The 10 Best Nude Beaches To Visit In The U.S

Are you getting ready for your last beach blowout of the weekend this upcoming Labor Day? So excited you're already packing? Suntan lotion. Check. Sunglasses. Check. Umbrella. Check. Beach blanket check. Cooler with beer and other necessary provisions. Check. Bathing suit? You're not going to need that where you're going!

South Beach, Virginia Beach, South Padre Island, and Malibu may be great places for many, but they don't offer what you need – nude sunbathing and/or swimming. Besides, who wants to deal with the insane crowds and traffic. You not only seek to "get away from it all," you want to "take it all off."

While you may think this requires dusting off your passport and wondering if three days is enough for a jaunt on a European riviera or the Brazilian coast, many opportunities to beach bathe in the nude exist in the United States. And not just in Florida, the nudist resort capital of the country, due to its hefty older population and um, warm weather.

Nudist beaches dot the United States on many of its coasts and some points in between. Find out 10 great locations in 10 different states where your whole body can have some fun in the sun! With this list, you can settle back into the September grind of work and school well rested, relaxed, and without the burden of tan lines.

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10 UFO Beach - South Padre Island, Texas

Via tower.life

Even though we listed South Padre as an area to avoid over Labor Day weekend, if you are dragged with a group over to that beach mecca, maybe you could slip off for a nude respite on one of the stranger places on the list. Why is it called UFO Beach? A now greatly-decorated emergency evacuation vehicle/pod that drifted ashore after a storm in 2010 bears an uncanny resemblance to a flying saucer. And if you really want to see a UFO at its nudest, try Spring Break.

9 Lighthouse Beach - Islip, N.Y.

Via http://www.lighthousebeachtimes.com/

Leave it to the nude beach in the shadow of the nation's largest city of New York to have the most comprehensive website of any of the inclusions on the list. Part of Fire Island National Seashore, the Lighthouse Beach has its own newsletter that even has an FAQ list. Perhaps the most interesting answer is why the central part of the beach requires clothing, even while one is merely transiting from the east to west portions. The answer is that school trips often visit the lighthouse - hence the beach name - and use that part of the beach to get to it. Additionally, students get a bird's eye view when reaching the top.

8 Kehena Beach - Pahoa, Hawaii

Via http://www.lighthousebeachtimes.com/

Aloha! For the unique experience of black sand between your toes and every other part, with the related disadvantages of a hike on a lava-rock trail, travel across the Pacific to the Big Island of Hawaii. Of course, this dissuades gawkers, except for the spinner dolphins that come by.

If you feel the ground move, it might not be a large sunbather walking. The area was hit by a large earthquake in 1979 that damaged the concrete stairs leading to the beach.

7 Denny Blaine Park - Seattle, Washington

Via wikipedia

Like many on this list, this stretch of beach in an urban park on the shoreline of Seattle's Lake Washington is not officially nudist. Although the beach area is only about 80-feet long, the small size is a small price to pay for the convenience of an urban location. It's even close to several bus lines in the eastern part of the city. Blaine is not only an unusual location in being a public park, it has even been called the "father of the Seattle Park System." The only negative is that in the often chilly Northwest, bathers have less of a chance to get in the water.

6 Gunnison Beach - Middletown, N.J.

Via www.yelp.com

If you think it still counts as nude if you have coats of hair gel and heavy gold chains, you may want to check out the disputed best nude beach in the Northeast, right on the Jersey Shore. This beach even has its own slogan, “Life is Short: Play Naked.” And word has it, the players are a pretty average lot and you won't stand out even if you don't quite have the abs of "The Situation." We're sure even New Jersey's number 1 citizen, Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen," would approve. And the top fictional citizen would say, "Bada bing!"

5 Collins Beach - Sauvie Island, Oregon

Via elisabethrosephotography.format.com

Heading back to the Northwest, we come to our first inland beach, which is on the Columbia River. Not too far from Portland, you can still get that weird, funky vibe among the clientele. But access to such an experience can be a little rocky, as the last quarter-mile drive is down a gravel road. But we still think it's worth it, especially with a cooler, packed full of some of the area's micro brews, and perhaps some Voodoo Doughnuts.

4 Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Via pinterest.com

Staying with the inland theme, nude sunbathing is even possible in the desert southwest. Although numerous signs officially prohibit it as the many springs around the village of Jemez Springs are in the Santa Fe National Forest, many visitors have been know to bare it all. This is one spot on the list where we guarantee shrinkage will not be an issue! Best of all, you are still within a reasonable driving distance of having a dressy dinner in Santa Fe that very evening.

3 Jefferson Pools Warm Springs, Virginia

Via www.gokeemgo.com

Rounding out the non-traditional beach entries, the most historic place in America to swim in the buff is at these spring-bed pools, which are part of the exclusive Homestead Resort. But they carry a separate fee and you are not required to take a pricey overnight stay. The pools are in fact named after Thomas Jefferson, an early bather, and you can even see the chair used to lower Robert E. Lee's wife into the waters. It is not a great location for gawking or bringing the kids though, as the facility has separate men's and women's pools and do not allow anyone under age 18 during normal hours.

2 Black's Beach - San Diego, CA

Via en.wikipedia.org

No list of nude beaches would be complete without some California girls! Surrounded by sheer cliff walls, it has the seclusion of Kehena, but comes with some unique California touches like more fit bodies than the typical nude beach and surfers. Not sure if it includes a place for a good fish taco.

Honorable mention: While we only did one beach per state, we would be remiss not to mention San Francisco's Baker Beach. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge may even eclipse the view of your fellow beach goers.

1 Haulover Beach - Miami, FL

Via guia.melhoresdestinos.com.br

No question that America's nudist capital of Florida would take the top spot on the list. The main advantages of Haulover Beach are year-round pleasant air and water temperatures. Unlike some of the more secluded spots on the list, you can walk to numerous hotels near this beach and make a true weekend out of it with little labor. Haulover is not only tops in the United States, it is considered one of the best nude beaches in the world, as up to 7,000 people learn every day!

Have fun and see (all of) you in September!

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