Top 10 Greatest Playmates Of The Month For April

The month of April brings about visions of brilliant exploding flowers, trees blooming, birds chirping and the beautiful weather that comes along with the full swing of Spring. Also, there are other commonalities about April that bring about thought-provoking facts. Like did you know April is the 250th most common name for baby girls in the United Kingdom? And, April Showers generally do not bring May flowers. Also, a little known fact is that four different US presidents were born and four died during the month of April. But facts be damned. April is about fun!

April is a wonderful month where Spring Breakers party and people start to buy their summer wardrobes getting ready for all the fun in the sun. April is a time to rejoice and a time for new beginnings. That is why we look forward to April and why Playboy was always such a treat in this fresh new month. The pictorials were often beautiful, designed to mirror the beauty of the world around. The women were perfectly posed as we rejoice in Spring bloom and the beautiful female physique. Without further ado, let us enjoy April's best that Playboy has had to offer which includes its newest addition.

These are Playboy’s 10 Greatest April Bunnies Of All Time.

10 Kelly Monaco – 1997


9 Camille Rowe – 2016

8 Alexandra Tyler – 2015

7 Jaslyn Ome - 2013


6 Holly Joan Hart – 1998

5 Krista Kelly – 2004

4 Hope Dworaczyk – 2009

3 Katie Lohmann – 2001

2 Giuliana Marino - 2007


1 Courtney Rachel Culkin – 2005


Being blonde and beautiful can have its perks. In this case, it has landed Courtney Rachel Culkin as our number one with a bullet! Born on February 23, 1983 in Long Island, New York, Courtney began modeling at just 15-years-old. Courtney tried out for the 50th Anniversary Playmate Hunt and when Hugh Hefner came across her photo, he made her Miss April 2005. “My grandmother kept my head on straight,” she told Playboy. “She was a big fan of Marilyn Monroe, and she was so proud that I became a Playmate.” Courtney went back to school to get her degree in child psychology from Long Island University. “No one knew that I was a Playmate,” she says. “I wore sweatpants and a pair of glasses in class.” Courtney is not just beautiful with her impressive 34C/24/34, but she is brilliant, too.


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Top 10 Greatest Playmates Of The Month For April