Top 10 Celebrities Who Made Absurd Headlines In 2014

2014 is a year that had its fair share of celebrity drama, and we can only hope that the coming years will be full of even more juicy stories and unexpected celebrity feats. People love it when celebrities are on stage following a script, and even worship them when they are at the peak of their careers, winning all types of awards. However, over and above celebrating these rich and famous icons, people love to read and even witness the absurd things that these celebrities get themselves into. More often than not, celebrities get into trouble due to either their pride or out of acts of idiocy.

Celebrity gossip and scandals flood newspaper headlines and trend all over the Internet and social media. The masses love it because the absurdity is a sure sign that behind the fame and fortune, these celebrities are just normal human beings. However, some of the things that celebrities do are way outside what people would classify as "normal," and a reasonable explanation for their behaviors is often very hard to come by.

Although many celebrities did absurd and even despicable things in 2014, here are ten celebrities who earned a spot on this list by making headlines for all the wrong reasons:

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7 Jay Z and Solange Knowles

Via clevver.com

In May, the world was treated to a celebrity fight between Solange Knowles and Jay Z. Judging from the footage that went viral, Solange Knowles tried kicking Jay Z, who caught her foot and did not sustain any injuries. The scuffle in the elevator forced a security guard to stop the elevator mid-floor, and try to deal with the situation.

6 Bill Cosby as a Sexual Offender

Via abc7news.com

Many women have claimed to be victims of Bill Cosby's sexual offenses, which have shocked the world to this day. People thought that Bill Cosby was only capable of making people laugh or telling Black Americans "the Truth." It seems like many people were wrong.

Most of the women coming forward claimed that Bill Cosby drugged them before raping them. The drugging was meant to make them defenseless, giving him the opportunity to do as he pleased with their bodies. None of the women came forward with the accusations when they happened out of fear or shame, but nothing is holding them back now. Celebrities should always remember that they are never above the law.

5 Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber in Spain

Via screen.yahoo.com

Nothing gets the media and celebrity fans going like a good fight. In July of 2014, rumors filled social media and all news sites about a feud that was to develop between pop star Justin Bieber and celebrity actor Orlando Bloom. Bloom allegedly tried to punch Justin Bieber but missed, and the two were separated before any real damage was done. Even though the physical fight never really took place, the scuffle did not fail to attract the global attention that it deserves. Bloom's anger was allegedly sparked by Bieber's remarks about Bloom's ex-wife, after Bloom refused to shake his hand.

4 Stephen Collins' Incriminating Audiotape

Via pagesix.com

For many of us Stephen Collins is the perfect image of the loving dad and a good pastor, owing to his role in the famous TV series 7th Heaven. However, October 2014 might have changed the perception of Collins for many people, after a recording of his private confessions was released.

In the audio recording, Collins is heard confessing to having molested three girls sexually, all of whom were underage at the time. His estranged wife made the recording without his knowledge during the couple's counseling session. Collins' incriminating past was a shocker for many of his fans, and many are sure disappointed in him. However, in the recording he claimed to have deeply regretted his actions.

6. Celebrities in Nude Photos

Via bet.com

Kim Kardashian clearly has nothing to hide from the world, since in November 2014 she posed nude for a photo shoot and then released images of her naked body online. That sure attracted the attention of the whole world, with many people hating on that idiotic act. Along the same lines, August saw the violation of a few celebrities namely Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Gabrielle Union.

The personal files of these three women were hacked, and images of their naked bodies were posted online. The photographers and the hackers exploited these women sexually for money, a very absurd thing to do. Kim however has no regrets, since the more people talk about her, the more famous she becomes.

3 Ceelo Green and His Views on Rape

Via ktla.com

Ceelo Green is a singer-songwriter, producer, and businessman who, in September of 2014 was in court defending himself against rape charges. In a discussion on Twitter, Ceelo claimed that having sex with a woman who was passed out was not rape. Ceelo was accused of raping a woman, who claimed to have no recollection of any events that happened between having dinner with him in a restaurant and waking up undressed on his bed. Although the singer was not charged for rape due to lack of evidence, his actions and his comments sure turned many of his female fans to haters. He also managed to make the headlines thanks to his absurd claims.

2 LeBron "King" James and Kate Middleton

Via minasaywhat.com

For some 20 seconds in December, LeBron James thought that he was a real king, and decided to place his hands across the shoulders of her Royal Highness Kate Middleton while posing for a photo. Although Kate Middleton and Prince William did not say a word or seem to take offense with regard to the basket baller's actions, the British and their media were more than pissed off by the deed. King James breached etiquette and protocol with regard to handling members of the first family. James must not have learned from the first lady Michelle Obama, who got too touchy with Queen Elizabeth in 2009. "No one is allowed to touch or kiss any member of the royal family", so say the British.

3. Lady Gaga

Via metro.co.uk

A compilation of absurd celebrity acts is never complete without featuring Lady Gaga. Although 2014 was one of the years she did not shock people as is expected of her, she did not disappoint in one particular incident. In March, she was on stage in a concert, where she invited her friend to be part of her performance. Her friend, Millie Brown came on stage and regurgitated some green goo over Lady Gaga as she drummed. This was not only absurd but it was extremely gross.

2. Ray Rice

Via nbcnews.com

1 Rihanna at the CFDA Awards

Via sawfirst.com

Rihanna is famous for her music and of course, her fight with Chris Brown a few years back. However, in June 2014 Rihanna made headlines thanks to the dress that she wore to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards 2014. Rihanna wore a mesh dress that did not hide anything underneath, and had no noticeable undergarments. She was naked to say the least and attending a fashion fund award ceremony wearing nothing but a see-through mesh dress is more than absurd.

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