Top 10 Most Underrated Marvel Comics Villains

When it comes to certain Marvel comic book villains, they get all the respect in the world - either because their power or presence is so obviously impressive, or because their movie depictions (if in

When it comes to certain Marvel comic book villains, they get all the respect in the world - either because their power or presence is so obviously impressive, or because their movie depictions (if indeed they have had one) have presented them to mainstream audiences with all the powers and/or abilities they have in the comic books.

Examples include the likes of Abomination (who was presented as being a legitimate threat to the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just like he is in the comic books), The Joker (who has been presented in movies as being every bit as much of a scourge to Batman as he is in the comic books), Doomsday (who has always been portrayed as being able to physically throw down with Superman in the comic books) and Thanos (who, as well as being godlike and possessing a versatile power-set in the comic books, is set to be the "Big Bad" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), but other villains don't get all the respect they deserve.

The extremes of this notion vary. Some villains get a lot of respect, but most people still aren't fully aware of the extent of some of their abilities, while others are laughed off completely when they really shouldn't be - and this list will contain a mix of both and everything in between.

Here are the ten most underrated villains in Marvel comic books (and the reasons why that's the case):

10 Taskmaster

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Taskmaster (or Anthony "Tony" Masters) first appeared in Avengers #195 in May 1980. He is an Avengers villain but as a mere human, he is generally seen as someone whose limit is fighting against characters of Captain America's level. However, he has proven himself to be far more capable than that.

9 Magneto

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You're probably wondering what on Earth Magneto is doing on this list. He's well-known, popular and everyone knows he's extremely powerful. But thanks to the X-Men movies, most people think his only power is that he can control metal. That couldn't be more wrong.

8 The Void

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The Void is obviously powerful and nobody really denies that, but the actual levels of that power are often underrated - and that's generally because of the fact that he (or "it") is the alter-ego of the Sentry (also known as Robert Reynolds). The Sentry, who first appeared in The Sentry #1 in September 2000, just hasn't really been taken to by fans, in spite of the fact that he's arguably the most powerful Avenger ever.

7 Kingpin

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Kingpin (also known as Wilson Fisk) is a highly respected villain amongst fans of the Marvel universe, but the full extent of his abilities are often overlooked. Sure, he's tough, but he is also mostly known as being a criminal mastermind and an astute businessman who relies on henchmen to provide the muscle when it comes to physical combat.

6 Norman Osborn

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Like Kingpin before him, it's not as if Norman Osborn is disrespected by the masses. He most certainly isn't, but the levels of his threat in the Marvel universe are often overlooked. Having first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #14 in July 1964, Osborn has classically been seen as an astute businessman who is merely a threat to Spider-Man (thanks largely to his movie depictions), but he is also so much more.

5 Count Nefaria

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Count Nefaria is underrated for the simple reason that he's not very well known. It's something of a surprise that he doesn't have the same status in popular culture as Marvel's higher-profile villains, because he is actually something of a beast. In fact, he's perhaps one of the more powerful non-cosmic villains in all of Marvel comic books (think evil Superman with extra energy-based powers to boot).

4 Molecule Man

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He might have a silly name and have started out life as a mere human, but Molecule Man (also known as Owen Reece) is one of the most powerful characters in the whole of the Marvel universe - at least when he's at his most powerful, anyway.

3 The Scourge

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The Scourge of the Underworld - who was first seen in Iron Man #194 in May 1985 - is a relatively little-known character who is actually a persona or title played by a number of different unnamed individuals. His backstory changes and is ultimately mysterious, but they include him being the personal assassin of the Red Skull and a vigilante funded by the original Angel (a Marvel hero from the World War II era).

2 Doctor Doom

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Like Magneto, you're probably wondering why Doctor Doom is on this list. He's one of the most well-known villains in comic books, right? True, but most people only see him as a genius who acquires power in the form of sought-after objects - seeing his actual physical threat in his standard form as minimum - but that's a long way short of the truth (and the Fantastic Four movies have done him no favours with mainstream audiences).

1 Kang The Conqueror

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Kang the Conqueror (also known as Nathaniel Richards) isn't really known outside of the comic book community, but he's basically a more advanced version of Doctor Doom in pretty much every way (Doom has even admitted as much, which never happens!) Such is his might that comic book fans are calling for him to succeed Thanos as the "Big Bad" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after its third phase comes to a conclusion.

First appearing in Avengers #8 in September of 1964 (as Kang, having appeared as Rama-Tut a year earlier), Kang is a time-travelling genius who wears armour that reflects the fact that he comes from the 30th century. If you name it, his armour can probably do it. It enables him to travel through and stop time (and send others through time), he can project illusions, manipulate gravity and magnetic fields, can turn all forms of energy (including magic) back on opponents to use against them and easily tank shots from Warrior Madness Thor hitting him with Mjolnir (as well as much, much more). Kang is also an incredible hand-to-hand combatant, having learned martial arts from across time and has near-unrivalled willpower.

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