Top 10 Most Commonly Used Illegal Drugs

Times are changing and it appears that certain drugs are slowly becomming legal in certain places around the world. While the fight to legalize marijuana is strong in some locations it is one of the only drugs that is on the path to becomming legal. Other heavier drugs will probably never become legal but that doesn't stop people from using them anyway in private so they do not get caught. Here is the list of top 10 most commonly used illegal drugs worldwide.

10 Psilocybin Mushrooms

These mushrooms are commonly known as magic mushrooms. These mushrooms are said to have capabilities to transport you into an alternate world. This creates hallucinations that are difficult to term as delusions.


Phencyclidine is a narcotic drug that also gives you hallucinations. It is a commonly known as angel dust or wet. Its psychoactive effects only last for a few hours but complete elimination of this drug from your body could take weeks.


LSD is known as Lysergic acid diethylamide in scientific language. LSD is usually administered in illegal psychotherapy and meditation. It causes such real hallucinations that it can completely change the life of an individual. LSD also causes a change in perspective, personality and goals of many individuals. Though, user to user experience can vary.

7 Ecstasy

Ecstacy is a recreational drug and causes increased awareness of one's senses. It is usually used before having sex as it heightens your senses. People often feel a sense of mental clarity and self awareness. Physical touch by others becomes pleasurable. Side effects include increased pulse rate and jaw clenching.

6 Opium

Opium is a narcotic drug that is found in the latex of seed pods of opium. It contains sixteen percent morphine and it has a similar effect on your body like morphine. Morphine, if used in non abusive quantities, is used as a pain killer. Doctors usually administer this drug in one's body after a surgery.

5 Marijuana

Marijuana is derived from the plant cannabis sativa. This drug is being administered by humans since prehistoric times. This drug has various psychological and physiological effects. This drug is usually smoked or ingested. In colloquial language you get a feeling of high after administering this drug. People end up consuming poisonous quantities of this drug to get this feeling. Many times people also die of heart attacks after ingesting this drug in amounts that are poisonous.

4 Cocaine

Cocaine is an alkanoid drug that is derived from coca plant. It stimulates your central nervous system and causes a sense of euphoria by increasing adrenaline in your blood stream. The effects of having an increase in adrenaline are; increased energy levels, increased heart beat, increased pulse rate, your body becomes ready to fight or flight, become pale, heightened senses and hyperactivity. Due to these effects it is often abused by sportsmen. Its withdrawal symptoms include hormonal imbalance, itching, and paranoia.

3 Methamphetamine

Metamphetamime is popularly referred as ice or meth. This drug has a similar action to cocaine as it stimulates your brain and mind and triggers the release of hormones like serotonin, adrenaline, nor adrenaline and dopamine. These hormones create a sense of euphoria and give you a feeling of well being. Its side effects include; obsessive compulsive disorder and loss of appetite. Its withdrawal symptoms include; anxiety attacks, drug craving and depression.

2 Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is commonly known as crack and became popular in the early 1980's. It is cocaine that is actually free based. These days baking soda is used to provide a free base than ammonia as baking soda has low toxic levels. Crack cocaine is smoked and creates a sense of euphoria and hallucination. Many people also report the feeling of getting cocaine bug which is a feeling of getting infested by bugs while on the drug.

1 Heroin

Most common drug that is used worldwide is Heroin. Heroin is made from the extracts of the plant opium poppy. Heroin is taken through an injection and it directly enters the blood stream. From the blood it reaches the brain where it forces the release of endorphin hormones like serotonin. This hormone gives you a feeling of well being. This hormone is also released when you eat chocolate. This drug was created to help cure people of morphine addiction but it soon turned out that this drug mimics the action of morphine in the brain.

The greatest drug of all is life and if you learn the art to take it then you wouldn't require these drugs to make your life fun and interesting.

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Top 10 Most Commonly Used Illegal Drugs