Top 10 Holiday Gifts For The Geek In Your Life

awesome gifts for nerds

No matter how hard you look, there is always going to be someone on your Christmas list that is impossible to buy for. It is even worse when you find the perfect item, only to realize that they've already bought it for themselves! For some people on your list though, you may find it easier now than ever before.

When it comes to society, what was once considered geeky (superheroes, Star Wars, etc...) are now being thrust into the mainstream like never before. The result? A ton of really cool merchandise that help fit almost every niche of your life. You might have someone that is a huge Star Wars fan and think they have everything there is related to it, but there is always something new coming out. You would be amazed at the sheer variety of different geeky gift ideas that are out there for this Christmas season.

One of the best ways to make sure that the gift you give someone is special, is to make sure it plays into some of their major interests. Whether you are looking for a gift that is practical or one that is just supposed to make them smile, there are little ways to make sure your partner knows you've thought about them and made them feel loved.

Keep your head up even if you feel like Christmas is getting closer and you are starting to stress. The important part of a gift is that it comes from you, and that you put thought into it. The items on this list may not have always been the coolest, but some of them are also a fantastic example of just how far technology is going and how cool that can be.

Regardless of where your own geeky habits lie, these are 10 of the most unique and cool items that you can pick up this holiday season.

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10 Captain America Winter Soldier Watch 

Via ThinkGeek

You might be a huge superhero fan, but you may not be able to flaunt it to the level that you would enjoy. That is why one of the coolest things about this gift is the simplicity of it. Sometimes having a nice watch like this is a subtle way to remind yourself that you are a superhero (okay, that might be a little cheesy, but still). It’s a beautiful shade of blue, and features the iconic symbol of Captain America. Watches for the character Nightwing, S.H.I.E.L.D and other pop culture references are also available.

9 Magic Wand – Programmable TV Remote 

Via thewandcompany.com

Do you want to feel like you are living in the future? This is how you feel like you are living in the future. This is a magic wand that you can program to work as your TV remote. It pairs easily enough for everyone to figure out, and adds some excitement to the usual activity of watching TV. The idea is that instead of using a boring remote, you can instead feel like you are casting magical spells. Sign me up! You might be concerned about losing it, but that would also imply that you ever let it out of your hand. Use this when watching Harry Potter for maximum coolness.

8 Deluxe Jedi/Sith Robes 

Via amazon.com

Did you know that apparently Snuggies aren’t exactly considered "sexy"? This was a shock to my system as well, but my girlfriend assures me it is the case. Perhaps she’d make an exception for this incredibly awesome deluxe Jedi (...or Sith) robe! What better way to come home from watching the new Star Wars, like lounging back in a robe that makes you feel like you could totally take over or save the galaxy if you felt like it? Hell, you use this with the magic wand mentioned above and I’d be pretty convinced of your Jedi powers.

7 Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System 

Via Amazon.com

Do you still love breaking out your old Nintendo systems every now and then? How about a product that allows you to take all of your NES and SNES games (provided you still have them) in a portable form. Transit might seem a lot less annoying if you can get your button mashing glory on with some classic video games. The device also has an ability to hook up to the big screen, and you could then connect SNES controllers for some classic gaming. Phones may be getting cooler and more addicting apps, but for many people you aren’t going to be able to argue with the classics!

6 BoomChair

Via diynetwork.com

Do you have someone in the house that is an avid gamer? BoomChair may be just what they are looking for to further add to the immersion of the game. The chair has speakers built into it, so as you play you can feel vibrations through your body. You can also connect smartphones or tablets to increase the volume. Sometimes the only thing that can stop you during a gaming marathon is an uncomfortable chair. Thankfully, the chair promises to be comfortable for long durations, which is fantastic if you’re one of many that are deep in the world of Fallout 4.

5 Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set 

Via Gizmodo

One of the best things about The Force Awakens coming to theaters, is that Star Wars stuff is absolutely everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s old characters or new ones, there is fun merchandise for all areas of your life. Your culinary life will never be the same once you start using an R2-D2 measuring cup set. The set easily disassembles into all of the necessary measurements needed for making snacks. Even better if those snacks are what allow you to power through a Star Wars marathon in anticipation for the new one! Those are the cookies you’re looking for.

4 Darth Vader Lightsaber Laser Pointer 

Via shutupandtakemymoney.com

Sometimes the best gifts are not the huge ones, but the ones that end up as "stocking stuffers." That may be perfectly represented by the sheer amount of awesomeness packed into the $14.99 price tag for a Darth Vader laser pointer. The pointer is shaped like the iconic lightsaber, and you are sure to feel like a super badass when you whip that out in public. Plus, if you thought you already controlled your cat with the power of the laser beam, just imagine how much stronger you are going to feel when you are essentially Darth Vader.

3 Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers 

Via youtube.com

There can’t be a list about biggest geeky and cool gifts and not include the opportunity to purchase a lightsaber. At $229.99, the lightsaber promises authenticity. Both in the sound, and in how the saber lights up and powers down. You get to choose between either Luke (blue) or Yoda (green), or even Kylo Ren's cross lightsaber, but no matter which one you pick, it is clear that nobody will mess with you. Trust me, buy yourself one of these and save yourself the trouble of accidentally breaking your TV with a broomstick when you are trying to recreate scenes from The Force Awakens.

2 Tony Stark Light Up LED Iron Man Shirt

Via amazon.com

Technology really is just so cool. One of my favorite holiday items is the Tony Stark T-Shirt. A simple black t-shirt, yes, but when you insert 3 AAA batteries you’ll get the classic ‘iron man’ look for up to 12 hours. The fabric promises light and easy fabric to move around in which is crucial when you may be having to save the world. Sure, this might just seem like a cheap gimmick, but it is also incredibly unique and affordable for an Iron Man fan who may already have an abundance of generic merchandise.

1 Han Solo Mini Fridge/ Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

Via nerdgoblin.com

There's only one thing better than getting a copy of Star Wars Battlefront for Christmas, and that's getting a Han Solo mini fridge with it! The fridge is a replica of that unfortunate moment when Han Solo got stuck in Carbonite. This is the absolute perfect gift for any Star Wars fan that is also looking to nerd out his bachelor cave in a fun way. Big enough to hold 6 cans of soda, this obviously won’t overwhelm your room, but it is such a unique and cool idea that there is a slim chance your nerdy partner will love it too. Plus, I don’t know if you know this, but Star Wars is totally back to being cool again!

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