Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Too Bad-Ass To Wear A Mask

A superhero is someone with amazing and uncommon super powers, which he or she uses to fight against the forces of evil. However, some superheroes have to work with human limitations to achieve superhuman results, especially those who have to hide behind a mask. A mask for a superhero is never a bad thing, since in almost all situations they use masks to concealtheir identity. Leaving their identity out in the open for anyone, especially for the evil super villains to uncover, puts them in a very vulnerable position.

There are superheroes that, despite the risk of revealing their identity, walk around and fight crime without wearing a mask. Not to belittle Batman or Spider-Man in any way, but these mask-less superheroes are truly bad-ass, and here are some of the best in the world of crime fighting:

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10 Thor

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Thor, unlike most other protectors of the earth, is actually a god and has most of his responsibilities back in his home, Asgard. Thor is a protector of the weak and downtrodden, and fights enemies on a level that most other superheroes cannot even contend with. His brother Loki and his love for the human race might get the better of him at times, but Thor always rises up from all situations to emerge victorious. His unlimited strength, skills in combat, and his magic hammer make this superhero a force that no evil can withstand.

Hiding Thor's face with a mask would be futile, because a mere mask cannot deceive his enemies, and he is never vulnerable to attack.

9 Susan Storm Richards aka Invisible Woman

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Susan Richards is a key member of the Fantastic 4, a formidable superhero that villains can hardly see coming. When she turns in the Invisible Woman, she not only disappears, but she has the power to create force fields and manipulate them. Her powers make her a very useful member of the team, in addition to being the voice of reason when the boys are competing for glory.

The Invisible Woman does not need a mask, her invisibility powers are enough to allow her to hide from anyone. However, there have been numerous times that she has craved a normal life. For example, there was a time when Susan and Reed lived a quiet life in Belle Port, using fake identities as the Benjamin Family.

8 James Howlett "Logan" aka Wolverine

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Of all the X-Men, Wolverine has one of the simplest forms of mutation, but is also one of the most dangerous and feared mutants. Logan, which is his name when he is interacting peacefully with the humans, likes to seclude himself from other mutants, and only comes to the scene when people really need him. His ability to heal in seconds, his razor sharp claws, and a no-nonsense attitude makes him indestructible and unstoppable. Unlike other superheroes and law enforcement officers, the Wolverine is more than willing to cross the line and do what needs to be done to bring down the bad guys.

While older X-Men comics and cartoons show wolverine's face partially concealed by a mask in his traditional yellow and black costume, more recent comics and film representations prefer to leave his face fully exposed, which makes sense. Wolverine does not need to wear a mask because he is already dealing with demons, present and past, which constantly haunt him, and he can take care of himself. Wolverine cannot have Gean Grey, the love of his life, and therefore he has nothing left to lose. Besides, his immortality is reason enough not to hide his face from evil.

7 Natasha Romanova aka Black Widow

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Arguably, the superhero world has not seen a spy or master of disguise who can match up to Natasha Romanova. This woman might not have any super human abilities such as the power of flight or the strength of ten men, but she can surely use her wit, her disguises, her fighting skills, and her striking beauty to take down ten men easily. She goes by the name Black Widow, a name that has nothing to do with her marital status; it is all about her training. This super spy usually appears in scarlet hair, and is able to penetrate any secret organization and destroy it from the inside.

The Black Widow does not need a mask, since villains have no way of discovering who she is. She fights side by side with the Avengers, and is often on SHIELD assignments.

6 Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk

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The Hulk is indestructible. Nothing on earth can harm Dr. Bruce Banner, especially when he is angry. From the latest Avengers movie, Dr. Banner reveals that he once tried killing himself with a bullet to the mouth, only for the Hulk to spit it out moments later. Other superheroes wear a mask to protect their heads, but this green wrecking ball can take it all in and let out his rage on any villain with ultimate crushing power.

There have been countless plots to exploit the Hulk's power, with all of them failing miserably. Whether his enemies try to kill him, attack him by surprise, or even shoot him up to space, he always comes back and delivers justice the hardest way known to crime fighting. He therefore does not need to hide his face with a mask, the fear he strikes into everyone he faces and his drastic change in appearance from human to Hulk leave no reason for Dr. Banner to worry about his identity.

5 Ororo Munroe aka Storm

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Ororo Munroe is a member, and often times leader, of the X-Men, owing to her awesome leadership skills and climate altering superpowers. Popularly going by the name "Storm", this blue eyed and white haired princess with African roots can rain hailstones from hell on her enemies without breaking a sweat. In addition to her weather manipulation capabilities, Storm can fly, perceive energy, resist telepathy, perform magical acts, resist extreme temperatures, and fight like the best of the superheroes.

Storm does not need to wear a mask because her identity is not a secret, and everyone knows where to find her. Besides, she can hide under a cloud of darkness in broad daylight if she has to.

4 John Stewart aka The Green Lantern

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The Green Lantern has unlimited powers. When John Stewart wears his ring, he transforms from a vulnerable human being into an indestructible superhero with amazing superpowers. The abilities of Green Lantern are only limited by the imagination of the wearer of the ring, and John Stewart is a very creative fellow. John is a real-life architect and a retired expert marine sniper, qualities that make him even more dangerous when wearing the ring. Unlike other Green Lanterns, John is 100% human, a quality that gives him compassion and a willpower that exceeds his ring's limitations.

The Green Lantern does not need to wear a mask because he has no one in the entire universe to fear. Furthermore, the Green Lantern protects the earth mainly from external and alien invaders, beings that could care less what he does when he is not playing superhero.

3 Clark Kent aka Superman

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Superman is his real identity; Clark Kent is the disguise. Unlike Bruce Wayne who turns into Batman or Peter Parker who turns into Spider-man, Superman turns into Clark Kent; Superman is himself when he is in his costume. Images of his father Jor-El and mother Lara reveal that in Krypton, wearing a costume is the order of the day, meaning that Superman is at home in his red and blue costume and his cape.

This brings us to the conclusion that Clark Kent is the disguise, and it would be absurd for Clark to walk around wearing a mask. People tend to disagree with who Superman is trying to fool with his alter ego, but because Superman is indeed an alien, despite spending all of his childhood on earth, Clark Kent is just a cover to help him blend into this world.

2 Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman

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Diana Prince is one of the most powerful female superheroes of all time. This key member of the Justice League came to the scene in 1940, and has proved over the years to be an asset to the team. What makes this woman stand out from the crowd is her "Lasso of Truth," her limitless Amazonian strength, and of course, her indestructible gauntlets.

Wonder Woman did not start out as a Superhero; she was once an innocent girl who hardly knew a single English word. As she grew up, she received warrior training and the ability to use deadly force in circumstances that required it. Her identity has never been a weakness, and wearing a mask on her beautiful face would just not be fair to her fans.

1 J'onn J'onzz aka The Martian Manhunter

Via wallpaperest.com

J'onn J'onzz is an alien being from Mars and he yields more power even compared to Superman or any other superhero. This Martian Manhunter is always downplaying his abilities, probably so that the rest of his team can play a part in executing justice. Some of the abilities that set him apart from the other superheroes are being able to read anyone's mind, to change into any shape that he desires, he has Superman's X-ray vision, power of flight, invulnerability, strength, and can even walk through walls. J'onn J'onzz is a powerhouse of all possible superpowers, which means he can protect the world singlehandedly. Apart from fire to some extent, J'onn J'onzz has no weaknesses, which make this Martian a force to reckon with. With the above said about J'onn, why would he even need a mask?

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