Top 10 American Colleges With The Hottest Female Students

So it's time to pick a college. Where do you want to go? Somewhere that you will be intellectually challenged? Maybe someplace like an Ivy League school? Or what about your parents, where would they l

So it's time to pick a college. Where do you want to go? Somewhere that you will be intellectually challenged? Maybe someplace like an Ivy League school? Or what about your parents, where would they like you to go? Don't you want to make them proud? Also, don't forget your future. You want something that looks good on the resume right? Oh and don't forget partying. What are the best schools for you to have a good time?

When you think about it, all of that is secondary. You want to go to a school that has the hottest girls. It just makes sense really. The more hot girls there are at your college, the bigger a chance you have of hooking up, and isn't that what going away to college is all about? Just kidding. Kind of.

Every year does a survey to let us all know which schools have the hottest girls. surveys both male and female colleges and universities to find out how attractive the people they go to school with are.

Here are the Top 10 Colleges With the Hottest Female Students. Just a word of advice. When you apply to one of these colleges, don't tell your parents it was because of this list.

10 Wake Forest University


Coming in at number 10 is Wake Forest University, which is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina and has close to 5,000 undergrads. Wake Forest is a very good liberal arts college and is known for medical research. For a school it's size, it also does quite well in sports.

9 University of Virginia


University of Virginia sits at number 9.  As one might expect, most students at this school, located in Charlottesville and founded by Thomas Jefferson, are quite proud to be part of such a storied institution. Why wouldn't you be with such beautiful women. The school is very solid academically and is known for its sports teams. It has close to a whopping 15,000 undergrads. So the chances of meeting some pretty women are a lot higher.

8 University of California-Santa Barbara


University of California Santa Barbara certainly has some good looking girls, but that isn't all it offers to its students. It is also known for great academics and of course, amazing California weather.  The ocean is right around the corner for surfing - another spot for checking out beautiful women. And if you get bored, Los Angeles is only an hour away.

7 Colgate University


Sure it's really cold up in Hamilton, New York for half the year. But when the girls are really hot at Colgate University, who cares, really. The university, founded in the early 1800s, is quite small with less than 3,000 full-time undergrads, most of which are attractive.

6 James Madison University


James Madison University is the second school from Virginia on this list, as it is located in Harrisonburg. We have to agree with the survey participants here, as these girls are hot. As a whole, James Madison students are a proud bunch; school spirit on this campus tends to run very high.

5 Pacific Union College


Pacific Union, a college in Angwin, California  is one of the smaller colleges on this list, with only around 1,300 undergrads. Well according to this survey, a high percentage of those 1,300 are gorgeous women. While it is thought of as a very friendly school, it is also a 7th Day Adventist Christian school, so the focus is on academics much more than sports or partying.

4 Vanderbilt University


Vanderbilt is a college filled with  good looking girls in a city filled with good looking girls, Nashville, Tennessee. It has close to 7,000 undergrads. Vanderbilt is a good school; most of its students are from families with a lot of money, and it is also well known for its academics and its sports teams.

3 Santa Clara University


Located in Santa Clara, California, this school of around 5,000 students is just chock full of good looking girls. Well, it is California after all. As a Jesuit school, Santa Clara aims to educate the whole of a person in mind, body and soul, and not just concentrate on academics. With that said, Santa Clara is a very good school, and the beautiful location and campus don't hurt either.

2 Miami University


Miami University is located in Oxford, Ohio, and has close to 15,000 students. It prides itself on giving a student a big school experience in a small school atmosphere. Miami University is the 10th oldest public school in the country, and although it doesn't play in top conferences, it's known for its competitive sports teams, as well as having an active Greek life on campus.

1 Chapman University


I know, I know. Most of you have never even heard of Chapman University. How could all these gorgeous college girls go there if you don't even know what or where it is?  If you think like that, you are looking at this the wrong way. Chapman is on a beautiful campus, in the ridiculously-lovely city of Orange, California, filled with gorgeous college girls. Do you think they want you to know about it?

Chapman is a school of about 5,000 undergrads. The beach, Disneyland and Los Angeles are all a short drive away. Chapman is also known as a very good school, academically.

As one would think, Chapman University scores well in the survey with weather, academics and campus quality. It gets low marks for athletics and off-campus housing. But that makes sense. Who would want to live off campus when the campus is filled with the best looking college girls in the country?


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Top 10 American Colleges With The Hottest Female Students