Top 10 Most Unusual Silicone Inventions

When silicone was first discovered, many people thought that it was only used for a few things. For instance, when many think of breast implants, we think of silicone and not much else in regards to what else is used. As a matter of fact, when the word “silicone” is brought up in a light conversation, many times giggling ensues as people think of the one thing that silicone was originally used for. This isn’t because of immaturity; this is due to years of believing that breast implants were the only thing that silicone could be used for.

Silicone is a man-made material that is made up of chemicals that are used to create plastics, lubricants, rubber and polishes. Today silicone has many different uses; including wire coverings, cookware and kitchen utensils, dry cleaning (as a liquid), cell phone cases, electronics, and making molds. It can also be used in medicine (such as the breast implants and gel), ophthalmology and many, many more. It has been used for convenience, as well as for fun. A lot of the odd uses on this list fall under the category of “not so beneficial, but fun”, and they are definitely unusual.


10 Dead Mark, The Smushed Human Bookmark

There are still some people out there who read books made of paper. Don’t those people deserve to have an unusual, over-the-top bookmark, instead of some plain piece of paper that they found on the floor, or folding over the corner of a page, to keep their place? If those who are reading a Stephen King book aren't freaked out enough by his creepy stories, then why not have a bookmark made of silicone that is a weird human body that is flattened, with a head stuck out of the top, to save their place? There is nothing like seeing a human head stuck out of a page of Skeleton Crew.

9 Dead People De-Stressers

If the smashed-up human bookmarks aren't creepy enough for you, and you seem to find yourself being stressed out at work, check out some of the silicone products made available. These dead people will help you get rid of some of that stress creatively and a bit creepily. Stress Paul Stress Reliever is a new twist on the old stress ball, except for the fact that he is in the shape of a purple man that can be squished into a ball if you are feeling a bit moody. If squashing up a silicone-made violet-colored person isn't enough of a stress-relief, try Splat Stan Coaster, where you can just slam your cup of coffee down on top of him so he looks like he was flattened by a semi-truck. There is also the Dead Fred Pen Holder, where you can take your frustrations out by stabbing it multiple times with a pen; or the Hanging Harry Light Pull, so you can hang a man without actually hanging a man (especially if a real man has made you angry).

8 A “Pot” Holder

If irony is your thing, and you have a pretty good sense of humor, sometimes a normal pot holder just doesn't seem like something you would want in your kitchen. Apparently there are people who feel the same way, so they took the term “pot holder” quite literally and created one out of silicone that looks like a marijuana leaf. It is actually designed to keep your table from being burned, or from burning your hands while holding a pan. Seemingly, silicone is pretty useful for when it comes to creating pot holders. The 100% silicone hot pad can manage to keep you safe from hot temperatures up to 500 degrees F (260 C), and can essentially be cut into any design that you like, if you don’t want pot leaves sitting around your kitchen.

7 Shoes That Look Like Your Feet

Perhaps you really like your feet, and you just don’t want to cover them up with normal running shoes. Or maybe you don’t feel like your feet are hitting enough ground while jogging. If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck! Inov-8 has created a running shoe, called The Evoskin Silicone Shoe, which is designed to be shaped just like your feet. It has toes cut out, so you can feel each of your toes moving and will be able to feel every little pebble that you may come across. It is said that they are not designed for running on pavement, though.

6 Iperbolica Armchairs

Feeling like your living room needs something new and artsy? Look no further! Designer Alessandro Ciffo (from Italy) has created a lot of silicone armchairs (eleven different kinds, actually) that he calls “Iperbolica”. He designed these chairs to honor all of the artists who inspired Ciffo in the past. The chairs are bright, colorful and pieces of art all on their own. They are made of silicone, so it makes one wonder just how comfortable these chairs might be. It is doubtful that anyone who owns one actually cares, though, since they are considered more art than function.

5 Testicle Phone Covers

Why anyone would use these is much of a mystery. These look like normal, rubberized phone covers, until you look at the top (or is it the bottom?) of the phone and it has little testicles dangling down from it. These really are for sale, and they are called, “phoneballs”. They are for anyone who wants tiny testicles hanging down in front of their face while talking to someone else. Sounds fantastic (in a warped, creepy kind of way). You can obtain one for your iPhone right now, for a low, low price of only $13.99.

4 Breast and Derriere Enhancements (For Your Mouse Pad)

How many times have you been sitting at your desk at work, thinking to yourself, “This work would be so much more interesting, if only my mouse pad had a set of boobs”? Ever? Or have you ever thought, “Wow, I love this mouse pad, too bad it doesn't have a large rear end attached to it”? If you have had either of those thoughts, then you are in luck! You can order your busty mouse pad straight off of the internet, and don’t even have to worry about being embarrassed to walk into the store and ask for one. You can also find the rear-end version on the world-wide web, as well.


3 Man Enhancer or Backsides For Women



Remember back in the day when men would put a sock in their pants to make them appear “bigger”? Now they don’t have to use rolled up socks; there is an enhancer made of silicone that is called “Big Boy”. It fits right underneath the man’s pants, underwear, shorts, or even bathing suit.

There is also an enhancer for women for their buttocks. The days of “I don’t want to wear that because my butt looks too big”, are over. These days, women want bigger rear ends, and there are silicone enhancers that are made just for that, they are called 'Junk In My Trunk'. Both the 'Big Boy' and 'Junk In My Trunk' are temporary silicone parts that slide right into the clothing of men and women. They can be removed later, so there is no commitment to having a larger area for a long amount of time. This is great if the trends change and smaller booties are “in” again.

2 JCDC Gummy Me Watch

The 'JCDC Gummy Me' is a watch that is shaped like a rabbit. It is made to be flexible, and dangles on the wrist like a bracelet. It is a little odd-looking, but for those who are into anime, Japanese culture, or someone who just likes odd creations, it may just be the perfect gift for them. The watch itself, is flexible and looks to fit just about any size wrist. The eyes are on the front of the timepiece, and glow in the dark. This adds to the uniqueness (or weirdness) of the watch.

1 Realistic Adult Toys Made From 3D Printers


Now that the world has 3D printers available, people can print out pretty much whatever they want. That process seems to be getting a little bit out of control with the things that people are creating. One of those items that are being printed are “adult toys”, and a company called The New York Toy Collective has been creating them out of silicone for adults to use, and they can be made in the privacy of their own homes. People can scan their body parts instead of having to make casts of it, and voila! A perfectly fit vagina or penis is made. It takes away the mess and the embarrassment of having to do this in public (if people were really doing this in public).


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