellar (and unbelievably violent) crime-noir A History of Violence. In the movie, Bello plays the wife of Mortensen (who has a secret past) and the two have a son who becomes deeply involved in the film's violence.

11 Jane Seymour In "The Wedding Crashers"


Jane Seymour appeared in the 2005 comedy classic The Wedding Crashers as a dissatisfied wife dead set on seducing and making love to Owen Wilson's character John Beckwith. Seymour has a ton of tantalizing scenes throughout the course of the film and truly exemplifies an onscreen cougar.

10 Angelina Jolie In "Beowulf"


Angelina Jolie has been considered to be one of Hollywood's hottest actresses for quite some time. Jolie is the total package: cool, smart and, of course, smoking hot. In 2007's Robert Zemeckis-directed Beowulf (an overdone flop), Jolie plays the mother of the film's main antagonist, Grandel, portrayed by Crispin Glover.

9 Jennifer Coolidge In "American Pie"


Jennifer Coolidge is basically the milf that shook the nation. She was a largely unknown actress before American Pie. After portraying Stifler's mom in the original American Pie movie, the term "milf" was swiftly added to our lexicon. In the span of one summer (pretty much) everyone knew what a milf was. Coolidge played a buxom, sex-hungry older woman who preferred younger men (and she played it to a T).

8 Heather Graham in "The Hangover"


In The Hangover, Heather Graham plays a stripper and a mother named Jade who's married Stu (played by Ed Helms) during the crew's collective blackout. Heather Graham is great as usual and it's good to see her play a funny, bad girl role.

7 Beverly D'Angelo in "Vacation"


In 1983, Beverly D'Angelo first appeared as Ellen Griswold in National Lampoon's Vacation. Ellen, married to the doofy Clark Griswold (portrayed by the ever-hilarious Chevy Chase), is mother to two precocious youngsters, Rusty and Audrey. The film became a breakout hit, spawning a successful movie franchise that remains successful to this day.

6 Kathleen Turner In "Serial Mom"


Kathleen Turner was one of the hottest, most in-demand actresses in the 1980's, notably starring as a sultry femme-fatale alongside William Hurt in the stellar neo-noir Body Heat. But perhaps Turner is best remembered for her role as Beverly Sutphin in the 1994 John Waters-directed classic, Serial Mom. Turner plays a mother of two who uses her spare time to murder people for menial reasons.

5 Amy Stock-Poynton In "Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey"


Amy Stock-Poynton is a Cleveland-native who gained early notoriety by traversing her way through a series of rounds on the now-defunct Star Search. Stock-Poynton made appearances on Days of Our Lives and Dallas before scoring a role in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and later in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

4 Vivica A. Fox In "Independence Day"


Vivica A. Fox's portrayal of a mother in Independence Day is truly inspiring. As the world crumble's around her, Jasmine Dubrow (Vivica's character) keeps a level-head so that she can survive and protect her son. It's an inspiring performance but the most amazing thing is that Vivica looks amazing throughout.

3 Halle Berry In "Monster's Ball"


Easily the best single performance on this entire list. Monster's Ball tells the story of Leticia (Halle Berry) raising her son in a single family household after the execution of her husband (portrayed by Sean Combs). The story is touching and profound and Berry looks gorgeous throughout.

2 Anne Bancroft In "The Graduate"


Before there was a term, like milf or cougar, to describe a milf or a cougar, Anne Bancroft was already both. Upon The Graduate's release, many critics and moviegoers thought the whole idea to be taboo. An older woman seducing a younger man? On the big screen? Nonetheless, The Graduate transcended early derision and is still considered to this day to be a film of great importance (ranking at number 17 on the AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies List).

1 Beyonce Knowles In "Obsessed"


Although the movie Obsessed wasn't very well received critically, it gave viewers the opportunity to see Beyonce portray a strong, powerful mother. As we all know, Beyonce is one extremely hot mother and her performance in Obsessed is a testament to that. Pitted against an obsessed co-worker of her husband's,  Beyonce takes matters into her own hands and lays down an extreme ass-whooping on her co-star Ali Larter.

Admittedly, we would still rather see her perform on stage than on the big screen. Nevertheless, it just goes to show you how talented a person Beyonce truly is. Here's to hoping we see more of the singer on the big screen in the future.


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Top 12 Hottest Movie Moms