Top 10 Most Overexposed Celebrities Ever

most overexposed celebrities

The public is always interested in celebs. It is just what we average folks do. We read glossy magazines and learn about their latest affair, plastic surgery, or other scandal. We veg out on the couch and tune in to their latest reality-show episode or DVD-movie release. We listen in on the radio about how they are going to be in Tokyo and London and – gasp – our hometown. Most people love keeping tabs on celebrities, but there are many of the rich and famous who are just way to exposed.

This list covers the 10 most overexposed celebrities ever. From the Kardashian clan to the young celebs who were once America's sweethearts, this list shows us just who is getting too much spotlight for their own good. Some of these celebrities have made tracks with their music or acting skills. Others are famous just because they have money (or their parents do.) Yes, we have YouTube and reality television to thank for the overexposure of Snooki and the Jersey Shore crowd, as well as Paris Hilton. Sex tape or no, she doesn't bring much to the table.

We hope you enjoy reading (even more) about these overexposed celebs. Unfortunately this will probably not be the last time you read or hear about them.

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10 Kourtney Kardashian

As the oldest of the Kardashian sisters (she is 36 years old), Kourtney is one of the most talked-about celebs. Why? For no other reason than the fact that she is famous for being famous. She is definitely an overexposed woman, but to her credit, she delved into the fashion business industry with her two sisters, Kim and Khloe. They launched a number of clothing lines as well as fragrances, and even released a book because everyone is doing that nowadays. As if we did not get enough of her in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she starred in Kourtney and Khloe Take New York and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

9 Paris Hilton

Oh, Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton. What has this girl ever done for anyone? Maybe she pampers her pooch, but we think that is pretty much as far as her nature of giving goes. We suppose she did try to be relevant, what with her sex tape, 1 Night in Paris. Oh, and she did star in the reality show The Simple Life with Nicole Richie. And she coined the term “that's hot,” although you would not catch us dead saying it. She used her money to endorse fragrances and pose as a model for Donald Trump's modeling agency. Um, what else has she done? Well, she is blonde. Does that count?

8 Khloe Kardashian

Yes, this list is mostly made up of Kardashians. Well, just about half of it. Khloe is the sister of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and has earned a spot on this list for her overexposure in the press, on the television, and on magazines in your local supermarket. The 30-year-old has made a bigger name for herself in recent years (she was often the jilted one in the Kourtney-Kim-Khloe trio) and she has been becoming more and more apparent in the public sphere. Lucky for us. She was married to b-ball star Lamar Odom before divorcing him in 2013. Stepping out on her own, she co-hosted The X Factor and continues to be famous for nothing much.

7 Snooki

With a name like Snooki, it has to be bad. So it is with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, one of the cast members of the MTV show Jersey Shore. She became famous for giving good ol' New Jersey and its inhabitants a bad name. Really, she even angered some New Jerseyans. With her straightened hair, horribly artificial tan, and booty shorts, she became an overexposed pseudo-celebrity who has somehow still managed to stay in the public eye. Why can't she just go away!? Unfortunately, offshoots of the Snooki persona have manifested in Snooki-inspired suntan lotions, tanning lotions, and other beauty supplies.

6 Kim Kardashian

At age 34, Kim is the middle of the ever-so-classy trio of older Kardashian sisters. Along with Kourtney and Khloe, Kim has dominated the spotlight and stolen it away from more pressing and interesting matters. She married Kayne West (…) and the two have a baby named North West. Of course. Kim's butt is its own subject, and may as well have a place on this list as well, but we will let the rest of Kim's body adorn this spot on the list. Kim is one of the top earning reality television personalities, making about $6 million. She is a prime example of how being famous for being famous can have its perks.

5 Honey Boo Boo

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We hope you have never wasted an hour of your life watching the TLC show Toddlers in Tiaras. Yet, if you have, you probably know about Honey Boo Boo. In fact, people all over the place know about Honey Boo Boo because this 9-year-old (otherwise known as Alana Thompson) is super exposed. She even got her own show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. She is a self-righteous kid who prances around in tutus and two-piece bathing suits while her baby fat flaps in the wind. This girl has attitude and we really do not think it is just for the cameras, which is a shame.

4 Kris Jenner

3 Lindsay Lohan

We feel bad for Lindsay Lohan, really we do. She was queen of the teenage starlets a decade or so ago, starring in hits like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. Back in her Parent Trap days, she had all the promise and potential of a great star-in-the-making. So what happened? Drugs. Alcohol. DUIs. Skipped court dates. Violating parole. Then...being kicked out of movies she was cast to star in, whisked away to jail in handcuffs, seen on television screens around the world while the public shakes their heads in disgust. Maybe LiLo can turn it around. Maybe not. Yet she will continue to be overexposed.

2 Miley Cyrus

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The world will never be the same ever since Miley Cyrus decided to drop the Hannah Montana act and become … some crazed, pink-armpit-haired, wild child called Miley. We are not sure where the once-flourishing young starlet went (but conspiracy theorists say she died and is being replaced by an insane look-alike). Actually, we may find more solace in believing those outrageous rumors than taking even one more look at how Miley Cyrus has thrown her life away. She is a textbook example of how tween stars in the Disney machine become totally whacked-out adults. R.I.P; normal Miley Cyrus.

1 Justin Bieber

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Finally, the number one overexposed celeb is...Justin Bieber! The Biebs has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, but he has morphed and drastically changed from the YouTube boy-band-ready teen he once was. Now Justin Bieber is a young adult with some outrageous shenanigans and quotes under his belt. He got a lot of flak for his obviously photoshopped Calvin Klein underwear ad, and hangs out with the likes of Floyd Mayweather, so he is getting some nice schooling in how to be a grade-A jerk. Teenage girls still swoon over him, but we are pretty sure parents are so over it.

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