Top 10 Best Tricks To Taking The Perfect Selfie

Behold, all the hidden secrets you need to know to seriously boost your selfie game. These are the secrets that celebrities and selfie-holics all over your timelines know well, but keep to themselves. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be naturally photogenic to take the perfect selfie. You just need to master these 10 tricks. Taking a great selfie can be hard since you're the one in front of and behind the camera, but a little confidence and perfecting these tips can go a long way. Haven't you ever wondered how Kylie Jenner manages to appear picture perfect on Instagram, but less appealing in her interviews and candids shot by paparazzi? Or what about the none famous people in your life who look soooo much better in pictures than they do in real life? You might've been thinking, 'maybe they're just photogenic is all,' right? WRONG. The more likely scenario is that they've managed to master these 10 secret tricks to selfie taking. If these tips are any indication, there is definitely a science to taking the perfect selfie.

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10 Be Original/Get Creative

The art of taking stand out selfies calls for originality and creativity. One of the most liked photos on Instagram is Kendall Jenner's selfie where she lies flat on her back on the floor in a white lace dress and has her hair separated into several heart shapes. What drew 2.4 million people to like the photo was not just that the model looked lovely in a white gown, but mainly the unexpected creative element involved. Giving an artsy personalized feel to your selfie will have the same attention-getting results. Remembering to have fun will help your creative flow. Don't be afraid to innovate and pose in ways/settings/expressions that haven't yet been seen before.

9 Find Your Light

Making sure you're facing the light, or standing in good lighting is one of the most important factors of taking a good picture. When the light is hitting the most flattering angles of your face, it helps to show off the features you want to highlight. At all cost, avoid taking selfies in fluorescent lighting, known to be the most unflattering scene for any and every skin tone. Not even Halle Berry can pull off fluorescent lighting if she wanted to. Filters can help to save the day and enhance an image if you've captured a decent photo in poor lighting, but in order to gain optimum quality, it's always advised to be sure you're in the most flattering light. Capturing photos while facing the sun is considered a natural filter.

8 Look Your Best/Presentable

Looking your best doesn't always require a full face of makeup. Some of the best selfies are taken first thing in the morning while you're still bright eyed and bushy tailed. The disheveled hair or a scruffy beard can be pulled off too, as long as you're posing confidently. Confidence really is the main trick in looking your absolute best, and confidence, or a lack there of, will always translate in photographs. Being presentable goes for your environment as well. You want to make sure nothing distracting is going on in the background like a messy room or a photo bomber. Even an open toilet can be distracting when taking selfies in the bathroom. Make sure you take note of your surroundings within the first few shots to see exactly what your lens frame is picking up. There's nothing worse than taking a great picture of yourself only to notice something distracting that's impossible to edit or crop out.

7 Find Your Most Flattering Angle

Because we all have different bone structures, our most flattering angles will differ. That means you might not be able to pull off the same angles as your favourite celebrity (that doesn't mean you can't look cute too). You just have to discover which angles suit you best. If your face is oval or diamond shaped like Jessica Lowndes and Adam Levine, you're likely to get away with any angle especially straight on. If your face is heart shaped like Miranda Kerr's and Jude Law's, you're best suited to turning your chin at a 45 degree angle away from the camera. The same goes if your square shaped like Angelina Jolie and Tom Welling, or even round shaped like Selena Gomez's. No matter your face shape, always experiment with different angles. Quick tip: beauty marks on either side of your face will usually indicate your "good side."

6 Choose A Flattering Filter

How many of you are guilty of the #nofilter hashtag lie, when you know damn well it took you a good 5 minutes to decide on a decent filter? It's usually pretty obvious when someone has used a filter. The #nofilter hashtag is a desperate attempt at wanting to appear as a natural a beauty as possible, but there really shouldn't be such a stigma attached to filters. Filters are guaranteed to make ALL the difference, no matter how naturally good looking you are, and there's nothing wrong with that. Consider the make up you're wearing to be like a filter. There are ways of tampering with the hue, brightness, and contrast of your selfie- ever so slightly- for it to appear filterless. Filters are truly magical, and can help you get away with no make up at all or any other unsightly things you'd like to hide.

5  5. Take As Many As Possible

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try, and try, again. Then try some more. When it comes to taking the perfect picture of yourself, practice makes perfect! You really can't take too many, unless your memory card says so, but in that case all you have to do is delete the ones you don't like. Taking tons of selfies will help you learn which angles best flatter you personally and will get you comfortable and more confident in front of the camera. It helps to take selfies privately where you're a lot less self conscious and able to avoid the judgment of prying eyes. Be yourself, let loose, remember to be confident, and most importantly have a good time experimenting. You're not vain if you want to take a good picture of yourself. In fact the most critical people of selfies would find a boost in their self esteem if they mastered the art of taking selfies. Go ahead and encourage the anti-selfie person in your life to take more.

4 Smile/Laugh

Posing with a warm inviting smile shows off your best feature and captures you eternally at one of your very best moments. Smiling makes everyone look more attractive and draws in your attention. You can show off your teeth, or keep your lips together, as long as you look happy in the shot. An added bonus would be to capture yourself laughing. You look ten times happier than when you're smiling and a happy face is extremely pleasant to look at. You're personality shines when you smile, so do so in as many different ways as you can come up with. Quick tip: not every single photo has to be a smiling photo. Smiling can be over done and become boring as a result. Choose 1 or 2 of you're favorite smiling selfies to post, then switch it up.

3 Take A Close Up

Taking a picture that crops-in tightly to your face keeps it intimate without you having to show off some skin. Close ups can bring focus to your eyes or a friendly smile. Coming across a close up shot of someone's face on your timeline is attention grabbing and draws you in instantly. Even more so if the image is rotated. Rotating your selfie forces the viewer to really engage with the photograph. You don't want to get too close to where one of your features becomes a distraction, but you do want to be close enough to at least capture a balanced image of your entire face, hair, and chest area. Keep a pleasant expression when taking close up shots.

2 Hold Your Selfie Against A Mirror

After choosing one of the 500 shots you've taken, go ahead and hold the image against a mirror to help you make last minute editing touches. Holding your selfie against a compact mirror makes a difference for two reasons. A) It helps to reveal any flaws you didn't notice before hand, thus making you better decide which filter to choose, and B) The image might actually look better flipped. The alternative perspective that a mirror offers can even help you learn how to pose better and decide which is your good side. Using a mirror to reassess your selfie will also help determine if anything can be tastefully altered with a photoshop app to really enhance the picture.

1 Don't Be Afraid To Photoshop


Kylie Jenner sure isn't. Thanks to photoshop, magazine spreads set these glamourous unattainable beauty standards responsible for so many weakened self esteems. Well your self esteem needn't suffer anymore. Tons of stars will admit they don't even look like their magazine shots in real life. Supermodel Cindy Crawford was once quoted as saying, "I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford." The important trick is to make the photoshop virtually undetectable. It's like a good boob job. Sure, guys think they're anti fake boobs, but only when it's obvious that work was done. There are tons of impressive photoshopping apps that will do the work magazines pay thousands for, absolutely free. Apps can even make you appear to be wearing make-up or increase or decrease the size of body parts. The only downside is photo editing can be time consuming, so do as much of the work as possible in real life by following the previous 9 tips, and you won't have to rely so heavily on photoshop.

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