The World's 15 Most Googled Countries

Millions of people across the globe rely on the trusty search bar for all of their information needs, including travel plans and general knowledge about the world and different countries. Google, the

Millions of people across the globe rely on the trusty search bar for all of their information needs, including travel plans and general knowledge about the world and different countries. Google, the world's favourite search engine, has been collecting data from its searches and compiling it. And thanks to Google Trends, the curiosities of the world are visible for all to see as the search engine giant reveals the favourite search terms of every country in the world.

These following countries may have vastly different preferences when it comes to searches, but they do have one thing in common - they've all peaked the highest level of interest from the rest of the world. What is it about these countries that intrigues internet users enough to dip into the pool of Google's infinite knowledge and discover all they can about them? It's not all about the size of the country: The United States, for instance, does not appear in the top fifteen most-searched list. In fact, it's way down the list at number 23. Which country takes the top spot as the most searched on the internet? Read on to find out.

Note: The percentage next to each country name is its Search Volume Index (SVI). Google uses this for its data, referring to the total number of searches entered, relative to the total number of searches on Google over time.

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15 China: 71%

China is officially the most populated country with over 1.3 billion people. It also remains a popular tourist destination spot, which may contribute to its being Googled so often. The Great Wall of China is one sight that many come to see, and that's Googled frequently too. Cuisine and airline tickets are other significant terms that people search in relation to China.

Even those who don't wish to visit the country are increasingly interested in China's demographics, wildlife and manufacturing industry. Currently, China takes the 15th spot when it comes to Google country searches, with many people around the world looking for information on the powerful country.

14 Egypt: 72%

Egypt has one of the oldest and richest histories in the world, which may be why there are so many internet users looking for information about the country. Students in Western schools are typically taught about Ancient Egypt and likely employ the power of the search bar for school projects and assignments.

Egypt is the largest country in North Africa and is home to the massive and enigmatic pyramids as well as the famous Sphinx statue. Tourists flock to Egypt to see these sights and many more, and people in general wish to learn more of the ancient country. Egypt has been researched extensively, and therefore Googled, by millions around the globe.

13 Belgium: 72%

The Kingdom of Belgium, the 13th most-searched country in the world, has a population of 11 million and is home to many historic and beautiful monuments. It is also one of the founding members of the EU, and hosts its headquarters.

Those wishing to learn more of the country typically Google its name in relation to Brussels or its football team. Others wish to learn what the best tourist spots are and which monuments and foods are available. Belgium has a rich history and is home to scenic spots, rustic towns, and legendary waffles.

12 12: Cuba: 73%

The island of Cuba is found in the Caribbean and is home to beaches and other popular tourist spots. People have been visiting the country for years for its picturesque landscapes and warm weather. In fact, Cuban weather is one of the most Googled terms in relation to the country.

The political atmosphere of Cuba is another hot-button topic, and it's closely watched - and Googled - by those around the world. Students have had to learn about Cuba and its political relations with America in history classes, contributing to the country being Googled so frequently.

11 Peru: 75%

Peru is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Those who search the country on Google are usually searching for tourism buzz words, in addition to local news sites and historical monuments. The historical monuments that are of greatest interest to contemporary internet users were built thousands of years ago by ancient civilizations.

These civilizations are among the oldest in the world, and include the famous Inca Empire, which used to be the largest state in America. When people visit the country, they usually immerse themselves in the traditional culture of Peru, visiting small local towns and trying local cuisine.

10 Australia: 75%

Before Western colonization, Australia was dominated by the indigenous tribes of the country. Following Western migration, Australia has risen as a wonderful tourist location. It's a blend of Western culture mixed with Indigenous culture. Indeed, it has ancient rock paintings and engravings that remain to this day.

Its wide beaches and hot weather, in addition to its modern amenities, have made it a top spot for vacation plans. Australia's thriving economy also make it popular among immigrants. Those who Google the country live all over the world, and mainly look at items relevant to travel and tourism, in addition to VISA requirements for immigration to the country.

9 Colombia: 76%

The vast majority of people Googling Colombia are from Canada and the US. Colombia is a tropical country situated in South America, and is a fairly popular tourist destination. It is bordered by Venezuela and Ecuador and features lush forests and rustic villages. The country has a unique blend of cultural influences, including Native American, Spanish, European, African and American.

So what are people from North America hoping to learn about Colombia? Their searches mostly relate to climate, tourist spots and cultural norms. It's an interesting country with a rich biodiversity which attracts people from all over. Currently, it's number 9 on the list of most Googled countries.

8 El Salvador: 77%

Currently, El Salvador is the 8th most Googled country in the world. El Salvador is both the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. The tourism industry has grown substantially in the recent years, attracting tourists from North America and Europe. One aspect of this tourism industry comes from depressed areas.

The country is still immersed in remnants of war such as photos, combat plans and hideouts that reflect the country's dangerous past. Tourists flock to the cultural centers in order to experience the history of the country.

7 Canada: 77%

The Great White North is one of the most Googled countries in the world. It makes an appearance far above the United States, with people worldwide wishing to learn of its features. Like many other countries on this list, the main searches related to Canada are related to the country's tourism.

Air Canada, for instance, is a very commonly searched term. Residents of Canada also search terms related to the country, such as Canada Post. But while many believe Canada to be an arctic wasteland of sorts, those who know better, and wish to travel to the country, spend time researching the best vacation spots.

6 Malaysia: 78%

When searching the word "Malaysia" on Google, one of the first sites that pops up is a tourism website. Malaysia is a richly adorned country in terms of monuments and cultural interest spots, which leads many to consider it for their vacation plans. Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is home to unique plant and animal species as well, which is a major point of interest for people the world over.

Recently, there has been a spike in Google trends as more people try and find out about the infamous Malaysian Airlines. However, the country still has a positive reputation when it comes to vacation spots.

5 Japan: 78%

Japan is a country filled with exotic retreats, cultural hot spots and world famous cuisine. Tourists who visit the county often check out hot springs, temples and landmarks that make the country popular.

Japanese culture is markedly present throughout the world, particularly in America, which leads to its growing interest. Pop culture trends such as Anime and comic con have been growing in the United States and Canada. It is the 5th most-Googled country and is gaining more interest year on year.

4 Mexico: 83%

Mexico is one of the most popular spots for honeymoons, as well as winter vacations. Those wishing to escape the cold weather often head here to relax on resorts, and experience the rich culture of the country. Mexico is the 4th most Googled country in the world, and as such, it is one of the top countries people are interested in for many reasons.

The culture and history of Mexico, as well as its population and unique monuments, remain popular points of interest for those not native to the country. The history and politics of Mexico are also complex, and are Googled on a regular basis.

3 India: 85%

India is the seventh largest country in the world, but is the second most populated. China is the only country that surpasses India in terms of population. India is Googled as a search term around the world. India boasts a rich culture that extends throughout the area, and even the world.

It's known for its displays of colour and affluent temples and monuments, but also for its huge wealth gap and overpopulation. Despite its socio-economic issues, India is one of the first picks in terms of vacation spots. Those around the world wishing to learn about the country search for its history and cultural values, as well as its current political climate.

2 Singapore: 88%

Singapore is a smaller country located in Southeast Asia. It has a population of 5.4 million, and features many colourful, rustic buildings, as well as top-end modern amenities. Many people here speak English, due to its rich tourism industry and recent Western influence. It's also known for its technological advances and inventions.

Interest in the country on Google has remained relatively stable over time, and it remains the second most Googled country in the world. This is due, in large part, to its location and access to tourist spots.

1 Luxembourg: 88%

The most searched country in the world is Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe bordered by Germany, France and Belgium. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg is the only remaining grand duchy in the world, which is one indication of the country's uniqueness and possible charm.

It has impressive, old buildings and many important cultural areas that act as tourist draws. Although Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, it is richly diverse in terms of population and environment.

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