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Top 10 Most Popular Royal British Name

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Top 10 Most Popular Royal British Name

10. Philip

Prince Philip who is the husband of Elizabeth II has it. His grandson and great-grandson both have Philip in their names. Also, King Philip who was the husband of Queen Mary (Tudor) and, by law, shared her title.


9. Louis

NPG P1219; Louis Mountbatten, Earl Mountbatten of Burma by Bernard Lee ('Bern') Schwartz

Prince George (the newly born baby) and Prince William who got it from his great-uncle, Earl Mountbatten both have it though it sounds more French. George I, who was George Louis had also used it.

8. Arthur

Albert Frederick Arthur George

George VI was the first king to have this name in his set as Albert Frederick Arthur George. Prince Albert, George VI and Prince Charles had it in their names.

7. Charles


Charles was used by two kings back in the 1600s.  Charles has been popular among European royalty as the Holy Roman Emperor Charles the Great, popularly known as Charlemagne.

6. Frederick

george frederick

All the last four King Georges had this name in their set. Frederick was also a very popular name for royals in other Germanic countries, such as Prussia and Denmark.

5. Albert


Only Queen Victoria’s prince consort had this name because the Queen’s son, grandson, and two great-grandsons all became kings with their name on their birth certificates.

4. William


William has been used six times including the current Prince William but four of them have been King William including William the Conqueror.

3. Edward

King Edward VII

King Edward VII who was actually Albert Edward and King Edward VIII had it as their reigning name. It actually appeared eight times including Edward the Confessor and Edward the Martyr before 1066.

2. Henry

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII had it and the only monarch to use the name since William Henry, also known as William IV.

1. George

George Alexander Louis

George is the most popular name having been used nine times including Kate and William’s newly born George Alexander Louis.  As patron saint of England, six kings had it in their names including Prince Charles Philip Arthur George and Edward VIII whose name was taken from all the four patron saints of Great Britain – George Andrew Patrick David.

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